Routers vs. Switches vs. Access Points – And More

Routers, switches, access points, modems, hubs, bridges…what is the difference between all these network devices?!

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tonyb24242424 says:

You need to work on the echo. I just got first quad channel setup and echo is very bad in most videos on youtube. Didnt notice this with headphones tho. Your channel, with 4k and good sound would be even more hightech!

Sebas Ramiro says:

Actually is the other way. Some modems come with a built in router these are called gateways. It is created for users who don’t want to buy two separate devices and makes it simpler for the user.

Spastek says:

Hubs are still useful, especially for sniffing traffic of a device. For instance let’s say your printer won’t connect to the network you can put your computer and the printer on a hub and look at the traffic to figure out the cause of the issue. Switches don’t allow packet sniffing (which is a good thing), so 99.99% of the time you want a switch.

MatrixAgentX says:

dude… I have no idea what you just explained. Your title does NOT match your content. Although I DO know what the differences between a switch and router, I was hoping to get more info on your channel. I watch your channels for years and recently have seen less and less “real” content on your channel. Dude.. what is going on with your channel..>>> moving on

Network Engineer says:

what are you’re credentials?

SHTUF86 says:

Are any of these devices dependent on another?

KronicNitron says:

So if my wireless network doesnt reach my room and i canr run a long ethernet cable i should use a router

Brendan Sullivan says:


MissAstorDancer says:

Techquickie, I sure hope you will answer me.

My internet provider has told me repeatedly that I don’t need a router, since I have only one computer. I connect my PC directly to my ARRIS CM820 modem via ethernet. The modem is provided to me by my provider.

Yet, every person I have ever told that I don’t use a router, has told me I am at great risk, security-wise. You are the ONLY person I have ever heard say that a person with only one computer does not need a router.

I do, of course, run Norton Security, and Malwarebytes.

Why do so many people say that even in cases like mine, a router should still be used?

Hubjeep says:

Thank you for the video. I am in the process of buying a POE switch, 4-5 POE wireless access points, to provide internet for a large concrete house, which now has 3 routers with all different logins/passwords… trying to get them to hand-off with one login/PW.

nathaniel pritzer says:

I have that hub that was shown in the pic. i would always overload it.

Claudio Lluberes says:

Then switches are routers without the modem part…

Davin Risy Al Hanif says:

Thanks, you solved my confussion between those gadgets! 🙂

Ivan Antunović says:

I always wanted to punch this guy in the face, I do not know why but there is something so irritating about him.

abmong says:

All I wanted to do was have 2 wired connections (2 PCs) to the internet. Tried to do some research before buying new gear and people just gave me confusing misinformation… They said I needed to get a switch… which as it turns out from reading elsewhere is BS. I’ve already got a Modem/Router (HUMAX HG100RE-02V) with only one PC plugged-in so there’s still 2 more LAN ports free. The rest of our devices are connected wirelessly. So I only need 1 Ethernet (RJ-45) cable to connect my 2nd PC to one of the free LAN ports on the Gateway.

I wish people who don’t know their mouth from their asshole stopped trying to give advice… Good thing I didn’t take thier word for it or I would’ve bought a switch I didn’t need and wasted money… They maybe well intentioned but they must’ve been using an ancient modem and seperate router to think I need a swtich just to have wired internet for 2 PCs :p

marshmello white says:

i h24at ur 25video 0do45sh federation out

Falcon CZ says:

router cums in 😀

Joe G.P. says:

last time i used a modem it connected to a phone line, like 15 years ago, what internet are you guys using ?

cloboak oak says:

Thank you for making this video

Arman Tompong says:

Do you need to cool a modem/router?

CMDR Hyper says:

Firstly, I have that exact router at 2:27 lol

But also, why do my parents have a modem and a router?

Neil Bertram says:

Okay, so how does one go about buying an ethernet switch? managed? unmanaged? what makes a good switch?

Bryon Hulcher says:

9 and 3/4 ? think your bein funny ay?

chocograph says:

I own a HUB!

Bailey Wilcox says:

Not directly related to the video topic but he did mention it:

Are zip files an outdated storage format? I’ve spent the last three years as close to under a rock as possible (graduate school in a field that has nothing to do with tech plz help)

sergio adame says:

Can a modem be a router as well? thanks for answer

Lammet says:

So, my modem is out of ports, should I get router?

atheist group says:

yey.. do a vid on OSPF

Spencer Li says:

No, a Switch is the thing my friend can’t stop playing zelda on.

Linden Heyer says:

ZIP driver! remember Jazz drives? 😉

Roman Ash says:

In 99 we wanted to play broodwar 4vs4: no laptops, so huge table in the back yard, all parents drove us with crt monitors and huge desktops, we bought a hub for the last penny we had, MANY ethernet cords, Plenty of power splitters… The setup for network was so long (reading from books on win 95/98 guide to admin), took half a day to start playing, I end up snicking some beer… we literally slept there… The game was AWESOME. we then played unreal tournament and while chilling heroes 3 allied.
3 day process. Even the folding took long time…

We had a “reunion” just 10 years after: instead of switch – iphone, laptops, mice, and chargers. setup took 0 time. (we played the same games just for old times sake). Was amazingly easy.

Chenming Chen says:

For people who think that modems are old/outdated, they’re always required unless you have fiber optics at home. Then you get to choose between a fiber modem(cheaper) or a layer 2 switch with SFP ports(more expensive)

Lance Brown says:

IDEA FOR A FAP VIDEO! DHCP As Fast As Possible Please?!

FebriyanWP says:

Can you explain about IP Classes? and subnet masking

mariovous says:

I have all of those built-in. I think.

Luficarius Ratspeed says:

Fuck Zip drives. Jazz is the way to go, baby.

Peter Kaufmann says:

Linus please dont start networking like this

If You start

Please always Start with Layer 1 and then going up!

A Bride is A Switch!! (with only 2 ports)
Please Never Mix UP Switch with IP adresses. It only Confuses the understanding of it
Switches Are Layer 2 Devices and provide a broadcast domain and they dont use IP Adresses all – They only react to Mac adresses and their Destinations. So thy can built up their Mac adress table. More intelligent switches can use different VLANs an more security an QOS features…..
And by definition a router is Layer 3 Device. It defines The IP Range which is Used to Route by the Gatway which is itself.
You also forgot DNS Server and DHCP Server.

Mat Daley says:

Great concise content. Thank you!

EpicGamingVids says:

My computer is sadly not near a modem

HFC CATV says:


MadSpacePig says:

We don’t have separate Modems in the UK, everything is ADSL.

MrParitoshJ says:

@ 2:18 you say “sometimes a modem” which is what I don’t get. Why should that be “sometimes” since a modem fulfills the purpose of connecting the signal from your ISP to your home devices? That functionality is not optional.

Starving Developer says:

You guys rock thank you for the videos!

The Tech Tips For Games says:

will i get free internet with a router??

Brent Shulman says:

Shirt change!

KURT C says:

I want a smart fridge!

Seth Rodriguez says:

Can you do a video about the differences between managed and unmanaged switches for home networks? So many options when it comes to switches.

SylfixPlayz MC says:

I’m considering a new router for the whole house4 a separate router and Ethernet switch for my room/office and a modem separate for my room XD

Aventurera says:

this subject about brdiges, hubs, and AP gets on my nerves..i get confused and im taking my A+ soon

TheSouNinja says:

Hi! I’m kind of a noob for this, and I have a router connected to my modem in the kitchen, but my house has 3 floors and of course my gaming room is as far away as posible from it, so I connecte a second router to the first one, should I configure it as AP?

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