Best Type C Dongles for Mac & PC

It’s the year of the dongle, folks. Are you ready for your not-so-wireless futures to begin?

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jonathon rosalia says:

i bought madness i bought a 2012 Macbook pro 13″ with
1 Ethernet
thunderbolt 1 ( display port mini)
2 usb-A 3.0
SD card reader
line in audio (also has omni-mic)
ir port (apple remote)
battery charge level button (how didn’t this catch on)
mag safe charger
cd dvd drive
should run current mac OS and windows bootcamp
im putting a 480 Gb inland pro ssd in it and might add a second later if i want that sweet ssd raid speed and spend $98 on 16 Gb of ram for it. who would have thought a mac you can work on and has all the ports and can bee fully feild stripped with 4 screw drivers?

ez45 says:

The not-so distant future will be dongle-free, because everything can just connect to USB-C anyway. Why would you not make USB-C monitors etc.?

Vaggelis Basoukas says:


Izzy says:

This is over a year old. It’s 2018 now, I just bought a new laptop and.. Still don’t need any adapters because apart from the one Type-C the brand new laptop still has a full-size ethernet, multiple “old” USB ports, a mic/headphone 2-in-1 3.5mm jack and a full size DP. turns out that space on the side of the device can be used for adaptors! (did I mention that matte display which somehow was pronounced 10 years ago is way better when actually using the laptop outside where glossy displays show everything but the actual image due to their reflective nature?)

despacito says:

3:07 he dropped the dongles

Joe Black says:

It’s so funny to read through these comments, and see all the macbook pro haters. Mac sucks, macbooks are terrible, etc. Macs and PCs are both great systems and hardware. They each suit a certain type of need. Pick the one you like, and quit hating on other people’s choices.

Corey west says:

What rthe pink and oragne SSD?

Vampire kyler gaming//VK says:

I dare you Linus to make you logo trumps face for a week lol

Robin Abresch says:

Could we get an update for thunderbolt enabled Dongles at some point?
Would be nice to see what manufacturers have come up with in the last 2 years.

Christoph Pogoda says:

Does they work with Samsung Dex too so you don’t have to buy the sex station

PaJeezy says:

Manufacturers are so dumb. As long as it is not bulky it is fine… put the IO back.

Jamal Jaradat says:

thanks for the full review saved me hours of research lol


Hey, Is there any hub that outputs type-c ports so that I can connect all my type-c devices with less cable management?

Liam Dale says:

I honestly don’t mind sacrificing ports for a thinner laptop

J _ says:

RIP I spent $100 on a Hyperdrive. Resent my lack of research.

Protohumans says:

you don’t need these can use any usb type c to OTG adapter that takes almost no space and costs a dime

Nicholas Johnson says:

Hey Linus, I’m an electrical engineer and have been suffering from this dongle problem for about a year now. So instead of getting mad, I decided to build something that will make the transition to smaller laptops better. I’ve combined a USB-C hub into a 90W laptop power supply and I’m finalizing prototypes now. I’m looking for help to market the product before launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to produce the product and get FCC and Ul certification. If you want to learn more is our current landing page. If you want to review the product and help get the word out in the next two months please direct message me on Youtube or

James Hurley says:

Linus, I have found (and Intel posted a paper on this) that these can cause interference with 2.4Ghz radio devices, namely WiFi and Bluetooth, if they aren’t manufactured with the proper shielding requirements. I was using the Juiced Systems USB-C 2-Port USB 3.0 Gigabit Hub with Power Delivery and it was causing me not to be able to connect to WiFi and have major issues with my Bluetooth mouse. Might be worth investigating for a video follow up for awareness and suggestions of ones that for sure wont cause any issues.

leewilliams955 says:

can you do a video on usb Bluetooth transmitters for the pc

ClashixTV says:

hahahahaha the gender fluid reference joke doe, Linus u dirty dawg… <3

Daniel says:

why get it with the cable oh god, just buy them with a male usb-c and put it in ur female. Lol see what i did there.

Muralikrishna Kavassery says:

Hey Linus, great video – helped me narrow down some options.
Just a suggestion – Instead of just Amazon links, can you provide links?

