Nest Thermostat Review

Leo installs a new Nest Thermostat in his home and tells us why he loves it.


Gigel Chiazna says:

20$ a “dumb” thermostat that works is my choice

Brandon Thompson says:

How can you think there is a security flaw? its a thermostat…. and also you need a initial  login for your phone or laptop. I have one in my Home and I love it. I can set my heat when I’m on my way home. It truly works amazing.

Extreme Weapons says:


rubytski says:

Haha, Review. yeah right. Nice commercial

Luke Le says:

I have one

Luis Perez says:

So how much money did you save using that thermostat?

raykupal says:

its expensive and ROI takes a few years…. if there is any…. but it is very convinient and you might get good incentives or rebates depe ding on what city you’re from.

clffthmps says:

Iv worked in the electrical and hvac field for 20 years.iv installed thermostats from top tech, Honeywell, Carrier edge, nest generation one and two.this thermostat as of 2016 I would recommend this stat to anyone.

Larry A says:

Not sure about any company that is that illiterate. The word is “until”. “Till” is something on a cash register or something a farmer does to the ground. Maybe Google is just thinking about all the money they will make once they install a monthly charge? No thirty year contract for free? Oh well… Better you than me.

Sam Biscits says:

Just heard today no more support for them!

Henry Garcia says:

Funny how Marketing and iPad looks go such a long way. Honeywell and other typical brands have been making ip addressable/programmable thermostats years before the nest, and for half the price. Never in their wildest dreams did they think they could make a thermostat sexy and cool and market it to the google generation. I love it!!

Derek Martell says:

your thermostat has almost 2 seconds of ping scrub

Gale Jones says:

gordon hit the nail on the head…..

Anchor says:

Nests are cool, but I like the ecobee3 better.

fruitofthegods hemp says:

It’s connected to the web, NSA spying, hacking risk or more trouble in the years to come, losing more freedom

Sara Ahmadnia says:

I changed all of my  A/C controllers out with Nest thermostats. For the first time in 2 years all of the rooms in the home  are the same temperature and the fans stop when the desired temperature has been reached. It is far more comfortable than before as the A/C runs at low speed when it cuts in so does not blast out so much. It took 2 days to get rid of the condensation on the outer surface of the vents as the system before left the fan running after the compressor stopped so drew in humidity and I can control A/C with my mobile.
Yousef fitted these A/C controller for my home, his contact  number is

Mobile Dubai : 0506859285

ScubaDude79 says:

That thing creeps me out

666j1 says:

now the NSA can know what my temperature in my home is yay

Chris Branter says:

Does not work with AC / furnace connected at the same time. We have to remove the AC wire during the winter and reconnect in summer, why can’t they have an internal soft disconnect rather than having to physically remove the wire. Any techs from NEST want to give me a call 17808741149

Hans Lecaros says:

NEST 2nd generation is an unreliable piece of hardware… doesn’t work when it matters. If you have the 1st generation without the latest firmware you should be fine.

ArcanePath360 says:

Why does Youtube use so much CPU power now? My temperature soars from 30 to 58 while watching videos now and I hear my fan speed right up to try cooling it down. Screw you, change!

Jacob Krulcik says:

Hey guys, the Google Nests are awesome Energy Saving Thermostats with tons of cool features. Direct Energy has actually teamed up with Google and we’re giving away the 3rd generation model for free for those who want to go green.
Checkout my page here for more details!

Damian6Robin says:

Oh wow nice

thumasta666 says:

250$ for a thermostat, yet you dont have a/c?

larryllix says:

Most of the Nest owners I have talked to ended up turning all the automatic features off.Many have taken the Nest out after a year of experience as it can’t be trusted.One big problem is using it as a remote control stat for their cottage 1000 km away. When Nest forces the mandatory upgrade on the stat it hangs on the auto reboot and now people are stuck driving the 1000 km to reset the thing. Note auto-upgrades cannot be blocked.

Unknown Username says:

This NEST is a extra waste of money if have a Central heating unit that is modulating (opentherm) cause than it will make your already energy saving Central heater in to a Expansive ON/OFF unit! so for most european users wait for the next version to suport Opentherm and than have some fun with it!

Evangiline Castello says:

I love our Nest thermostat due to the simplicity of use and ability to control from outside of the home.

Max Colton says:

That Honeywell he pointed out actually has a model with a wifi built in for $100.  Honey well even has an app for you to monitor and control it when you’re away from home.  The only different compared to Nest is that it doesn’t have the learn feature which I never used.  For the price of a Nest $250 you can get 2 Honeywell and control it all on your app.  My work use that Nest and most of the time it never set to the temp I want. I have to keep messing with it.  So it is an over priced device that you can get way less with other brands.

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