Samsung SmartThings V3 Hub

The Samsung SmartThings v3 hub is here, find out what’s new and if you need to upgrade your smart home automation if you already have the samsung smartthings hub v2 or smartthings hub v1. Use the smartthings app, or ifttt to extend your home automation system even further, great option if your booredatwork!

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Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation

Smart things Water Leak Sensor

SmartThings Button

SmartThings Motion Sensor 2018

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor 2018

SmartThings Outlet 2018

Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router

Looking for the openHAB binding for SmartThings


iteasier says:

Hi YoYo Tech, I have the Smarthings 2. I have also been considering getting a motion sensors for my house. Originally, from your previous video, I was looking at Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor 6. Or should I consider the Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor. Would that work better with my smart things. Not to mention its a few dollars less.

yoyoTech says:

Smartthings Hub v3 is still one of the best ways to get started with home automation. Its a simple way to get your smart home up and running, and you can still extend it to use things like openHAB in if you want!

John Fernau says:

Have you ever looked at Hubitat? Very similar to Smart things but with local processing.

Bill P says:

Why didn’t you bother to actually show how you install the V3 hub. FYI I just purchased a V3 hub and find out via Samsung support that unless you have a S7 phone or newer you can’t use the App to install it, as it won’t even be seen in the PlayStore. I have a Note 3 and apparently this is a fact. Support also tells me that that the ONLY difference in V2 & V3 is that they dropped the battery backup in V3. What Samsung idiot thought this was progress?

edtharp says:

I’m new to smart homes. Does this eliminate the need for hubs like Hues & Nest? Do you need something like this if you get a Harmony hub? Thanks in advance. Subbed

Huy Banh says:

Thanks for your video. I just bought the hub, sensors and a button. I need the button to disarm the monitoring. It doesn’t work. It allows me to change location mode, but not security state, which has no sense. The hub is a disappointed to me 🙁

Andrew Rowinski says:

Is V3 hub compatible with v2 sensors? Or do we have buy all new SmartThings sensors?

Julio Cesar Gutierrez says:

Hello I live in a 220V world 🙂 does it work? Are the power adaptors autovolt? And what about the smart power outlets

RepairGuyDK says:

Thank you very much for the video(s) !, but please do something about your audio on your videos, it is terrible ! :-/

Sharpshooterrr says:

Too much echo.

Ron M says:

Thanks for the review.

Danny Smith says:

Nice video but did you realise you made a video without really telling us what it can do…. Some examples would be goodm

Aldo Jose Aguilera Mekin says:

Hi Yoyo…It will be asome if you can make a video how to use Samsung Smartthings in LOCAL environment. I know they release some functions but there many doubt what will work or not. They just say try it!, but we are talking of a big budget here… it is not smart to do that. Another nice video can be to make a tutorial project with OpenHub from zero up to make an automation, maybe to turn a light on with a motion sensor. This will help to clarify a lot of things.

FLSouthernSweetheart says:

So I purchased the SmartThings hub version 3 as a way around Arlo’s failure to support their wire free HD camera on the google home platform. So I’m wondering if you have any advice for integrating these three components? My main goal is to be able to stream my Arlo Cameras on my chromecast, but I’m sure there is more out there.

Brent Barrand says:

Without full local processing, forget it. Home automation hubs should not have cloud processing AT ALL!

fulesmackofule says:

Thanks for the good explanation!
I wasn’t sure why the hub was needed as I have the SmartThings app coming with Samsung Galaxy S9+. Seems like that is not enough to control these sensors as those use some other protocols than simply being connected to WiFi.
By the way, how can you set up sequences of actions when something is triggered? Is there a website where you can configure your brain with events and logical connections of actions? Thanks.

Istvan Kovacs says:

I have Smartthings version 2 for almost 2 years now. Paralel I installed local openhab2 server and gradually I started to move all devices to OH. Now I have enough experience in OH to say it opens wide range of bindings and posiibilies compared to Smartthings. However if somebody wants simple smarthome and not tech guy without programming skills. Smartthings can be perfect choice, as it supports wide range of things and has fexible and simple roule creation tool for normal users. OH is also working on such solutions but they are not there. I really enjoyed this video and learned about ST from older videos. Thanks István

George Noren says:

Bill – As usual I enjoyed your great video! Some questions – with V3 having wifi, does that mean it can directly control wifi smart devices in addition to zigbee and zwave, or is it just cable of running while “not having a cat 5 cable”? Next query that I think I already know – when you migrate from V2 to V3 do you have to go around and remove all the devices from V2 and then add them to V3. Another nagging fear I have is what happens to all my devices if my hub dies and they cannot be removed from that association. Some devices have a force method to return them to factory status (if you still have the document…), but some of mine do not. My hub is getting quite old… ;^(

toit says:

Thanks for another great vid! Can you share some examples or generalizations for where OH would be an advantage over ST? Having never used ST, I am not sure where the limitations begin.

Ch Fin says:

Great video. I am buying Smartthings v3 now. My first home automation.

Ray T says:

You sound far…..very hard to hear you at times , just letting you k ow great info btw

NoTengoIlusiones says:

Thanks for the video Bill. Sugestions for the next video with Smarthings v3 deep dive. (1) cover non usage of samsung sensors ( the offer is very limited and plugin them should be a no brainer, litle value add for the video) (2) Cover the openhab integration as you mentioned (3) Cover the IFTTT integration ( if possible) (4) Create a few rules to understand the capabilities.(5) mention a few concrete limitations vs openhab/ smart assistant (6)Smarthings App and Hub. Why both? In summary , a review of v3 in all its glory, what makes me buy this, invest time( even more expensive) instead of a Raspberry Pi3 with homeassistant/ openhab. Cheers and thanks for the video again.

stephen reeves says:

Phillip bulb have to have a Phillip hue bridge they do not work with the Samsung hub

Daniel ツ says:

One question: does the v3 hub work in germany with zigbee products?
Because i am not really sure if kt works in germany they dont sell the smartthings hub in the eu

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