Amazon Cloud Cam Review, Test Your Home Network Speed, Tech Gifts for Travelers!

Tech Gifts for Travelers! Amazon Cloud Cam Review, Test Your Home Network Speed, $10,000 Surge Protector Save!
03:26 Amazon Cloud Cam
When Canary Security Cameras dropped several of the features that came in the free plan, and paywalled the built in mic for two way talk, Shannon started the search for an alternative security cam. How does Amazon’s Cloud Cam stack up vs. Canary, Arlo, and Nest? Watch the video for the review! (If you want to know what dauth attacks are, read this.)

14:50 Network Performance Testing
How fast is your router? How slow is the WiFI in that corner of the house? John tweeted out, “in episode 146 you talked about network speed tests (not internet). What software do you use for this?” We talk about iPerf, which has clients for just about everything, and an easy to run Windows version, Network Performance Test, in the video!

19:36 Patreon Not Changing Fees
“We messed up. We’re sorry, and we’re not rolling out the fees change.” Good to hear, but we’ve got a hack so you can create a monthly payment, ideas for alternatives, and our thanks for your support during this mess in the show.

22:03 Tech Gifts For Frequent Travelers!!!
After her last trip to Japan, Shannon’s got a fresh group of tech gifts for world travlelers (and US travelers for that matter! What’s going on the list alongside the HooToo Wireless Router and Anker 5 port USB wall charger??? A 20100 mAh battery pack, there’s a USB C pick, too, and here’s the FAA Regulations on Batteries, noise cancelling headphones (Bose and 1More have great options.), a mini-digital scale from TipTiper, a VPN service (we use PIA), Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack, and more, in the video!

30:11 Surge Protectors Saved Mark’s Tech
The TV in the bedroom was literally smoking… all the other TVs and the computers in Mark’s house were safe. Find out what happened, and why you really should be running surge protectors on your gear in the video!

33:13 Do Something Analog
Like Ken, who sent us a great photo from his tech break at Myrtle Beach!
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Paul Boyle says:

Patrick how would you tech out a RV for dry camping?

Robert Seals says:

Has anyone else had problems with their neighbor connecting to their Echo via bluetooth?

wolpertinger says:

The fact that I can cast YouTube (even on an iPhone) to a FireTV stick but am unable to cast Prime Video to a Chromecast (because Amazon refuses to support the API) should tell you enough.

Matthew Stein says:

Patrick has his head on upside down.

Deon Spates says:

I <3 Porgs!!!

Keiran Roles says:

are you tryin to get more donations?lol nice beard man

Mark Lucas says:

Travel accessories: What photo image backup solution do you use for travelling? Always enjoy the show each week. Keep it up!

Bekker says:

Patrick, you look more and more grown-up as that beard becomes more and more epic 😀

Rambito says:

Keep the beard bro!

Rayko tfsmartguy says:

Shannon is the type of person to go out of her way to embarrass her children in front of his/her friends.

Matthew Kerr says:

What about a security camera that does not save to the cloud ? I want to store everything locally.

King Garcia says:

Leerooooooy Jennnnkins!

Bryan Brown says:

Wait, has Patrick never seen Leeory Jenkins?!? Did i hear that right??

JAIVS26 says:

Is it just me or the Amazon links are flagged for malware or fishing?

Berrabub says:

Now that is a beautiful beard!

Daniel Tapia says:

Bearded patrick is best patrick

Sage TX says:

I have a d-link wireless security camera. Sd card on board, so all video is saved (tripped by zones or audio), 2 way audio, 360 pan and line 180 tilt. NO SUBSCRIPTION! Buy it once and you get remote access and everything. I don’t understand why these subscription based cameras are even a thing.

Justin Wood says:

Piper Security System is far better annnddd includes alarm system and able to hook up to door sensors annnnnddd completely free for services that you would pay on many other cameras

Razor2048 says:

There are many traditional IP cameras which allow both local access and cloud storage (where you can change providers if you want). For example, some of the amcrest ones offer this. I currently have mine recording to a home server (I get around 2 months of recording with each camera feed recording 24/7. I get motion highlights on the timeline so I can still spot motion events, but if it misses something, I can still fall back to the 24/7 recording to fill in any gaps. with 8 HD cameras recording 24/7, the system has more than paid for itself compared to the monthly fees of cloud reliant cameras.
Just like with the canary scam, when you get a camera that is cloud reliant and tied to a single company, they can change the terms of service at any time. Suppose you purchase a cloud camera because you are okay with the price and for some reason, paying $10 per month for service, then later on they device to increase the price to $20, you are no put into a position, take the pounding and pay extra, or allow your device to become a paperweight. The company has the ability to hold your expensive hardware ransom when you get a cloud only camera.

The other benefit of local storage, is the ability you have to examine the recorded footage. Since you are not dealing with a slow internet connection, depending on your NVR software, you can scrub through recorded video, thus making it very easy to scan through the video to find something if the motion detection missed it when you caan scrub without dropping frames.

radiogator says:

Iperf is great if you have access to two computers you’re testing. At work we have 3 unstaffed remote locations (in the middle of cow pastures miles away). To test EPL or T1 network problems and prove to providers that the connection problem is on their end (had to do this many, many times unfortunately) I use PingPlotter. It works without special client software running on the remote end. And it displays a nice graph which even the most tier one tech can understand.

Brandon Shreve says:

Good lord that beard

Zack Case says:

This episode helped me out tons! Thank you, thank you TekThing!

stanfordlaw says:

I have to say, Shannon, amazon have eyes and ears in your home and is able to unlock your door, not so sure if I’m so comfortable with all that.

F. Rose says:

Great show! ✌

Robin Persaud says:

I am enjoying Patrick’s epic beard. That is all. 🙂

Teddyballgame says:

Wow Shannon you have a big kitty .

Julian Owens says:

Wyze cam for the price and free cloud recording is still my favorite right now. I have 2 and they work perfectly for me. Free online access, motion sensor recording and month long time lapse recoding with night vision.

Tim Barber says:

I have a Piper, which came out at the same time as the Canary. I also just bought 4 Wyzecams (@ $25 Ea.). Video is GREAT, I find the audio unusable at this time, but for $25 it’s a steal.

peter hansen says:

The cloud cam is interesting but the service is the selling point. Would reccomend a hikvision myself.

Slappy McPhee says:

You guys really need to have a much larger subscriber base because your show is always Awesome every week. I can tell you that I’ve been following Patrick for at least the last 10 to 12 years.

Robert S. says:

Any news on net neutrality vote and witch way it may go?

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