This is the best USB-C hub

USB-C is a complicated standard, and if you’ve got a new USB-C laptop, you’ll probably want an external hub to get back some of the ports you’re missing, like HDMI, Ethernet, USB Type-A, and SD card slots. We tried a bunch of hubs, considering things like charging speed, ports, design, and cost to find out which one is the best for your new computer. Subscribe:

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Youtube Channel says:

Apple were premature on removing the SD card reader. I can live with USB C, I’d rather switch all my cables over to USB C than use a dongle

HeyItsMeJustin says:

This is my next season 2?

linuxmind says:

“VGA is not that common” -> ?!

Literally any projector in universities/schools/offices etc. uses VGA. In very rare cases you can connect HDMI to them but in most cases laptops lack full size HDMI ports which makes this hub one of the most productive ones.

I am all for USB type C but it can’t compete with USB type A’s rigidity. I don’t see value in these USB type c ports. In any work / productive environment they are way too flimsy and you can easily bend anything connected to that if you are not very careful. They look nice and reversibility is convenient but that’s about it. I’d much rather prefer USB 3.1 type A connectors these day. And not just one or two, at least three or four (mouse, keyboard, usb stick + 1 spare “just in case”). But productivity/work in a society converging to pure media consumption seems irrelevant anyways..

Sadly these days it’s design >> common sense / productivity / sanity.

Qinghui Yu says:

Kingston Nucleum?

Kartik Mittal says:

The QacQac one on Amazon is also pretty good.

Bruce John Shourt says:

Please try to not say the pretentious misnomers “price point” and “form factor”. Just say “price” and “size”.

guynumber20 says:

What’s that square port I only use ps2 cables

Zeron' says:

No ports power management test and speed benchmarks?

Irfan says:

when u connect things on all ports speed goes slow , no port delivers 90% performance drop to 60% due to low frequency and amps , your review is totally nonsense

Dylan Smith says:

Verge, everyone keeps leaving out Juiced systems ! Juiced systems Bizhub was the first hub released in this cateogry way, before satechi’s copy.

Ryan D says:

The best usb c hub is the juiced systems biz hub

Vandy5000 says:

USB-C is amazing

Olaf Michael says:

Ok, you are a contant creator who needs sd-cards, but please remember that there are many many people who are professionals but don’t need sd-cards but need 2 monitors with 4k and 60Hz… what about them?

Ryan D says:

Probably should got a regular hyper drive if you’re just going to cover up a second port anyway

Blaze And Co. says:

Why doesn’t Apple give you one of these for free

kingy9189 says:

I’m constantly plugging in to various different TVs for presentations and after owning a few of these, the official Apple adaptor is the only one that worked on every TV (using HDMI) I plugged in to.

Aiden Aidens says:


Bada Bing888 says:

That’s why I am keeping my 2013 MacBook Pro and all the old ports to avoid dongles.

regenbogenjohnny says:

4k30 is kind of a deal breaker

NileshR12 says:

Why couldn’t you put the links for the hubs in the description? It would be an easier way to find out more details about each one

Paul Walker says:

Please add links for the Satechi

caramelzappa says:

This is always funny to me. Super thin small laptop has no real ports, so you have to carry acount a clumsy dongle to have the ports you actually NEED. I’d rather buy a bigger laptop with the ports I need + USB C than deal with these clumsy solutions.

Ryan D says:

Sorry but if you really need a usb c adapter with charging pass through, well you shouldn’t have bought something that useless to begin with

SSGSS Beat black says:

Can I use that for my Xbox my HDMI is broken in side in my Xbox just want to know in stead of getting it fix I could use that?

Unknown User says:

What pendrives are those?

Corsair Maverick says:

Does it interfere with Wifi 2.4?

cuckoomusic says:

For the most part, getting the right cables will eliminate the need of a HUB. But a HUB is still useful for expanding the number of total ports, and for improvising. And in some cases, like a Ethernet and HDMI, the right cable doesn’t exist, so then it’s either dongle or HUB. Satechi has another irritating design flaw in v1. The MicroSD slot swallows the whole MicroSD card completely. You’ll need long nails to get it in and out of the port. I hear they’ve since updated the design in v2.

SlutKiller says:

Will this work with regular USB C that is not thunderbolt 3?

Alex Phan says:

Does the satechi work with the dell xps 13?

TheReivax27 says:

What the hell was in his hair all along ?

Jackie Scholl says:

Why would you want pass-through power? Everything except the macbook plain has two to four USB-C ports, so why not reserve one of them for charging and one of them for a data/video hub?

The Verge says:

Which USB-C hub are you using?

R l says:

Professional review, trustworthy and plastic, reaching , buying moment !

Abdulla Omar says:

can we please get the links to buy these hubs..thanks

Marco Gruebler says:

so you are not actually talking about a USB-C hub in the classical sense, like we bought USB hubs in the past where you have a USB port in, and only USB ports out; but rather, you compare USB-C adapter/dongles, whatever you want to call them….

Christopher Grau says:

Most important question: what watch/band are you wearing? It’s a flieger type : but I can’t make out the brand.

edvxrd says:

cool ad, same as every other hub…

Nelson Patterson says:

Buy a thinkpad, problem solved. All ports

Aditya Akash says:

Thank you thank you thank you for bringing back ‘This is my Next’ series!

Tigerex966 says:

Soon usb “D” and thinderbolt “4” will be out to get us to buy and upgrade yet again.
It’s all about the $$$$$
And planned years in advance to get us to part with our $$$$$$

Milton Becker Junior says:

What about Anker? 🙁

Abdul Shaikh says:

This is exactly what we needed for our offices

Farmer Jim says:

You have officially ran out of ideas

Darren Martin says:

Over 80,000 views after 1 day, for a change that came in almost 2 years ago, it says a lot about the customer still looking for the perfect option and apple not supplying it.

Su7sH Su7sH says:

I thought the bourge design arc hub might have a wireless charging base at the top!

Macario Patrick says:

I’ve had the Satechi Hub for a couple of months and it works wonderfully!

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