XFINITY Router Speed Test – New Router vs Old Router

My XFINITY internet modem/router was pretty out-of-date, so I decided to drop by the local store and swap it out for a newer model to see if I could up my wifi speed. The old one was doing okay, but I was curious if the newer equipment would do any better. I was happy with the result.


Duct Synch says:

100 Mega”bytes” per second? Isn’t it measured in bits?

PunishmentOfGod says:

I have the new router/modem but the wifi keeps going in and out and I can barely play with my friends without getting kicked out of the party on ps4

Chris Buhneing says:

Most people are easily taken in by Comcast and their commercials and other advertisements, the Comcast platform is based on the DOC3 Compression factor and is measured in Megabits not Megabytes.
Comcast would make you believe that you are getting these huge speeds when in fact you are getting very little in Megabytes which is were it counts, for example this guy believes he is getting 117 Megabytes when in fact he is getting 117 Megabits this only amounts to about 15 Megabytes. A simple way to check your true download speed would be to download a file larger then 500 Megabyte on a file server some ware then you would see that the speed of the download would not surpass the 15 Megabytes. So when you see Comcast or any company bragging about download speeds you should do your home work first because they will say and do anything to sale there lies.


Blast pro should be up at 200 mps and more
I can get up to 300mps with Xfinity modem at times.
But usually download speed are 200-250mps everyday with no restricting.
You still have something wrong.
I think you have _Performance Pro_ they call it. If you’ve been paying for blast, and they haven’t adjusted you speed upstream then they owe you credit all this time.

Jay says:

I have at&t and get 250-300mbps

hi hi says:

Old router im a good boy ill eork new one =-) go away

Abel Rodriguez says:

Its mega bits

ツ Vliizy ツ says:

I have the old router and I’m getting 111.12 download speed I can’t wait to see it when I get the new router 🙂

eron pino says:

What is the model number of the new modem

Major League Gamer says:

My old router is the same as the new router speed I believe all of the connected devices but I have pro tier from Comcast I believe it’s still good but I’m still happy with my speeds

FPSNitron says:

My highest my wifi could Get was 65 and I have a WI-FI I Use sometimes it’s 999 download 999 upload 1 ping (for real)

Danny Nguyen says:

What is the latest Xfinity modem?

Sammy Woo says:

If you are paying for X speed and you are only getting X/2, ya, something is wrong.

AntnyB Capalini says:

The Technicolor WG is a 2.4Ghz wifi and is VERY susceptible to interference, the new one has 2.4Ghz AND the 5Ghz, so if you connect to the 2.4 on new one the speeds will be about the same as old, but on 5Ghz you can get full hardwired speeds over wifi , if new WG is setup with just one wifi name, it will move you back and fourth, and you dont want that, split the names so your device will stay on the 5Ghz side

Michael R says:

if you don’t mind me asking how many mbps were you getting from your ISP plan at the time of this video?

Edysin Simon says:

Yeah…I’m sure using xfinity/comcast equip, on the xfinity platform, running xfinity software is pretty unbiased.

Jason Brister says:

mine cuts of a lot is this the tg862ct version I have this one

aleon1018 says:

Xfinity won’t support the modem I have now either. I just bought it a year ago. Now I’d have to spend nearly $100.00
and I’m done with renting theirs.

Jesse V says:

You must have the low level package. Mine is 240/12. I was fine when it was at 100/12. It seems in the online gaming aspect for FPS games is affected but in a negative way. It seems the better your system and connection online the more it sucks because others either can’t connect to your lobby because their connection sux or they lag to you in game. Then there’s the lag compensation in game that makes you average to the suckiest player. I had the xfinity wifi running at 240/12 also with a lan card on one PC. They changed something in an update a while back so wifi only runs around 170/12 now. I even tried two more modem/router and still the same ….even with ports open. I’m thinking about going back to a separate router.

A PERSON says:

With out a doubt im guessing right XFINITY WINS AT&T IS BAD

MonkiJuan says:

That XB2 was a single band modem compared to the XB3 which is a dual band modem.

aleon1018 says:

I think their speed test is flawed. Other test sites are around half the supposed download speed and testmynet won’t even start. I’m beginning to think testmynet is near useless anyway. Sticking that router inside a shelf, isn’t likely the best either. But I have heard that wire or steel shelves are even worse.

OplandRogue0371 says:


Scott Teran says:


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