BT Home Hub 5 – Setup, Unboxing and Review

This is the BT Home Hub 5 Unboxing and Review. The Home Hub 5 is the latest in the range of routers from BT and comes as standard with every BT Infinity Package.

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Shot on a Sony RX100 with Hama Star Tripod


GRHS says:

It’s the best idea to display your SSID, network password and admin password on the internet 🙂

Sam W says:

Unless you get this for free don’t spend that sort of money getting one when a Asus RT-N56U can be had for similar amount and eats this thing for breakfast. All BT homehubs are locked down and restricted, no real fun for techies.

G24 says:

It’s shit

Anik Chowdhury says:

Very good video

Saber says:

What is the USB import for? 

Craig Littler says:

Brilliant review mate, should be proud of yourself!

Ryan Slack says:

Can this handle 2 xbox ones online at once?

prawincbe says:

excellent review…… looks like a young person but have reviewed in brilliant way… welldone

Ryan Slack says:

Can this handle 2 xbox ones online at once?

Seoul Ting says:

ASDL filters (x)
ADSL filters (o)
I’m sure you knew.
Great job on the video.

Scrapifyable says:

aha adsl

Mike Bowen says:

can this router be used on EE broadband network? I read this router is superior in many ways, therefore I would like to replace my EE bright box 2 with this BT home hub 5, just wondering if there will be any problems?

Siimpleharry says:

Hopefully your neighbours didn’t watch this video as its got your wifi password! 

RiceCum says:

My wifi runs at 0.5 mbs to 6 mbs and they gave us only a bt hub4. when i had vergin meadia it was 20mbs to 1gb

Jagz TV says:

really good video with a clear voice, most unboxers mumble away into a lackluster mic.

Mark Donald says:

Can’t connect broadband cable into wall. It seems to be too small. have been researching online 3 days straight and can’t find a solution. got to page 30 on Google in several searches. No one is actually showing what to plug the broadband cable into.

The.390.Boys. says:

AAAAH yeeeeeah, We have the home hub 5 with infinity broadband and me and my younger brother can’t join each others minecraft game O_O.

Byte says:

Brilliant review sir!

Donna Ludford S6 says:

What Colour light comes on first When turning on

Noor Hussain says:

Is it worth paying an engineer or just doing it yourself? Its my first time on infinity and normally on ADSL I have always fitted it myself.


Fine review

TheLegendsChannel says:

hi wats the song to this advert

Saber says:

Is this the fastest broadbrand you can get?

Neptr Is Dead says:

just saying dude get a electrical engineering person from bt and get a separate phone cable and stop using the dsl filter he will come out and do it when you dont use a dsl filter and you plug your phone in a seprate socket bt infinity will be faster you can ask for the phone plug anywhere in your home and same with the dsl cabe it is faster

m k says:

bt broadband is one of the most expensive broadband and phone line provider in the uk. bt also charges every customer for the free features such as the caller display, bt 1571 etc.. they wer too greedy so i cancelled my contract with them. they dont seem to look after their loyal customers. every year bt increases their prices and penalise their customers. bt is only good with reliable internet never let me down. but prices are shockingly sky high.

Rodrigo Sosa says:

new sucbscriber great videos

Jonathon Withall says:

It’s a horrible internet box

Gabe newell says:

Wow this review was top notch and your only 14? Amazing.

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