SmartThings v3 Review & New Sensors – Comparing v3 vs v2

SmartThings v3 hub is only slightly different than v2, but the new sensors have some big updates. We compare and test SmartThings v3 vs v2 sensors and hubs to show you the differences.

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greg rawls says:

This is a random question… would love to create something with raspberry to open close mini blinds … any thoughts without buying super expensive blinds

Tommy Haywood says:

Are the new sensors more reliable? I replaced all mine with Xiaomi ones as the were constantly false alarming

Simon Hodgkiss says:

I think you got it wrong….

The multi-purpose sensors requirements are:

SmartThings Hub, SmartThings Wifi, or compatible devices with SmartThings Hub functionality. Indoor use only.

So I would expect that to work with V2 Hub?

Larry Canatsey says:

I still use Homeseer due to the fact that its control is done locally and not cloud-based. Wish others would follow suit.

Manuel Malagon says:

So, do you recommend the V2 or the V3 hub?

Phil Graham says:

I was an original kickstarter backer and was really impressed with what they were trying to achieve. When I upgraded from V1 to V2 SmartThings did the same ugly upgrade process. So I solved the problem. I gave up on them. I uninstalled the V2 hub and moved to HomeSeer. I’m much happier, performance is better too. Goodbye SmartThings.

Kashif says:

Great Effort (Y)

Pedro Arraztoa says:

1.Does a Hub needs to be in range all this devices? Is like a wifi for this smart items?
2.Smart thigs are IFFT compatible?
3.Can smart things be controlled by Smart Life?


Steve Baker says:

Great job on this video. Watching this I realized I am still using HUB 1.0 and I lost my activation code, so I can’t add anyone new. So I am buying the 2.0 hub for now and setting it up this weekend. I also bought the water sensor due to this video, and now I am stoked about the motion sensors.

Brent Maier says:

I just purchased the v3 Hub and was looking to integrate some custom applications. Where is the “marketplace” location or how you enable it 1:53 in the IOS application

GucciGamerTV says:

I’m a little confused. So can I use these new updates sensor with my v2 hub or do I have to upgrade to the v3 hub to use the v3 sensors?

Mike Rocha says:

So would you recommend v3 if you already have v2? Sounds like the v3 went back a few steps in compatibility. The only thing appealing Ive heard so far is that it can be used wirelessly. No nest or sonos compatibility troubles me

Jessica Brown says:

We’re just about to purchase our first hub….Do the new & better sensors work with the 2nd generation hub?

The Net Sheriff says:

Is this site you?
Because this site has taken your review basically word for word from your audio.

exclusivelynyc says:

Great video. Thanks for your videos

Debo Debo says:

Does it come in a kit?

Parallax says:

Do those accessories work with wink

PEDRU says:

Do you know if this system, works with xiaomi home or others??

Sébastien Saucier says:

So, What’s better on the V3 that could make me change from V2? (except Wifi connectivity)

spinerocker says:

Will this work in the Philippines?

philip dias says:

I waz using xaiomi sensors as the smart things sensors were too expensive

Laurence Gough says:

Thanks for the video. Interesting as the V2 motion sensors in the UK work far better than both the ones in your video, detecting slight motion from very far away, better than the Philips ones I found. Shame no sign of the V3 sensors in the UK… I like the sound of the new prices!!

Adewale Ogunleye says:

Does the new smart things app work with the version 2 hub an devices?

KissMyAsthma says:

How is the waterproofing of the V3 motion sensor? I want to stick it outdoor. Not sure would it work or not?

D B says:

Do the door sensor use zigwee?

Bray Hill House says:

Would you review and compare it to smart things? I didn’t hear you say smart things has a humidity sensor. Wireless tags gives graphs of humidity & temperature over time.

Knut Marius Sundt says:

Does anyone know when we can expect to have the EU version available? Can’t seem to find it at the moment..

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