Hands-on with the Bell Home Hub 3000

Launched in September of 2016, Bell’s most advanced modem/router houses 12 antennas for fast speeds; features tri-band technology to support multiple devices; and includes a back-up battery that can last up to 4 hours if the power goes out.


Armani George Y says:

Oh and the 3000 is the worst Bell modem. Bell had to pull it from their copper installs and are only installing it with their fiber to the home customers. Wifi drops all the time, if your aBell customer stay away from this modem. It’s been 7 months and they still can’t fix this shitty modem!

Sarabjit Singh says:

Actually i turned off home hub internet in the home setting now now i am trying to again turn on but now I didn’t able to reach at that home screen . I try this with my mobile data but I don’t know what is the problem linked with that. Can you provide me any tips regarding this.

Aqil Sharif says:

May I have Technical data sheet of Home Hub 3000? Is it compatible for FTTH services?

Dantai says:


I recently ordered a Bell bundle here, and noticed something funny on the bill as per below…

Home Hub 3000 $0.00
Backup battery for Home Hub 3000 $40.00
Backup battery for Home Hub 3000 credit -$40.00

Is the battery an extra charge with the Home Hub 3000? I thought it was built in and standard.

matt newman says:

I just had a Bell guy over this morning to replace my Hub 2000 with the Hub 3000. We plugged in the Hub 3000 with nothing connected and tested the wireless network signal. The Hub 3000 failed to have a better range than my Hub 2000 by 1 bar with 2 different devices in different locations around our property. Bottom line is that I kept the Hub 2000 and saved $200. I am now in the process of finding a Netgear modem/router with better range than my Hub 2000.

James Campbell says:

my xbox crashes all the time with the 2000.WTF!

turbofox1980 says:

I like the home hub 3000. I have 300/100 and I get this>>> http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/2094350506

James Campbell says:

bell 2000 will crash daily with my xbox.what a joke.

WeTheTech says:

whats the point of upgrading your WiFi hardware when Bell only offers lackluster download and upload speeds. This is just another way of deceiving the consumers.

archon9000 says:

Thanks for the review Marc!
Quick question : When you used to use the HomeHub 2000, how did it provide a wireless signal to the TV receivers? Or was it a different hardwired transmitter that provided this signal? And if the latter is true, was this transmitter wired to the HomeHub 2000?
Thanks again!!

TheBlade says:

i’m wondering how can i fix error 1101 pls help

Foreskinner says:

Just 4 ethernet ports on the back?

Mike Cassanova says:

I hate the 2000 I can’t use my Xbox at all it’s stupid someone turns on the tv my game crashes fuckin hate it

Lance Baker says:

For the rest of the English-speaking world wondering what “Bell” and “Fibe” mean, this is a Canadian product meant for Canadian fiber-optic service…. eh?

Adriko Ko says:

Where is the hands-on…?

P. Wingert says:

There are a lot of software problems with this router. Its so bad the Bell reps are not reccomending it to customers and Bell is no longer making it the default choice for new internet accounts. As well it has a muc higher raiated radio power then the HH2000. If your in a Condo you don’t need that much power. Problem is one of the bugs only kicks in when you reduce the power. Do not get this modem sicne it is still in beta testing and should not be trusted for critical environments.

Bruce Simpson says:

Hi Mark, I had Bell Fibe 50 installed last Friday, but for some reason they gave me a HH2000 (even though my contract says HH3000)? We are having huge issues with the 2000, sound blips every few minutes over HDMI and the pairing between the receivers and the VAP3400 has dropped 4 times in 5 days, which ruins your recordings. 3 of the 4 times I have had to reboot right back at the 2000, as the repairing procedure did not correct the issue. When I investigated via google, I found I should have had the 3000, but also many comments that the 3000 firmware is unstable and “not street ready”. Now I’m not sure whether to push for the 3000 I should have had or not?? (never had any of these issues with my old wired PVR :(.

joao paulo Almeida says:

Hi Marc, my question is , if i put that router in my Pc room with the door close will the signal get to the 3 tvs because ich tv hás a different room in the house ? the house is just one floor , iam thinking geting 300 fibre plan ,thank you

grahammj says:

just “upgraded” to this and it resets itself at least once a day.

cruzernator says:

Hi Marc, great review! I was curious if the Bell Home Hub 3000 uses the VDSL and Adsl 2+ services? Will this unit work with Teksavvy DSL ISP?

