USB & Ethernet Hub – Works with Xiaomi Mi Box, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones

USB & Ethernet Hub – Works with Xiaomi Mi Box, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones
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USB 3.0 Version
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This amazing hub will give you an additional 3 USB ports and one Network Lan port for wired internet connections.

I bought this especially for my Xiaomi Mi Box which does not have a LAN port and only has one USB port. I have also tested this hub on my laptop, MacBook, Android tablet and Android smartphone and it worked very well.

In this video I am using the USB 2 version which is all I needed but there is also a USB 3 version available. Check the links at the top of this description box.


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Salsa Dude says:

did you do a speed test using that LAN port?

TheCalifas24 says:

Glitches when I play video thru it from Kodi. Connects just fine just glitches and freezes a lot. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

MrNoahFTW says:

Thanks for the review! I’m looking at getting this same adapter but am wondering about the DC power supply port. Is there any scenario where I’d need to run extra power to this adapter? Is it needed to use the extra USB ports? I am using a keyboard and mouse combo atm with the only available usb….just wondering if I need to order both the adapter and the power supply

Tiago Rocha says:

Thanks a lot for the review, it a pity that mibox doesn’t have ethernet connection. I will buy this hub.

Jose Eraso says:

Would you be able to add external storage with the extra usb ports?

Giveout says:

Does the 3 usb ports work on MI box

Fredy Espinoza says:

How would I configure it if I need to do it??

Molten Pros says:

Why not just buy a box with a LAN port instead of the extra dongle. There are a ton of good boxes why limit yourself with this box.

Angel Gomez Jr says:

Hey bro I bought mi box it’s amazing I just have one question how did you connect keyboard mouse. I bought a ri+8 keyboard mouse and it does not connect or can’t pair Bluetooth very annoying I have 2 mi box’s that it can’t pair 2

TheCalifas24 says:

Should I get the old one or the USB 3.0 one?

marko jovanovic says:

Please tell me, Is it possible to conect 3 usb flash drive-storage, at the same time,
like that you can use one as external storage, second and the third as aditional usb flash drive, so you can see files from second and third usb flash drive?Please Chigz Tech Reviews answer.Better if you can made review.
What is the white gatget-joystick did you use on mibox in this video?

MisterBassBoost says:

Awesome video, Please keep going, one day you make it big

Tanzim alam says:

Thanks man I was thinking by myself that it would work or not ….

Rolwhite says:

Thanks for this…I had said this was the only thing the Mi Box was missing!

Bayo Fakeye says:

Hello Chigz, great work! I like to know if I can expand the memory of the Mi-Box by simply plugging a USB stick. Will this work (augmenting the limited 8GB internal storage)?

tubemouth says:

Can you utilize the additional USB port for a flash drive for external memory?

David Wright says:

my mi-box only has wi-fi in its settings when I turn it off I have no prompts for networks either than wireless can anyone help??

allen welk says:

speed test comparison?

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