Seagate Central Review – Compared to WD My Cloud – Network Hard Drive

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0:29 Hardware overview
1:42 Local network access
3:49 Web-based control panel
6:00 DLNA to smart TV demo
6:15 iTunes sharing limitation
7:47 iPhone app demo
10:09 Desktop remote file access via the web
11:50 Benchmarks
12:47 Conclusion

The Seagate Central is a blazing fast network attached storage device that has a lot of potential but is hindered by poor software that limit functionality. This product is very similar to the WD My Cloud but falls short in a number of areas:

1. Private folders aren’t accessible via the mobile app
2. All images uploaded via mobile are publicly viewable on the local area network
3. Mobile app on iOS is very slow with large photo libraries
4. Only one password protected share per user
5. Administrators can’t see folders created by other users
6. External drives not accessible via mobile app
7. No desktop app
8. Can’t internally transfer from an attached USB drive to the internal hard disk

That said the transfer speeds on this are very, very fast. If they could bring some of the access features up to the level of the WD My Cloud this would be a killer product.

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PRODUCT ACQUISITION DISCLOSURE: I purchased this drive with my own funds.


Dave Smith says:

Ty Lon, I have worked my way through all your Videos on NAS and they have been a great help in coming to a decision on what NAS to buy, keep it up.

DSoyArte says:

Thanks for your review… Yet, for me… this device is almost a Zero !…. Total fiasco…

Poor interface, non sense support that almost tell s you… Thanks for buying our product, you are on your own to solve any kind of questions you may have….

I really regret buying it Low transfering rate, innestable, every now and then it gets disconnected or almost freezzed while managing the files….

Daniel Ramage says:

This Seagate Central model does not work on Windows 10!! Security issues! Do not buy if you use Win 10.

Jo Shmo says:

Hi Lon, I have been looking for a review/ tutorial of Robocopy for windows 7. I am not a wiz when it comes to things like raid and my server/ pc is using external drives for most of my data. I am hopping to use Robocopy combined with Task Scheduler for Windows to keep my hole my book drive backed up. Both programs come with windows and look to be an ok alternative to expensive ones like Acronis. Tutorials I have found like this one
get close but only show how to back up one folder but I am trying to back up my hole drive.   

Mohammad Jahanzaib says:

i want to access from external Network…

DashCam Bandit says:

Ok Lon, So I’m hoping you can help me…. My set up is as follows; Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router, with a Seagate Central 3tb connected, LG 55UB820V Smart TV (DLNA Certified) connected to the router via ethernet. 

My problem is my TV won’t see any of the files on the Seagate NAS. The TV will SEE the NAS (It comes up as SCSSDLNA-Server) but when I go to view the TV just says ‘No File’. The files are only .avi or .mp4 which I have had playing via a USB connection previously so I know the TV can play them.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong? It’s a completely new set up, do I need to change a setting on the NAS or router? I’ve tried wired and wireless connections with my TV but nothing. 

Any suggestions? I’m hoping it’s something simple. PS, totally sub’d 🙂

psg au says:

Hi Lon,
Can the Seagate Central support multiple external USB hard drive via a HUB, like the WD My Cloud appears to be able to??

Denise Brumm says:

Since I installed Sierra My Seagate Central will not run Time Machine. Any ideas? I was thinking about dumping it but my needs are pretty simple. All I want is a simple Time Machine Backup. GREAT videos!!!!! Can you run Time Machine on Drop Box or any of the online sites?

Michael Sellers says:

I purchased a wd my cloud and it was the worst piece of garbage ever. I managed to return i and get a refund. I tried everything to make it work but it is just crap. See my post in the wd forum
Today I got a seagate. Up and running after 5 minutes.

Vijayaprasath Rajendran says:

Hey..thanks for the video.. any updates so far to the Seagate firmware??

Zachary Beaux says:

Can it be plugged in to a TV (not smarttv) directly using the USB port?

David Smith says:

Anyway so my Samsung M3 external hard disk suddenly stopped working. This was a bit of a blow as I had a lot of work and other good stuff on there. This will teach me in the future to BACk UP. I only bought it in Feb this year so was wondering about the Warranty. Samsung have about a million departments and when you eventually get through to someone they send you to Seagate Support. This is more websites and phone numbers that lead to a return address and a RMA number. And return instructions. These return instructions state that you should not send anything other than the bare drive to seagate. Don’t send plastic cases. Its as bit fiddly but you remove the drive from the plastic case and send it to a UK address. Then I get an email the warranty is void because I removed the plastic case, And if I want my not working drive back I have to get it from Amsterdam. Is this a joke?

CurveTheRain says:

The no iOS problem is fixed now right?

Nghi Trần says:

Lon sir, I love your reviews. 

Aik Jones says:

Thanks for the insight, i’m in the market for wireless hard drive and seagate vs WD are lined up

Louis Ikediashi says:

Hell Lon, my Seagate Nas DLNA all of sudden is giving me isssues, It’s been working all this while with no issues, all of a sudden the twonk server cannot see the data in my public folder. Any solution?

