Google Wifi: Unboxing, Setup & Review

Google Wifi unboxed, setup, and reviewed with an explanation of what it is and the benefits of Mesh WiFi.

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Connectivity: AC1200 2×2 Wi-Fi • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
Security: WPA2-PSK • Automatic security updates
Memory: 512MB RAM • 4GB eMMC
Processor: Quad-core ARM CPU
Power: 15W power adapter







kadu maia says:

what router will work best for a 22000sq.ft house???

Joseph Wallace says:

Damn that’s fugly.

ComputerizedYT says:

How bout 7500sqft?

Cyan says:

A privacy Nightmare.

Azelf Mic says:

I’m currently using Cox wifi and it sucks! So I wanna cancel Cox to switch to google wifi, can I do that? Or I have to keep Cox to be able to use google wifi?

mgs1398 says:

My aunt just downgraded our Internet plan so it’s pretty shits now. Random drops, overall low connection etc. Would these help to improve he quality of the connection? Basically would these make my internet “better”? Or do you already need a pretty solid plan to start with. Is it worth the buy if my speeds are 3mb down and 300kb up? (Yes I know, those speeds are horrendous, blame her lol she got finessed into getting the cheapest plan and now she won’t upgrade cus “all wifi is the same, why pay more for the same thing” blah blah blah.)

Richard Botha says:

If you don’t mind me asking. I know you have mainly Apple products. Any reason that you are not using the Apple wifi system?

AS SS says:

is this unit powerful enough for 400 mbps download speeds?

James Lee says:

does it work with frontier ?

Charlie Lingman says:

thanks for the help

happy face

jermainedreams says:

Apple needs this

Patric Gasmen says:

would you still recommend this, or is there a better solution now?

famousvarga16 says:

And how dose Google WiFi work?

FlagsGameinganVlogs says:

Keep up the great work

Kevin T says:

Can someone tell me if is good to buy this so you can get good connection while you playing videos games because that the only reason I feel like buying this


Buy or no Google wifi ?

Patricia French says:

I was wondering when i set the google wifi router up and i want to use my old wifi password so i dont have to go through the whole house and set new wifi for all the devices can this be done? If so, i only need the password for the wifi to do this right?

Andy Myungjin Chae says:

great! I use apple timecapsule, and my wifi name is Time Capsule, too. Exactly same situation like yours. Wifi extender does not well. Thank you.

Mikael Stewart says:

do u need ur own data or its unlimited wifi?

Sholom Brummel says:

I needed this video, b/c I was thinking about getting Google wifi.

Navreet Bharat says:

buddy ur videos r awsm nyc keep it up bro

CasualChickon says:

Is this good for 2 story house

Charles Martel says:

I’ve got an Airport Extreme and I’m getting rid of and buying a Google WiFi router.

Adil Malik says:

Does the app offers to manage what type of content your children watch on internet?
I once saw a mesh network (don’t remember the name) that allows to block adult content and inappropriate ads on your network with just a click.

WatterGwong14 says:

I love this product

Joel Caraballo says:

Do they feed from each other or the otjer two wifi points have to be close to the main one?

talon Richardson says:

What is the difference between lan and wan

ColaCreates Courage says:

Would this work well for use in a hotel ?

salah alhajri says:

Hi, great video, I am thinking to buy it, is it international compatible, and I have a huawei router whuch is connected to isp, can these Google wifi connect tobit wirelessly, and extend the rang, regards

famousvarga16 says:

Hi I have a question do you need a router to use Google WiFi or can I just connect Google WiFi and I’ll have internet in my house?

markspencer171 says:

Another excellent review. Subscribed…….

Ryan Fabello says:

Does it do WISP mode for use on hotel when travelling, you know how hotel and resorts nowadays has complementary WiFi that uses log in with hotel room number and last name. Was planning to buy the 3 set and only use 2 at home and use 1 when travelling and connect my Xbox via wired set up with WISP mode (WiFi bridge with ethernet wired connection).

Shobuddy says:

I have several live ethernet ports throughout the home that are connected to the router in the basement. Can the Google wifi devices be connected to these ports for a better signal? Or is only the primary device connected and the rest operate wirelessly?

Hyper Prestige says:

Is this a router or is this just a enhancer that extends your current routers wifi coverage?

II Trap Lion II says:

I am wanting a faster router. But my house is bigger than 4500 sq feet. What do I do?

RC Tech says:

Just ordered this through bestbuy I’m excited!

Aussie Falcon says:

Could easily see his home address because he showed his IP address. He lives in Los Angeles

Kyri Reynolds says:

Can someone please answer this question: so i never bought a wireless router before how does it work as far as data like, can it run out? Do i have to pay google a monthly fee please help im new to the scene!

Stacey Renaud says:

only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t have extra Ethernet ports

savedfaves says:

Looks decent, but there’s no way I’d put a Google hardware product in my home to manage my wifi network.

BZmusicvids says:

i got one for my condo, its sick.

Matt_Cakez says:

I hate how we can pause someone’s wifi. My dad disabled my wifi thinking I won’t notice but I have a second device (I’m using rn) and he didn’t label this one so I have proof he did it. God jesus Christ.

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