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Vinnie Sims says:

I would love one! It looks like a cool gadget. 🙂

Charese Brown says:

I just brought a wireless printer so I’m always paranoid that someone will hack it and send weird creepy pictures.

thabg007 says:

hello world im rick moranis

hotrods1970s says:

Hello hi I am a guy with adhd I Wud like to have that for my apartment if u pic me man thak u

Eddie Blotnicki III says:

I work in IT (repairing computers) and would love to give one of these a try as people come in all of the time in need of virus/malware removal and if it works well it would be something that I would be interested in selling to my customers!

Corey Kelly says:

I was just thinking you need some sun when you mentioned your skin compared to the box LOL 🙂

Arthur P. says:

That’s would be an amazing device to have, I have quite a bit of devices connected to my home network. It would give me peace of mind in a sense to have the bitdefender box. Love tech vids and vlogs Chris! Thanks for all you do.

jordan mastne says:

i want one because i am a new youtuber and have just a cable modem

Ryan Peck says:

I wonder how much lag it adds to network traffic. Does it support multiable vpn tunnels

juancap3 says:

I want one!!!!!! pleaseee

thenickbig says:

I would like to have one. Maybe Chris shoud use it and explane how it realy works in an diferent video. Tkanks.

Wilfredo Pedrosa says:

I am ready to receive the box, Thanks.

Justin Payne says:

I want it, It looks sexah!

Hus Alexandru says:

I’m here man 😉

elvisbautista1 says:

I want one please☝

ben fisher says:

I’d like one! it would go a long way to protecting my network from my teenage son and his friends, who knows what sites they’re visiting 😀

JKN Productions says:

The bitdefender box would be really nice

Michael Rennick says:

I want one, I just upgraded to windows 10 after watching your pros and cons videos. I know, I know, we are not to do anything based on your opinions BUT! I can’t think for myself anymore just ask my wife! I quote “She will do my thinking for me because I have bad judgment!” Which opens up a whole other can of worms because I watch your blogs so I must not be doing something right, or am I? We better consult the wife on this one.

Returning with a response, she says “I can watch your blogs!” Whew avoided a crisis there!

Anyway……Hope I get picked for the Bitdefender Box……..

jakelonganbach says:

Here! It’s my birthday. Why not for my birthday lol

Miguel says:

I want one (: is it a worldwide giveaway?

Raunak Basu says:

will surely love to have one..having a layer of additional layer of protection is certainly better than regular security.

Hope it’s an international giveaway!

Steven Stiffler says:

I want the Bitdefener Box so I can surf the internet,more safely. It’s a scary world out there.

Theresa Corbin says:

I want one, thanks in Advance

Noah B says:

I was just on the verge of buying one, came here to watch your review first. I’d be happy to take that extra one off your hands. Thanks for the review btw.

Elliott Coe says:

I am here.

DiamondTracker says:

I want one because I’m interested in keeping my computer networks secure and I am intruged to see if it really works…

Jordan Bell says:

I’d love one 🙂 I have been using Bitdefender products now for about 2 years, I test every year between Bitdefender and Kaspersky using malware samples and zero-day stuff too. I’d love to give protecting my home network a shot 🙂

Brian Ngo says:

I would like one please. I have a lot smart devices but never thought about protecting myself until day after watching your show. So if you have extra please keep me in mind. Thank you and love your channel.

YoutubeHaley says:

Too expensive for me but it seems like a great idea. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while actually.

Uncle Quacker says:

I just if I can use something like to protect a driverless from remote hacking even though it may not be the most practical

TruSlinger says:

Bitdefender is a great brand. I hope they keep up the good work and don’t make their stuff try to do too much like avast. Avast is still good software, but its been getting a bit bloated.

kkgforever says:

Would love to have one of these so I can protect my devices. Because people tend to hack into our network it’s kinda creepy.

Alberto Benavidez says:

Hello Chris. I want one!

ABOE says:

Please enter me in! I have some belkin plugs and nest thermostat, this would be super useful!

William Raysor says:

I might have missed it , did he mention the price.

William Raysor says:

I get Norton free though comcast , but with this I guess I could delete it.

William P says:

I’ll give it a try 😉

Brighter Tomorrow says:

Is it anything like the CUJO smart Firewall that has DPI Deep Packet Inspection and more?
CUJO appliance is an IDS/IPS but with a catch: IDS is done in the cloud, the IPS happens on the appliance

Jonathan Partlow says:

still giving 1 away?

Romeovill says:

I would love one! I’m pretty OK with safe browsing and avoiding malware but this will definitely help my parents out! and put my mind at ease

Lane Gaffney says:

I want one!

Matthew Gallo says:

That would be great to have! my family could use one of those for sure…

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