4G LTE Signal Booster / Personal CellSpot

The 4G LTE Signal Booster is a unique solution that brings T-Mobile’s 4G LTE coverage to your home.

These Signal Boosters are available to customers who have at least one bar of T-Mobile 3G, 4G or LTE signal and are willing to put down a $25 deposit—best of all, it only takes 15 minutes to get the units set up in your home.



Disnie Myan Sebastien says:

Mine says 9?

Arun kumar says:

this unit sported all carriers or t mobile only

blackfear1562 says:

Will this work if your in a area were you can’t pick up 4g to begin with even if the coverage map says you should be able to

Randy Mont-Reynaud says:

Hi – I am returning to the mountains of rural Haiti. My colleague there has sent me your video. We JUST got large solar panels last year so we have electrical power (stored in a car battery) he is Haitian and has a T-mobil phone, he says. Does this device only serve a T-mobil phone, or will it help with my iPhone? Thanks.

ta2fr3ak says:

gaw…why does t mobile have to be pink??

Robert Martinez says:

works with any carrier

Nightstar Moon says:

we have a signal booster with 4 solid bars and every once in a while 5 bars in our attic on the window it worked for a while but now it was working all day till around 11:00 ish at night now im getting a few bars on edge…..whats the deal ? yes its a big house its reading a 8 or a nine and the other receiver is in the living room and my room is right by it…..so whats the deal ?

Give My Opinion says:

lol you suck

Dudefoxlive says:

what desktop do you use? it looks like a chrome box or something with chrome OS on it.

Andy Smith says:

Very good review. Clear and to the point. Outstanding.

Jay Kumar says:

I want that pl what price

majinkakashi20 says:

does anyone know if i can buy one and use it with metro pcs? im trying
to boost my cellular signal inside my room so i can tether at faster
speeds. obviously ,i dont have land line internet,is that required? if
so,ill have to pay for an expensive signal repeater…i hope to avoid
p.s. ,i did get a 1 bar boost by placing a small piece of alluminum
under the battery, no lie,lol. between 15-20 db boost from that alone.

Manny Suarez says:

anyone know what the micro usb slot is for i tried charging but its not for that maybe software updates ?

Nice A bangla says:

I want this how I bay this

Nanz Boldimage667 says:

yo thnks for the share Nz

J T says:

the bars on cell phones are for voice calling they are not bars for LTE/H+ LOL the logos for data only tell you if you are on 3G or 4G you can look at your status page to determine signal strength for data so 4 or 5 bars tell you you should have coverage to make/received a call

Chris Rich says:

Thanks bro, I’m having dropped and garbled calls left and right in the front of the house. I thought I F’d up moving to TMobile but then I find out about this situation, and I’m excited! Good review!

Echotech74 says:

is this only for phones!?

Kary Leon says:

can you put a password?

D.L.P says:

lol just use Wi-Fi and get a Wi-Fi phone number simplified cheaper more common sense Wicked

Portinha says:

Man this booster has been good but mostly bad in my experience. If wasn’t for the fact that they are offering it for free to most customers I would flip out on them. First it worked great. I was getting four bars on the window unit and in turn four to five bars would display on the phone. Gaming, youtube, you call it, worked great being that I live in an area where there is no internet quiet yet. But after about two months it would lose that four bar connection and go down to only one and unless I unplugged both units and plugged back in at least a few times a day it would stay at one bar. So called T-mobile and got a replacement. Same thing about a month in a half of great work then the same thing. Now as of today It has to be reset at least once every two hours. My lack of time this past few days has me building up a bit of anger prior to the call I will have to make. Since the last time I called them about it, even though I showed them proof that my phone operated at a better signal and download speeds with it off then with it on, they told me it was operating as intended and basically dismissed my issue. I guess the months of great work prior were just luck…??? Anyways its a great device and if you are lucky to have it work as intended and not break down on ya thats great, otherwise it will be the same nonsense. Internet is coming to my neighborhood by August according to Time Warner which has already laid out optics, and when that happen I will probably switch from T-mobile because at least in my area Verizon even though a bit more expansive has ten times the signal and performance.

Sheetza Man says:

baff woom

Steve Jean says:

sounds like Mike Tyson

Jaenisch says:

el tee he

Nancy Crowley Suhovich says:

Thanks for the review.. I am getting one soon from tmobile. Cant wait to be able to use my phone if my wifi drops suddenly. which happens often. 🙂

Hans Dossow says:

hi i’m from chile. you can give me the link where i can buy :V plis in chile the people are super bad and idiot and have big prices.


Do you have to pay monthly

Rusty_Dhodes says:

Do you need Wi-Fi in order to use this?

Rijal Jal says:

what ay no

Oscar Perez says:

Does this works for Verizon 4G ,… for I phone, droids, etc..???

John Marble says:

Could I buy this can use it for my Verizon phone?

秉喜儿 says:

you need to do a before/after speed test. Because full bar doesn’t mean you get full speed or full service. It could be full bar, but still slow speed.

matthew reed says:

that looks like the nexus 6 had nothing but connectivity issues with that phone it would always drop signal over the 4G than 3G and HSPA then gprs something about the nexus 6 when I had my iPhone always get 4G LTE and then the same spots with a Nexus 6 I wouldn’t I got rid of the phone

rick losque says:

run a ookla speedtest

Robert Paczkowsku says:

is that fucking Mike tyson?!?!

B.J. Boyette says:

I hope you don’t take hot showers… just saying.

Damien Probé says:

How long did it take to get the window unit connected to LTE when you first plugged it in?

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