QacQoc GN30H USB-C Hub Review

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QacQoc USB-C Hub:

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Jan Matz says:

My QacQoc has a MicroSD locking mechanism. I have to push it quite a bit, but then it locks. But it doesn’t read the cards properly.

Mike Osyka says:

Do you have any issues with overheating? Mine becomes scalding hot after a while when I have all peripherals connected.

Monica Wong says:

Nice Review:) Thank you so much Peyton

Temi K says:

Does it heat up quickly?

Zoken01 says:

It does a mechanism to lock the MicroSD Card, buy you really have to push it in deep.

Wilson18 says:

Nice quality video, good review, thanks! 🙂

MrTolesi says:

What’s good about this [as opposed, for instance, to the otherwise-good HooToos] is that any USB cables come out the back, not the front = much less desk clutter. If the USB-C charger thru-port was also at the back [not at the end] it wd be better still.

Woody Khan says:

this is a really good hub. only issue and advantage at the same time is that it has a wire. almost guaranteed that the wire will break/ tear. But if you have a case with your MacBook then the wire is must have because the other ones will not lay flush or even been enough to reach into the case

jorge santos says:

Very good review. I particularly liked the electrical details about power usage.

Angles and Acid says:

I noticed that as you plugged into all the USB ports that your mac started ejecting them. Does this still happen when the mac power brick is plugged into the end of the hub?

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