MyQ Smart Garage Hub & MyQ Home Bridge Installation & Review

The MyQ Smart Garage Hub by Chamberlain allows you to control your garage door from your smartphone. The Home Bridge offers HomeKit integration. If you garage door is already MyQ enabled then you would just need the Home Bridge to be able to control your garage from Siri or your Home dashboard.

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Lonnie C says:


ComedyClubE SERIES says:

You are Great keep it up

Josh Kelnhofer says:

Good stuff! I didn’t know you could make any garage door opener into a smart system. Very cool.
BTW, what editing software do you use?

Daryn Bieber says:

Just installed the MyQ Smart Hub. There’s a 10ish second delay between pushing close on my phone and the door actually closing. Is this simply a safety feature signalling that the garage is about to close, or is the MyQ struggling to communicate with my closer/opener?

Tes Tos says:

Great video, I just don’t think there should be a monthly charge to be able to use it remotely, all the smart devices I own at the moment don’t require a monthly charge. Is up to you off course, but until they provide the service for free I’m not buying one.

katherine Hilman says:

WHow can I get Google assistant to work with the smart Garage hub?

Rick Hemphill says:

Hi Brett, Just a theory, but I think the reason that you weren’t able to complete the wifi setup with your phone and had to use your iPad was related to the MyQ device preferring (requiring) the 2.4 GHz network channel frequency. I believe the setup would have worked from your phone if you would have connected it to your 2.4 GHz wifi network.

Millennial Mike says:

Can you connect with Smarttings?

Fernando Castro says:

Only the best with Brett

Lowell Handy says:

Brett, love this! Thank you. Quick question, what did Chamberlain tell you to do get it working? I’m having the same issue and they’re closed.

R Brown says:

Nice review. Do existing wall and car visor buttons still work after the installation?

Keith Ferguson says:

So wait…. Google assistant cannot OPEN the door?

Tech With Brett says:

I’m on the path to make everything in my house smart and here is another piece to the puzzle! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Jimmy is Promo says:

Zoom in sequence was tight. And the going back and forth between bretts was awesome

Junaid Qureshi says:

So you can’t open via google assistant?

GreenPepper2 says:

Please do a review of the Samsung Flip..!!

Robert Abraham says:

I have a chamberlain LW5000EV made in 2013, it says Myq on the outside so which product do I need, hub or gateway or bridge? Why doesn’t chamberlain offer the gateway anymore on their site? Apple HomeKit? Thanks

Ismail Alptekin says:

How about if l have two car garage doors. Do l have to purchase two devices?

Passed High School Physics says:

Can you set a reminder to tell you if at 8:00 the garage is still open? Chamberlain says you can. Just want to know if what they told me is correct. If my kids were playing in the garage with the door open will the app automatically notify me if the door is still open at 8:00.

Maui Chris says:

heads up to any buyers planning on using with Google Home. Chamberlain wont allow you to open the garage door via Google Home due to “security reasons”. that’s what you get for your paid subscription. You can close the door or check status. that’s it.

Emil Cohen says:

Anything that needs batteries will become a dud in the near future!

Raynald Poulin says:

hi, my english is not very good but l like your video.
! have question for you …l have myQ smart garage hub (chamberlain) and myq home bridge (liftmaster) is it a similira setup and your vidéo.
tank you

Brian Ridgway says:

Is the subscription for Chamberlain or one of the apps/services?

Brian Greenquist says:

I thought you couldn’t close it using Google assistant

Dick Tchairdjian says:

My Garage door is from 1999. So the myQ hub is what I installed. Even after watching your video I have no idea what the Bridge is for. My neighbor wants me to help him with his garage door but his has a myQ logo (I don’t see the WiFi logo) on the side of the motor. Does that mean that he only needs to buy a Bridge? Does the bridge come with a sensor that needs to be attached to the top panel of the door? How else will the app able to tell if the door is open or closed??

Douglas Cordero says:

Muy buen Video

Adam J. Reid says:

Nice video Brett, thanks!  Ordering my MyQ Hub today!

David Cruz says:

I have the MyQ garage opener as well and I love it, been wondering if I should link my Google home to it. Seems funny to have to pay for this feature that should just be integrated. Is it worth paying for?

David Bowen says:

I just installed the hub in my garage last night. It would NOT for the life of me connect on it’s own. Had you not made this video I would not have succeeded, at least not last night. So thanks. My only suggestion is that you somewhat blew through the part when you made the connection. Especially when you connected to the MYQ Wi-Fi. I had to rewind and puase the video several times to actually see what you were doing. But I was able to fig. it out. I think Chamberlain really needs to rewrite their instructions and add that website. That and physically connecting to the MYQ Wi-Fi was the key to getting it running.


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