QacQoc Product Review for NEW MacBook Pro

If you have the brand new MacBook Pro with all USB-C ports, you may have found it frustrating to plug in… anything. That’s where the QacQoc comes in (and no, we don’t get the name either). It’s a very simple and ultra-slim designed hub that hugs your Mac and works with both the 13″ or 15″ MacBook Pro (again, only the model with all USB-C ports). Want to save a little $$$? Check out the second version in the list below which is almost half the price. We’re also including a link to a more traditional hub which also gives you access to ethernet and HDMI. Links to everything:

QacQoc with 2 USB-C Ports:
QacQoc with 1 USB-C Port:
QacQoc dock with HDMI and Ethernet:

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David Marcotte says:


Leo Dodier says:

David, that was very informative, thank you.

John 47 says:

Dave, what do you think about the talk that the new iPhone will cost between 1000 and 1400 dollars. Isn’t this getting to be a little much.? For me, I do most of my “computing” on my Mac at home and when my iPhone 6 poops out I’m going to get a new version of the flip phone for a couple hundred bucks. I sick of pricey of things lately. What do you say? Thanks.

KatiekVlogs says:

Will it work on mac book air

Lou Jones says:

Hey Dave, I own almost the exact same dongle, the only difference is mine only has one USB-C port that holds the dongle on the side of the computer. I noticed yours has two. That makes a huge difference in terms of the dongle being secured to the side, decreasing the chances of damage, if moved. I would definitely recommend yours over mine, which I picked up from Micro Center.

Top Dawg says:

Hyper Drive is so much better.

abod Talea says:

Hey Dave, I have one like this but, there is one and big problem with it. The problem is when I connect it to my MacBook the Wi-fi dosen’t work so I need to connect with personal hotspot. Here is my question, Dose this QacQos have the sane issue.
I got my USB-C Hub from Anker.

Themightymoze says:

I need that thing today. LOL! Thank you!

Alperen CIFTLI says:

you’re not telling anything about TB3 support and its transfer speed over the port on this product.

Stark says:

What makes this adaptor special from any other usb c adaptors out there?
For me, this device is just same as hyperdrive or satachi

FlavoredGenuine says:

I really want that device if I were to have a MacBook Pro.

MrRedtaco11 says:

I’ll keep my 2009 Macbook Pro until it dies. Oh! CD-Rom drive.

Edward Petruzzello says:

It is a great little dongle but Mac owners should be aware that this dongle will not be able to run your Apple Super Drive since it does not have enough power.

TheFilmGuys says:

It doesn’t sit flush on the desk though and that’s annoying and bad for the connections over time… too much flex.

Uncle Quacker says:

A new MacBook Pro must have

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