mukesh thakur says:

than you sir

Pradeesh Ravi says:

Wonderful video

Dennis Ngeno says:

Can you please give me a situation where i’ll use switch instead of hub, in real world problem?

Alimuthuja mallang says:

I like this video and appreciate your time for making such a wonderful and clear video to make people understand in a simpler way….

nabeel ejaz says:

Awesome Video. Thanks. This videos really helps.

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Y awesome thanks so much

Priyanka S says:

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Jesenko Sokoljak says:

It was really simple and effective explanation. Thanks a lot.

Kalathiya Bhaudip says:

hello, sir
my lan system only for 20 pc connect problem solusion

Pavani Raavi says:

and please post new viruses fireball,wannacram,hackvitism,sniffing etc

mukesh thakur says:

sir please send switch manufacture companies and router manufacture….

Samir Hamade says:

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Moomal AbuBakar says:

Thank you! Sir to clear differences between them all.
but i have a question to ask, if you answer me?Sir in differentiate slide you mentioned that “Hub send data in the form of packets?” but i think packet worked on Network layer and you said Hub worked on Physical layer, so how could be? can you please elaborate it.

ShRi Korke says:

thanks… due to watching this video I got exact difference between these devices

Sumit Pandey says:

difference between hub switch and router 2016

Elledor Estrera says:

im still confused. i would like to ask something, I have one internet connection (50 mbps) now i have 2 computers in the house and the other computer is located in the other building. The wifi of my router wont reach the other building, my concern is how do i extend my wifi range and where do i connect my 2nd computer’s ethernet cable?

kracksmith4ejm1 says:

Can I split a cat5 cable into using 2 pairs instead of the normal 4 pairs. this way I was thinking to connect 2 devices on a single cat5 without needing to use a hub or switch for 2 devices at the far end of my home.

Light House Of World World says:

pls teach us osi model with practical explanation
and tcp/ip

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Great video thanks alot dear sir
respect from Afghanistan

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TECHNICAL TECH: Well stated, direct and to the point, all of the important information that I was looking for. Well done! Thank you from U.S.

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if i used the lan to link with router and share to servers.both ip address should be the same? can i also using the router to link with wifi router for other conection?

Pavani Raavi says:

sir please post video of bridge, gateway,

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Thnx bro…i understand All Concepts ..from India

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Nice video. Clear all concept

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hello technical tech, i need help for my network. i’m still new and learning about computer network…is there any way i can contact you directly or we can chat so that my questions shall be address properly? hope to hear from you soon…thank you

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what is the difference a public switch and private switch?

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great video Tks a lot!

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