Jayce Ervin says:

Bruh, those Angelbirds are like $630 EACH…. Nope.

Ricardo Cervera says:

Hey, i got my self a MOKiN “passthrough” hoping to charge my razer blade at home using it as a docking but it doesnt charge the laptop, in fact, it doesnt work at all if i plug the razer power to it BUT if i unplug the power the wireless mouse and pendrive works well.
The only reason tomy comment is that you coukd go to any shop to try almost any computer BUT when it comes to peripherials, well you just cant or 90% of the time they will not let you…
Another HUGE point in all this, i think using a data port for power is extremely stupid without the option to separate the charging devise from the peripheral you wanna use, this to me is like when phone lines were operated by women by pluging and unpliging cables to connect you, so well done by bringing the wonderful speeds and external gpus and whatever else you could do with usb-c or thunderbolt until you run out battery…

Joe C. says:

Do you guys know where i could get a good Thunderbolt 2 dock for my 2015 15 Inch MacBook Pro?

jonathon rosalia says:

but what about us who dont have the ability to put new ports on devices i do stage work do you have half a idea on how much of the world still runs on legacy connectors i still use ilda cable for lasers mixed with cat 6 adapters so most laptops need a Ethernet dongle now so i use older hardware like my gateway still running win7 or the mid- 2012 macbook pro 13″ i just scored it has everything i could dream of on it its pro level it was the last real pro laptop realy my panasonic toughbook (winXP) is another well optioned laptop it has everything available including ilda and coms ports it dials out or does cat 5 lol its just real pros still need a real laptop and having a bag full of addons to a “space saver ‘” is kind of self defeating to me it sucks to keep buying the same stupid cable you lose or leave or dosent get back in your bag after the airport check.

Jian Chu says:

I have a new usb c hub.
Do you have interests to test this please?
I can send you free, and just hope you can send a video about that,
Or what other cooperations do you have please?

GFEAST says:

Why aren’t they like legit brands they’re all random Amazon brands from Asia?

rjsoderlund81 says:

Adults should never say “dongle”

Summer Zora says:

Wa, a lot of adapters. this is also nice!

António Costa says:

so the best is the AUKEY??

Travisty says:

just came here ’cause I wanted some use out of my single useless USB C connector at the back of my motherboard

Mark Schneider says:

Great Vid. now fix the horrific keyboard and titanically bad trackpad…

Nana Kal says:

I have a Macbook pro 2017, I need a suitable dongle to connect my Macbook Pro 2017, to my WD Passport Wireless Pro hard drive via USB. My Moshi (SD card) dongle is not supporting the amount of power that this 3T HD needs in order to connect the 2 devices together.

AlissonSv2 says:

Here is a good one – Don’t buy USB-C laptops!

Axar Patel says:

short guy mac…. A++++++++++++

Zoey HU says:

9 in 1 USB C Multiport Adapter Hub

Albert Ong says:

and Samsung Galaxy

vincent fong says:

Thanks a lot for your review but there isnt one suitable for my case. I have a macbook with only 1 usb c hub that isnt thunderbolt 3. I have a portable external monitor (asus mb16ac) with only 1 usb c port too. I can connect the macbook directly to this monitor but I cant charge macbook as the usb c port is used for the video connection. There is no usb c hub that fork to 2 usb c ports for both charging and video output. Any idea if there is one I am not aware of?

Christian Herrera says:

Im a huge fan of this channel, and I’m also a Mac user. The point of USB-C and thunderbolt 3 isn’t dongles, it’s having a port that works for everything. I don’t understand the resentment towards something that is inherently a good thing, and a step forward. When I got my MacBook Pro, I didn’t buy dongles for it, I bought drive enclosures that had either USB-C or Thunderbolt ports. I seriously cannot understand why Linus isn’t ecstatic about this.

jamilmereck says:

are you endorsing their quality also in terms of performance (data transfer, power passthrough, etc), or just the types of port interfaces?

George Robles says:

Just plugged mine in for the third time,
Not working. Sucks cause I went by your recommendation. Get constant disconnection of device and the devices plugged into it. Time to review on Amazon or something.

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