SmartThings + Mesh WiFi = endless possibilities: Samsung Connect Home Pro

Check out how one family got a smart home upgrade from TP-Link!

The Samsung Connect Home and Connect Home Pro aren’t just mesh WiFi systems – they also allow you to control your smart home. So are they a jack of all trades, or a master of none?

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Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


John L says:

Why do I need blackout blinds if it’s dark out?

NightSyndicate says:


RPM says:

“it’s the middle of winter and it’s pouring rain”
I hate that that’s a thing that’s real nowadays

Muphet says:

need to replace gf so “smart” home is complete ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kostas Petropoulos says:

Can you use custom device handler like normal SmartThings hub?

HistoricaHungarica says:

“Alexa! Can you please hug me?”

Until then there is no reason to invest in a smart home.

TSLMachine says:

Ahhh, Central Pahk.

EcoNet Controls says:


Michael Mirabal says:

Greetings, I’ve seen that you have both hubs (smartthings and connect home pro) both work with the same app? Which one do you prefer? Do they work in the same way? I have a smartthings and I am analyzing whether to change to a connect home pro or if I already have the smartthings hub. I would appreciate your comment about it.

gameflux says:

Pretty cool !

Patrick Eclevia says:

smart human WHOOPS!!!

Sebastian O says:

Smartthings doesn’t support Nest

Joshua says:

The score is “zero to three”. No one who has ever played sports says the lower score first. Sounds like my girlfriend trying to sound cool.

Jamie Krueger says:

Was looking for tech tips not tech basics lol. Make another channel for people that at least know what electricity is.

Ivan Carlos says:

Dog Mandit

RAD Tech says:

I got Google WiFi ay ay ay

headcas620 says:

None of this is secure.

enzno20 says:


jokamutta says:

Can this comment bring me some free stuff? 😀

shinz says:


boo123 says:

does it work

Xavier Zymantas says:

The Jetsons are real!!

Sirrak Cheboud says:

Poor Keys, doing the whole show on his own….

Make that $$$

Daniel db says:

lol my ad sounds d like the fitness test meme

Guillaume Larouche says:


jeyaner90 says:

Smart homes are a waste of electricity.

Jolinator says:

Can we get an update on what is happening to NCIX?

ranjeet ajnalkar says:

Brava sir

Warren Buckley says:

You know you’re in Vancouver when it’s the “middle of winter” and it’s “pouring rain”…

Thomas Hibbard says:

I want a Smart Butt Wiper and a Smart Nose Picker, In One! 😀

TX51 says:

All I want is an high-end graded mesh network router

Tony C says:

are those smart eye glasses

dogboy0912 says:

I always thought smart home meant a meat grinder under the welcome mat

itsbiju says:

What was the name of the blinds?

Brandon Green says:

When you say each device acts as a smart things hub, will this essentially extend my zwave network for my distant smart home devices? I have a detached garage with smart home devices that constantly drop off my smartthings network. Will the connect home 3 pack resolve this issue?

Roberto Cabrera says:


Collin Brown says:

fans with benefits

FrOsTyBeArKiD says:

But smart things doesn’t connect to nest…

Ilkhan Lutfiyev says:

To bad the mesh wifi system doesn’t have carbon nano tubes. If it did it would’ve sold more people onto the hub

Kongolox says:

he looks tired and sad

Andrew Perry says:

This channel is turning into Riley Tech Tips

Piranha Legacy says:

Doesn’t slow internet or has ping spike issues?

MrTrigun009 says:

useless review

AO says:

As Jeff Bezos listens in on your home life and reports everything you say and do to the CIA…………. Yeah, creepy….

Sonny Gallagher says:

Im sure like most tutorials mentioning “her” name its gets a wake up, but yours is the first ever to set her off, i now know the score to the latest game….lol let her talk away for ages, didnt understand a word of it 🙂

Christian Gomez says:

I want to be lazy, sign me in for it

TheFlacker99 (Flak) says:

Wait…this isn’t tech news!

Bill says:

That true disappointment when you think you have a text and it’s just a Facebook notification.

itsbiju says:

Router ad in a mesh review… Interesting

HelplmAlive says:


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