Thomasvhal says:

Can u add this to an xbox one ?? And how?

Travis H says:

Right click COMPUTER, click MAP NETWORK DRIVE. It CAN be connect similarly to a USB external hard drive.

adriano xavier says:

Hi Lon.

Which one is better WD my Cloud or Apple Airport Time Capsule?

Stewart Bladen says:

I’ve just got the wd and my write speeds are around 85mb a second. I transferred 570gb of video data in just over 2 hours. Not done a read test but i assume it will be faster.

tgfunky says:

Great comparison thanks for the video

Aneesh N says:

is it USB 3.0

Phil Blende says:

Lon…good review bud.  Keep up the good work.  I watch your channel more than any other I’ve subscribed to.  

Bob Asterita says:

does anyone know if you connect a USB printer to the WD My Cloud? I currently have it connected to a mac but if it could be used through the WD My Cloud then I would not have to have the Mac on to print. Thanks appreciate the help.

Jee Mail says:

Hi Lon .. your videos on WD mycloud are very precise yet informative. My question is how mycloud is accessible wover internet when it would in a private home network.

Tridzs says:

Did you install MacOs on your Asus T100? Because everytime you look at it we see the macos

Susan Honcoop says:

Hi Lon – your review was over a year ago – has the firmware etc improved on the Seagate since then? I am just about to get one of these, and your review is fantastic – all the information I need – and I am leaning now towards WD – just want to make sure nothing has changed dramatically in that time??

Salman Aslam says:

hi how can i attatch it with ps4

Brian Nichols says:

Hi Lon  This is brilliant thank you so much! Like Susan before me I am wondering about any changes since the review was made.  I have a WD MY Cloud and it has caused me so much grief, especially when plugging in a USB drive. I am thinking of replacing it, but from your review, I think Seagate Central will be a backward step.

Paul Mennell says:

Hi Lon. Can a pc and mac see an external DVD drive attached via USB to a NAS ?

hermes miraflor says:

This product is crap. It’s a ticking time bomb where your Ethernet adapter suddenly doesn’t work and you get the blinking green light of death.

If you don’t have a warranty anymore then you’re in bad luck as the ethernet could not be replaced or repaired anymore.

Ricky Fajiculay says:

Im thinking of getting the Seagate one to serve as a mapped network drive for my Steam games and as scratch directory for After effects. Do you think the read and write speeds can deliver?

Kanwar Anand says:

I have a DLINK 2750U modem and I can simply connect a wired USB drive to it. The speeds are low. Maybe 1mb per second at times when transferring files. however, I think considering it is free, I can’t complain. So users may want to check if their modem/router supports such a config.

Richard Cooke says:

Very useful

Neil R says:

A year on would you still recommend the WD my cloud or has Seagate bought out some new updates?

Ho Hao Yi Dave says:

Mycloud is crap….very unstable and keep on losing connection.

jpg files always got problem displaying

Edgar Mkhitaryan says:

Does anyone know how I can conned to my Desktop the HDD taken out from Seagate Central? I tried to connect but it shows me 7 different drives in “My comp” and none of them is recognised (7 x 1GB, although my HDD is 3 TB)

Stormonu says:

The Seagate Central is crap.  I bought the 4GB version, and it never worked correctly from the get-go.  When accessing media from my smart TV, it would reboot.  Items saved to the drive would inexplicably vanish.  It wouldn’t remember the settings when configured from the sorry web page.  It just recently died on me, which I am discovering is due to horrible heat dissipation for the unit.  DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP.  I have had NO problems with my replacement My Cloud, the latter has been a dream.

Kumar RaviKant says:

i Use Ip for my home network, can i access this device from any where…

Jon Saw says:

At the end of the day, this one is better or WD? Is there any better option for both of them?

Johnny Phan says:

Hey, can you install software like Ms-MySQL or Oracle stock all your Database?

Eggegg Lim says:

May i ask, after you have used this 2 products, which one you feel that more “user friendly”? I like your reviews. and which 1 you will recommend for office use? Thank you.

Ted Stone says:

please don’t ever buy a network hard drive, or network storage drive from the western digital company. I bought one in 2007. It was back in 2007. It was a huge capacity back in those days. I used it to store just about anything that filled my mac drive. When it failed two years ago I couldn’t salvage anything unless I mail it to a specialist and pay them.
So I bought a replacement last december and I was reluctant to place anything of value in storage. The company boasts that these devices were designed to always stay on and always stay connected to your home network. 8 out of 10 times I try to access data from this new drive I can’t even see the drive on the network even though the physical lights indicate that everything is connected.
their support system’s best response is to restart or reboot everything.
so why claim your drives are always on and always connected when a consumer can’t see the drive 80% of the time they attempt to browse the device.
I will never, ever, ever buy a HD Drive from WD again. Lucy has tricked this Charlie Brown to kick a field goal for the last time.
Please family and friends do not buy drives from this company unless you wan’t Lucy to pull a football away from you too

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