Apple Lightning to USB 3 Adapter + Combo 3 port hub / Ethernet

Capability of Apple Lightning to USB3 adapter for Gigabit Ethernet and other simultaneous USB devices.


Robert Peters says:

Thanks Christopher. Your tips on DHCP, power and the chipset were very helpful in getting things going. I found that often I had to unplug and replug in the USB to Ethernet (Apple or the Anker Hub) before it started working, but everything works just as you’ve shown. I started pointing people to your video to help get them going. Thanks again.

slade2452 says:

If you plug the lightning cable into a Mac instead of a power adapter, are you able to do power and data from the Mac (say, debugging an app via Xcode or using iTunes, and charging simultaneously) while still using the USB port for Ethernet? Or does the fact the Mac is now the host device screw it up?

Phantom Z Midnight says:

Is this iPad Pro 12.9 or 9.7?

CurumoTheGreat says:

I’ve read some of the comments and as far as I can gather, there’s no way to have Ethernet and Video output at the same time. I’d like to know if anybody has tried connecting the Lightning/HDMI dongle in the lightning port that comes in the Camera connection dongle instead of using it to charge the iPad. I wouldn’t need to charge the iPad while using Ethernet and Video outuput to a projector.

guig Calovi says:


anyone know a Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter cheap alternative please ?

i mean usb + charging ability at the same time, for +/- $10 ?


Bren Cabral says:

wher can i buy it

Jini Patel Thompson says:

Hi Christopher, I tried this using an AmazonBasics 3.0 power hub with 12V adapter. Regarding the operating system it says: “Desktop or notebook computer with USB port, and one of the following operating systems (no driver needed): Windows 2000/Win XP/Vista/Windows 7 & Mac 10.1 up. Connect digital cameras, iPods and iPhones, card readers, USB speakers, and more.” So that seems to be similar specs to what you’re recommending, yes? Or do you think I need to get the same WOOPOWER one that you show?

Question #2: I don’t have the same LIghtning to USB3 Camera Adapter that you have – I have the single port Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. Could this be the reason this is not working for me?? I have tried with iPhone 6, iPhone SE and iPad and nothing is working. Thanks for any help you can give 🙂

Darren Woloshyn says:

the Moshi usb to Ethernet adapter works too.

Gadget_uk says:

plug more stuff in

Pepe Da frog says:

I checked and iPhone 7 Plus has a usb 3 chip so if you have a 7 you can take advantage of usb 3 speeds

Sergey Yevtushenko says:

I would like to know if this setup makes possible Ethernet tethering iphone/ipad to laptop directly or to router? I have unlimited tethering plan and might drop home broadband if I can use it to plug in into router WAN port

Randy Florez says:

Does this work with iPad mini?

Sayan Pal says:

How to add proxy address, port and username password like in wifi?

Gilbert Khayat says:

Could you plug an external monitor?

Darren Woloshyn says:

If you’re on iOS 10.2 there is an Ethernet section in settings

Carson Cunningham says:

Will it pull videos from a USB stick for editing on the IPP?

Brian Dress says:

Can I use this to send video? Seems senseless to have a second lightning adapter just for av

SMarcey says:

Id love to find a hub that has some sort of display out put, usb and ethernet for my ipad pro but finding all of those in one hub with that particular chipset is difficult to say the least.

catia512 says:

Hi Christopher. Thanks a lot for your great Explanation. I am looking for the Woopower USB3 hub with ethernet but i couldn’t find it by Amazon US or EU. Mabay there is no production anymore? As you mentioned is the ethernet chip inside importend for supporting of IOS devices such as an ipad. Which other USB3 hub would you prefer. I apreciate your answer and thank you for support in advance.

Torvador Vador says:

I found any usb3 to rj45 connected via usb to lightning worked on both my ipad mini4 and iphone 6+ without any problems. I did not need any other power sources to connect into any ethernet connection. I think the usb3 is the better option. My unit only cost £10. Also on ios10 now can actually change ip settings

FredY0168 says:

Amazon doesn’t seem to carry that anymore. Would you please give us the part number? Thanks, Fred

ben dunn says:

Does the charging transformer get hot when you load up all those devices? Do you have a link for that hub you bought on Amazon?

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