Late 2017 – Virgin Media Hub 3 Update – Massive Issues & Lies The Truth Is OUT!

Welcome to Sim UK Today I will tell you the truth about Virgin Media and the Hub 3.


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One of the first videos I ever uploaded to YouTube was to warn people about Virgin Media’s Hub 3. I have been asked a few times to make an update, so here it is.

Virgin Media will only tell you about ALL of the benefits that come with it, I will tell you ALL of the Negatives too and then you can make a decision based on ALL the information…The Truth!

I hope this video is informative and helpful for you.

I apologise for the lack of quality (teleprompter too low) and any mistakes you might discover. Unfortunately I am time limited and I had to rush to get this out on schedule.

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Virgin Media HUB 3
DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem functionality (also fully compatible with DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0)
24 bonded downstreams
8 bonded upstreams
Four ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT ports
Wireless b, g, n capable in 2.4GHz band plus wireless a, n & ac in 5GHz band (Dual-concurrent frequencies)
Five internal antennas
Up to three spatial streams in the 5GHz band
Supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless security encryption
Supports WPS push button synchronisation
Built-in router, DHCP and firewall which can be customised and deactivated
Virgin Media customised housing
External power supply (12v 1.5A)


Ik Khan says:

They are awful It took me 45mins on the phone to speak to someone and by the time decided not to renew my contract.

Steven Gore says:

Thanks for this, I’ll definitely be keeping my 2AC

The Slipernator says:

Sky Fibre it is then.

Marc Bayley says:

I had to pay £20 for my hub 3.0

Ryan C says:

Hi, was just wondering if you could help me? I don’t know alot about this subject but Basically I’m having issues with getting my VPN (IPVanish) to work properly. I have Virgin Media and recently purchased IPVanish and installed it on my Laptop, x2 Android boxes and iPhone but I’m struggling to get any sort of good speeds when connecting via Wifi (from Laptop) or Ethernet (Android Box). I dont know if its my Virgin Media Hub3 or if its Windows or Kaspersky on my laptop that blocks it.
Also if I’m on my Android box and connect the VPN (via Ethernet cable) it kicks my Laptop off the internet and can’t re-connect it, and if I’m on my Laptop and connect the VPN (via WIFI) the Broadband speed drops from 40mb to 5mb. If you could help in anyway it would be much appreciated. I’ve had the VPN for over a month now and I havent really been able to use it or my Android boxes. IPVanish Support havent been able to help either. Can you help plzzzz?

dwarfer777 says:

wtf, superhub 3 sounds like a fucking disaster!! wtf, how did this piece of shit even get released! are the designers completely retarded!???

iiTzHaroonP4A says:

Hi please can you help me… Im paying VM a shit load of money im on the 200mbps package and have my ps4 connected via ethernet. Everytime i ring them they run a stupid speedtest which shows okay results however my problem is high ping, lag or latency whatever its called, when i call the indians they have no idea what any of the terms mean, please can you tell me what i can do?! Im so close to moving to another ISP

TypeRAguy says:

Why retain the Superhub in modem mode rather than doing away with it altogether ?

johnsonricky007 says:

so would you say the super hub 2 ac is the way to go for gamers??

Gary Finch says:

one month I was initially told .. I said I was happy enough to pay the 2 months at the £25 offered .. but not £33 a month , the lady on the phone apologized for the error and said she will see what she could do , after an age of waiting she returns , stating I must of agreed cos I signed the contract ! but I never received one was my reply , off she went again for another trip to the cafe and returned ! this time saying she had spoken to her supervisor and the best they could do was £29 a month .. I said but I don’t want to pay £29 a month ! I want to pay what I agreed £25 a month ! she was adamant that it wasn’t going to happen ! so I said okay cancel my broadband .. they had blatantly lied to get me on board and I wasn’t happy about it .. she then replied if you do ! you’ll be charged a cancellation charge .. so basically I have been blackmailed into keeping my broadband at £33 a month .. because I can not afford to pay the cancellation charge .. a foot not to the above , tried to find a complaints department and there is none ! no wonder Richard Branson is a billionaire .. it absolutely disgusting how virgin get away with it ! making false offers to make you take the bait .. then blackmail you to keep you on the hook .. what a corrupt world we live in !

Flipper says:

I’ve never ever had any problems with this. I constantly get over 200MBs. My ping is excellent and never get any drops either.

Xbox performance is excellent. No packet loss. No problems with streaming YouTube, Netflix etc….

Roz Rayner-Rix says:

I have Virgin Fibre connection in my house, 3 computers connected with Ethernet and phone and 2 tablets connected with WiFi… I have a choice between 5G and 2G WiFi, my phone and original iPad are connected and run perfectly on 2G. I was really excited about 5G and had switched to 5G WiFi, however I developed a really bad headache, after a bit of research I found other people were having the same problem, so I switched back to 2G, my headache was gone in less than an hour… OK you could say this was a coincidence!!! Anyway I bought a Fire HD 10 2017 at the end of November and it was struggling to run on 2G. Anyway it had to be exchanged due to a fault. The replacement arrived and it would not connect to 2G at all. I got the Virgin technician here and he said it would only run on 5G… Well I am well fed up as my pain is back with a vengeance and my Fire will not connect to 2G at all… Any advice or help will be suitably and sensibly accepted, please do not tell me that 5G is not available until 2020… IT IS HERE and in my house… Even with my Fire powered down I am still in pain, I sit with my bare feet on a grounding mat which helps a bit but not enough… It must be that the router is giving off a constant 5G regardless of me using it for any of my devices…
I can get no help at all from Virgin…

ncopeman says:

