Hub, Switch, & Router Explained – What’s the difference?

This is an animated video that explains the difference between a hub, switch, and a router. It explains how a router works, how a switch works and how a hub works.


Marian Chapala says:

Very helpful. Thank you!

Julenissen says:

WOW, you are great man, thanks for you devotion in making thsese.

Sanjay Singla says:

Very nicely and easily explained. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

Rafael Navarros says:

Dont ever stop buddy, your videos are just amazing, you explain it in an easy and fast way!
Thanks very much for that.

Thuy Nguyen says:

That was an amazing tutorial about Routers. Thank you!

kartik pathak says:

Why don’t u upload videos on daily basis?

Ashley L says:

that was the best explanation ever

mcdelive says:

@PowerCert Animated Videos: Very well explained – Many Thanks… I have a question though. From 5:28 onwards; how does the 2nd Router (middle one) in the video figure the data should be going to the one on it’s right side (in order to get into Blue network)? Why it did not try to send the data packet to the 2 other routers below it?

mcw0805 says:

Thank you for the concise and detailed videos! Random but may I ask what font you are using on the slides?

Vikas Patgar says:

nice one sir. very useful video

Vijitha Rohini Perera says:

the best video abt network devices

sam anderson says:

Very smart approaches in explaining

Mind Mirror says:

hey good job friend! well done
i’m always with you
thanks everyone who is working for this post

Suresh Lakshmanan says:

nice work. nice explanations.

MaaZ Hashmi says:

amazing info

Bruce Liu says:

this is probably the best video on the topic!

Anurag Desai says:

Great Annimation

Narayanan Prasanth says:

Excellent Explanations

RoboMex TV says:

nicely explained….good presentation.

neti v v srinivasarao says:

loved your videos
can you please make a video on collision domain and broadcast domain

Paul Garcia says:

Small business owner here. I was having trouble my growing office network but thanks to this video I was able to identify the issue and resolve the problem. Thank you!

Shamsher khan says:

you are simply amazing sir !!! thanks

Vaishali Goel says:

quintessential video! what a lifesaver

Anitha Achuthan says:

really superb…

Shuga Slimm says:

Love the videos and appreciate you sharing the info =)

Ravi Ranjan says:

the videos are very useful in making the concepts clear.Please share the videos on NAT,DMZ,VLAN and Load Balancing also.Thanks

otto mgimba says:


June junskyer pillado says:


Prabhu Ece says:

very useful

Faizan Qadir says:

I loved this video.I just loved it……. awesome…keep it up…

Adrian Briones says:

Great video and explanations!

sobia noman says:

Amazing… thanks a lot…

Mia the dreamer says:

Thanks a bunch..

william Lo says:

Very Good, Thanks!

Suresh Lakshmanan says:

Thank you so much for producing such a nice work. !! you must be proud of yourself. you are very creative. !!

Akash Sahu says:


Mohd Iya says:

Short, simple and comprehensive! keep going

Dreadknot says:

I won’t tell my friends about where did I learn about this!

Saeed Durrani says:

very good

Masud Rana says:

At last I’ve understood………. Thank you very much sir.

Madhu Kishore says:

Plz add videos on windows 2012 server and vmware plz.. u r from different planet. Awesome man.. everything perfect…

Suresh Lakshmanan says:


jim dart says:

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you. The lights have come on. Absolutely brilliant. Clear, concise and to the point with no fluff. Once again thank-you.

Paul H says:

You should win an award for your teaching style!

Prabhu Viraktamath says:

Great job. Really d best vdo

yiu lai chan says:

fantastic video, very good explanation. Thank you

Ronald Eatman says:

That was the most easy and precise explanation of this particular subject.
I know you have more videos but please do more. Like CCNA, Security + or even MSCA.
Your vids are *awesome!*

Omer Faruk says:

Why people use background music while recording.

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