Satechi USB-C Hub for the New MacBook Pro – Review

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The new Satechi hub for the new MacBook Pro adds 2 USB-C ports, 2 standard USB-A ports, 4K HDMI output, Micro SD and SD card readers.

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Satechi USB-C Hub for the New MacBook Pro – Review



bassie104 says:

I am using this Satechi 4K hub now for a while but i am dissapointed that i am not able to connect my Apple superdrive to it. Its says that it has to less power to function. Anyone a solution for this?

Zee Lv says:

You mentioned if MacBook Pro is powered through the thunderbolt 3 port on this thing, you can’t power a display. But a thunderbolt 3 display should be able to power a Mac as the LG 5k display does. Isn’t it? So you should not worry about connecting a thunderbolt 3 display and powering the MacBook pro at the same time. On the other hand, if you are NOT using a thunderbolt or usb type c display, you probably gonna use HDMI anyway, so you don’t need to use another converter. The downside, in my opinion, is that the HDMI port only outputs 4k at 30fps, which is a old standard. Now all the new monitors have HDMI 2.0 that supports 4k @ 60fps and higher resolution, so I think they definitely should have included HDMI 2.0.

Johnny Bradley says:

Does it overheat?

Wongdi Sherpa says:

My previous generation satechi USB-C hub interferes with wifi connection whenever I connect it with peripherals. Does it have the same problem or its just USB-C thing. Or should I use adapter from apple itself to not interrupt my connection?

Dj Verde says:

the temperature is it ok? because I read this kind of gadgets overheat.

Ryan Yao says:

It’s exactly same thing as Hyperdrive from Hyper.

Thomas Kopp says:

Mine gets quite hot eventough it’s just plugged in my MacBook 13inch 2017 – there’s nothing connected to the ports of the hub. I also have the impression that the battery of my laptop is discharged quite a lot faster, when the hub is connected (again, nothing is connected to the ports of the hub). Do you experience the same situation? Thanks in advance.

Clark Smith says:

Aren’t there multiples hubs exactly like this? What’s the difference? They look just the same to me.

Syed Armaghan Hassan says:

So, you have got to buy ports, which must be plugged into laptop ports, increasing the size of laptop? Doesn’t make sense.
Since when did apple start to make shit products? Having useful ports on the laptop in the first place will add value. Honestly, people wouldn’t mind paying an extra €100 for a good device with useful ports. Instead of buying an inefficient machine which increases the baggage.

Ricardo Caetano says:

I have a non touch bar 13inch 2017 macbook pro, and a hama 3.1 hub, but when i plug it my Internet goes down is it the Hub or the Macbook?

Kelly O'Donnell says:

all but one of my ports stopped working on my Satechi Hub. The USB-C closest to the light works but everything else doesn’t. Anyone else have the problem?

Davide Scarton says:

+iDB Is good or not this hub after this month?

ATTN says:

Your box is fucked up 0:46

Arturo Flores says:

I have one but i can’t use it with the MacBook cover.

ceeUB - says:

Great review.. does anyone know what size SD and USB memory sticks the device will support/ read write speeds etc. i want to use this as additional audio storage for itunes for my DJing

The GameCrew says:

Would it be better to get a usb c hub that plugs straight into the computer or one which has a lead, ( the lead one has an extra usb A) I don’t mind losing both usb c ports and both are made by Setachi.

Lance Smith says:

How is this a review? Where are the loading and speed tests..?

Aleksei Dmitriev says:

I’d rather buy the previous generation mac with all the ports than bother myself buying all these shitty hubs. Otherwise, a very nice review. Thank you.

Bader Alazmi says:

works on 2017?

Charles SAP says:

Can this be used on the HP spectre?

Mr. Tech Productions says:

I will now be buying the MacBook Pro instead of the fully loaded MacBook Air because of this!

Jan Zabłocki says:

I will buy that adapter,
but first I will have to have a MacBook pro 2016/2017.
In other words, never 🙁

chourn solidet says:

does this make the wifi automatically disconnect ???

Γιαννης Τατσιδης says:

Can I charge my MacBook with this hub on?

Lego Play Time says:

I honestly prefer Satechi’s other standard wire dongle, which has similar I/O, but doesn’t use both Thunderbolt 3 ports.

LUCID says:

How is the power delivery of USB ports under load?

Myra Ramirez says:

Does it fit well if you have a MacBook Cover????

RadicalBeans says:

Does it feel flimsy when connected to the Macbook?

Zoey HU says:

usb 9 in 1 multi port hub

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