Wish I had seen this earlier. Virgin installed almost 7 days ago with a Hub 3. Failed installation and hub not locking in. Been told it is a Wall Garden issue, setup not completed issue, customer account issue, cabling issue and also a router issue. The Hub has been swapped, the cabling checked, had 3 engineers come out (with a 4th on Monday), countless calls to customer services (with many, many reboots). A test hub plugged in by the last engineer worked fine. I’m getting incredibly frustrated now – even emailed the CEO and senior exec team – with no response.

ian neil says:

I’m having problems
Can’t even open two google tabs without a massive delay

Tammy Elissa says:

Hiya, I just received firmware v9.1.116.603 to my Superhub 3 which caused the router to for some reason, reboot twice in one day two ours between one another unlike prior to the update where such things did not happen at all and seemed stable except regarding the latency and ethernet issues which wasn’t a concern for me due to using wireless.

Do you have the update and may you make a video if/when you do to review it? Ta.

Call me Ryze says:

bad thing about mine is i carn’t get 200mgb in my upstairs bedroom i only get 50download speed on 200mgb but downstairs i can like 90mgb’s on my phone but computer is terrible for connection upstairs

Geoffrey Cox says:

Excellent. Thanks very much for this 🙂 I am still trying to decide whether to use a good router with traffic management and QoS to clean up the Superhub 3’s corruption, with the superhub in modem only mode. Superhub 3>e.g. Netgear Nighthawk>24 port Netgear ProSafe Smart Switch (GS724T), or attempt to persuade Virgin to let me use a Superhub 2ac

Sam says:

I had a superb 2ac, and upgraded to the 3.0, and am getting slower speeds, and less range.

Viktoras K says:

Your negativity out of roof. So just change provider. Im happy with my router.

Tech Videos says:

I already have it but the people virgin did it for us and got a new one lol

Monk 707 says:

news just in more problems thought you might want to read this

tomgauntlestrange says:

I was pushed into getting hub 3,  as my older netgear  hub was no longer being supported. The hub 3 is a heap of junk and ive had nothing but problems with it. if you can avoid the hub 3 like the plauge

Mason Clifford says:

There over subscribe the network and denied it the throttling is now becoming a problem if you was thinking of using this ISP don’t the update to the hub 3 has slowed the connection . If you put the hub back to factory settings you will see what I mean then it updates and slows it down

Adrian Chapmanlaw says:

Has the issues been fixed yet? Im having issues getting a customers hub3 port forwarding working.

Erin says:

Their price increase is pissing me off. Now I have to pay 35.99 for the same speed instead of 34.00!!! Brandson is one greedy cunt, I’m switching to Sky or BT…

Haggis Eater says:

Ethernet connection does not work nov 2017 wireless works,

IBROX 04 says:

Got the hub 3 about 3 weeks ago, disconnects every 20/25 minutes, had the engineers out , took one look and seen it was hub3 , went to his van (something about he needed something from his van) and buggerd off. VM are saying I never had an engineer out, funny he even took my hub3s tab from the bottom of it, VM are now saying all my phone’s, xbone, laptops,TV, iPads and PS4 are faulty , because there’s nothing wrong with my hub3.

Avi Sekarr says:

Thanks a lot for this video…was about to upgrade today till i saw this…its been a while since this was posted so really just want to know what the status was on the hub currently…do these issues still exist?…Thank again!

Cryonic R6 says:

Hey, i don’t know much about this stuff, but my black finish hub 3 hates my computer for some reason and always restarts when my pc is in use and it’s pretty frustrating. I’ve tried using a wifi dongle and it still restarts. What do you suggest?

bobsta says:

VIrgin Media are cheap skates. The SH3 is a downgrade on SH2 because it is cheaper to manufacture.

Geoffrey Cox says:

BTW did you know that modem manufacturers using the Puma 6 chipset, including Arris, who make the superhub 3, have been facing a class action lawsuit in California?

Tammy Elissa says:

Hurrayyy Vurgin Mediaah…!~

eyechubcunt says:

Got a letter today, came here, because I googled it. I think I let them terminate my contract. Can always rejoin at a lower rate. But they such a poor service. Just like all Branson’s companies.

UKpitbull says:

Outstanding,having suffering issue with my wifi in the past couple of months I decided to phone them and mention/complain about it today.I mainly work away from home but once at home I enjoy online gaming upstairs on my Gaming Rig/PC,the router is located downstairs and all was well for quite a few years until recently.
Contacted Virgin today and mentioned drop out while gaming,was informed I was still using the original Superhub(1).They are now shipping a S/Hub3 to me.
Do you think the cheaper option for me is to buy a powerline adapter and run my rig directly into the adapter via Ethernet cable,I’ll be happy as long as I get a constant 100Mbs say.Currently via wifi I can hit the max 144Mbs setting but it drops like crazy as soon a game boots up.

ninghir says:

thanks for this video, ive had nothing but issues since joining Vermin. sonos is rendered useless and also had issues with fire tv. looking to put this into modem mode and purchase an asus router.

The MEMESTAR says:

UI (ultra instinct)

Samuel Edmund says:

Had a hub 3 for over a year and a bit now been terrible, first still not able to put it in modem mode and constantly has a green bar rendering it unusable for a day. Whenever I call someone their response is that it’s a just hiccup and no cause for concern.

amtheman2000 says:

is any1 having any problems now and if u are can u tell me fixes because i have purchased vivd 200 and it comes on sat and i dont know what to expect

Unknown Soldier 1 says:

Internet is shit lagy on gamws

Anthony Duffy says:

Wish i had seen this before i got VM and the super hub 3.. Great info here. Cheers.

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