Ethernet RJ45 Speeds & Cables – Everything you Need to Know as Fast As Possible

Ethernet, Networking, RJ45… So you don’t know any of this stuff from a hole in the ground. Watch this video and know the basics in less than 4 minutes!



Jeremy Moore says:

Don’t you have to update your driver made for Ethernet and internet in order to get the full performance?

BiologicalFire says:

I don’t know why im so surprised to see a linus video being used by my online fundamentals networking tech class

peer shaikh says:

hello i have cat 5 cable but distention is 140 mter its work or not sir plase tel us

Enissay says:

Verry informative, thanks!

My problem so far was an old cable cat5 limited to 100Mbps 😡
Ordering a gigabyte one (fingers croossed)

True Kili says:

Please start saying gigabyte right it’s not gigabit it’s gigabyte.

Ethernet Pedia says:

You Really have shared very explanatory information in very short time. Good Going.

Lisa Tener says:

I have a wired internet connection (cable). I had a bad internet connection when trying to do a video interview on zoom yesterday. THe interviewer told me to get a ground or grounding cable and connect it to my computer or modem. I don’t know what she is talking about. Do you? can you help advise me?

biteme says:

You guys should do a video on network switches

Tearizone Soto says:

Whats a RS232 and can i connect a computer to it?

commanderA says:

what the best cable for
Linksys WRT1900AC Dual Band AC1900 Gigabit Smart WiFi Router (1.2Ghz Processor, 128mb Flash, 256 DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0, eSATA, 4 x Ethernet) – Open Source Ready

this cable
Duronic Black 15m CAT6a FTP Professional Gold Headed Shielded Network Cable – High Speed 500MHz Premium Quality Cat6a / Patch / Ethernet / Modem / Router / LAN


CSL – 15m CAT.6 Flat Ethernet Gigabit Lan Network Cable (RJ45) | 10/100/1000Mbit/s | Patch cable / broadband cable | compatible with CAT.5 / CAT.5e / CAT.7

Quincy Madunezim says:

I have a Late 2014 mac mini, core i5 2.6 that has Gigabit Ethernet(10/100/1000Base- T). What is the best ethernet cord to use to maximize the speed of my performance, cat 5e, cat 6, or cat 7. Which ethernet can support my mac mini and does the length of the ethernet cord matter?

aaron Snell says:

er, do some mobos have built in network interface shit now-a-days?

George Goddard says:

what CAT should I use for gaming?

amertino says:

Actually RJ45 is an old standard that does not use T568A or T568B nor standard 8P8C plugs.

I am not even sure why most people mention RJ45 when talking about CAT cables, which is even more incorrect that reefer the plugs as RJ45.

Infernial says:

I just moved my Xbox One so my router is literally on top of my Xbox. I’m using a CAT-5 cable, but plugging it into either the Ethernet or GigE ports leaves me with a download speed of 10Mb/s and 170ms lag. I’m good with technology but not very experienced with ethernet, what do I do?

Yo Boi Ike says:


Anirudh says:

I’ve 300Mbps connection

I Wesley says:

its NOT RJ-45

Its 8P8C RJ-45 is a telephone designation

go look

Jack Cooper says:

do you need a network adapter to get internet on a pc?

Barry is says:

whats better Flat or Round CAT 7 in the wall so stealth does not matter. I want fast fast!!!

Bernardo Rebolledo says:

so I want to connect my Ethernet cable to my PS4 but I want to know if my family can still use wifi while I’m gaming.

Jonne Backhaus says:

wait what. the links after the switches? They do not count, its the 100m per active segment, every jump from a switch to another or from ja ethernet device to the switch is counted as as single active segment. Naturally not counting hubs, but no-one uses those anymore

Julian Acosta says:

ok, this is by far the best video you guys made. I was actually looking for some information and got that and tons of laugh. Thanks!

Glenn Watkins says:

Please comment on the CAT6 Flat Ethernet cables sold on Amazon and eBay. Is a flat cable as good as a standard round ethernet cable ?

ludde1337 says:

ok so i have a thomson tg789vn  and a msi nightblade mi-005ne and i need a Ethernetcable becuz wi fi is just ugh not as good so i really need a good Cable for this

Jonah Hosein says:

is there a difference between cat 5 and cat 5 E?

abi su says:

Love your style BTW

play game says:

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MrRandomman21 says:

hey I know little about ethernet cables and stuff so don’t be harsh but I moved into a house and next to my ps4 there is a out lit that says cat 5 but when I connect an ethernet cable to it and into my ps4 it obviously doesn’t do anything. how to I make it connect to my router/modem that is downstairs through that outlit??? someone please help

IntarwebUser says:

You’re so enthusiastic.

Lucian Andries says:

HELP PLEASE: I have a cat7 cable, that doesn’t support gigabyte speed…! WHY?!
When I plug it it, the network adapter sees it at only 100 Mbps. I tried all the ports in the router, still 100. Yes, the router is 1 Gigabyte. My first cable which is cat5e works at 1000 Gbps. So wtf? :(((
What can I do to make it work? Teach me please!

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