Yukio Adams says:

so far the 3000 has been giving me a huge amount of issues. we still get our download speed. but the speed is slower. when I had the hub 2000 I could download games in hours. I have had my console on for 2 days now to download a game still have to download half the game. the phones get disconnected constantly. I even plug my console to the lan right beside the modem. and it barely helps. so far the home hub 3000 sucks compared to the 2000 for the price you pay you don’t get a great improvment, sure I get an extra wifi bar but it’s slower.

DJ506 says:

I’m getting 320.72 Mbps! 🙂

I2 K4 says:

Thanks for the once-over. Getting this tomorrow with Fibe 25 internet – I’ve always been able to find a PDF manual for Bell modem/routers but can’t find one for this at Bell site or otherwise. Google’s no help. Would appreciate a URL if you have a source.

ron klo says:

How do you access a USB device plugged into one of the USB ports on the HH2000? I can see the drive as one of the devices connected to the modem. It shows
Host name:00000000000000000000
USB type: 2.1
USB port: 2
Total space: 953869 Mb
Used space: 0 Mb
Available space: 953869 Mb

I called Bell support, but they are ABSOLUTELY USELESS and said they don’t have information on accessing the drive. The web site gives information on connecting a drive to the modem, but NOTHING on accessing it. How DUMB is that !!!

Wisemade says:

Home hub 3000 is not as good as the R3000 router I used to have. Despite the router being in the exact same location, my Ring doorbell cam and stick cams are having difficulty staying connected to the wireless network. The signal strength is lower than the R3000. So much for it being more powerful with more powerful signal. Absolutely false. My speeds have actually dropped on my PC sitting in the very next room. My speeds have dropped by 60 – 100 mbps(wireless). During installation the tech thought the hub may have been faulty so he replaced it with a another hub, no difference. Quote from the tech “Yes it may technically be more powerful spec wise, but the CRTC controls how strong a signal we are allow to put out, so we can’t turn it up to its full strength”. Port forwarding no longer works and I no longer have the advanced options I used to have on the R3000. DO NOT BELIEVE THE ADVERTISING OR HYPE. I do not recommend the Hub 3000.
I’m getting slower speeds and a weaker wireless signal.

Niox Studios says:

Mine is fast af. 100.15 Download Speed

Benjamin Anderson says:

My home hub 3000 crashes everyday. The firm ware is horrible. The company pushed out these routers to early and they are horrible.

Velloh Creations says:

Do Not Go With Bell Unless Its Wired Even Then Dont Bother, My Parents pay Hundreds For High Download and Upload Speed And The Download Speed It Fucking 2.18kbps Which Is Actual Cancer Its Like Its Not Even There

3qdx says:

I’ve had the HomeHub 1000 for a couple of years and are still getting ‘LCP Echo Request’ failures almost daily where I lose the Internet Connection. Checking the Logs, I’ve had 51 Disconnects in the last 11 days. One of their techs who came did not like the 1000 and did not speak highly of the 2000 either. I’m just wondering if the 3000 could possibly improve the Disconnects that I am getting? Might it have newer and improved Firmware over previous models? Your thoughts Mark would be greatly appreciated.

SylfixPlayz says:

Lol Now I cant use a Hardware Firewall

Toronto Boy says:

This internet is amazing and fast but for you other people it’s slow because your soooo broke you can’t afford unlimited usage with high download and upload speed my speed is 150 download and 50 upload it’s amazing

Armani George Y says:

This guy is an idiot …. Getting a new modem doesn’t make your connection faster if 3 people are on Netflix and you I my have a 50meg connection everyone is going to go slower! Your modem isn’t going to change that delete this video your giving people incorrect info.

Kenny Yan says:

What are the specs of this router? Is it AC1900 or higher?

ds99 says:

These are not modems/routers. They are routers only. They use VLANs to direct the internet vs TV traffic which is why a regular router does not work unless you have VLAN settings and set the internet to VLAN 35 and the TV to VLAN 36. All of Bell’s Home Hubs used for fibre to the home are routers with VLAN setting capabilities. They are not modems combined with a router. Not that it matters, but some might find it interesting.

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