XFINITY Gateway WIFI set up

A quick tour on how to set up the wifi on a Comcast Xfinity Gateway, step by step guide.


Pepe H says:

Fuck xfinity wifi

tony says:

How many ghz

CorruptATLANTA says:

Com$UCK$ Turned 50,000 + Paying Customer Home$ Into Public Hotspot$!  DO NOT TRUST THESE BA$TARD$!  Warn your friends & neighbors:

JL 2K says:

why does my WiFi button go on and off

The New Seorarek says:

i have the same router and all of the lights except power are blinking all at once can someone help?

Manuel Alanis says:

the wall outlet it use to be atnt will it still work?

Tony Flamingo says:

how do I get the four light to turn on

PA says:

For beginners, specify the cables and ports you assume we know when you say “Connect your router to your computer.” It looked, briefly, like you used USB cabling? Thank you

Logan Braveheart says:

gay u fail

Thanh Tran says:

My Russian accent comarade. Thank you for making this video, because I was able to follow your instructions after getting a new modem. For four years now, I was not able to separate my personal network from the same network that I use for my work laptop when I home. Now I am able to do just that. You are a very awesome person for posting up this video. Thank you so much!

Owpi says:

Anyone else think that this guy sounds jayZ XD

Devin Wiggins says:

Thank you!

Tony Pantoja says:

Hey anyone… I was sent a box with like 4 of these modems.. one is bigger than the rest. Idek what they are, my internet has been working fine, what are the rest of the boxes for

Michael Street says:

Is this a good router ? Because I got one for free I’d just like to know..

Speedyw3r Gaming says:

I have a problem the last two lights are still blinking does anyone know what to do? Pls Help Me

alejandro lucas says:

gracias amigo muy buen video

cre8tivity87 says:

Thanks for this. I kept trying that 198.168…..and it wasn’t working. I should have known comcast xfinity had to be different.

Galaxzy says:

No help

Albert Huang says:

You have to set your private password for Wi-Fi no concaxt. Concaxt is the name of the business is easily to guess your password and use your internet.

Ace10112 says:

My front lights are not on do you think you can help with that

Eugene Flaker says:

I couldn’t understand what you said the password is. I listened several times but couldn’t make out the slur

JayWare says:

What if I already have the Comcast provided modem and I bought a new one from best buy that supports Comcast, would I just disconnect the current Comcast provided modem and plug in the new one, go to and set up the new one?

CNFunnyJon says:

What if the four lights are dim?

Rodrigo Coelho says:

simple and workfull !!!!

Zeke Nom says:

hey I have modern warfare to but for ps3

Khaos Official says:

Help…my modem or router only has 2 lights on- the us/ds and the wifi which is blinking. My internet is slow as fuck and Don’t know why…please help

The Levyathin says:

Was not useful Dick ended up in a toaster

Vaeger Gaming* says:

Me and my family ordered Verizon and we get a xfinity router anyone know why?

Joe Youkhanis says:

Thanks for your help. you got me where I needed be in the settings.

hot sauce says:

how the hell im going to this if i don’t have a laptop

Zertile says:

I don’t have a coax outlet

Dicarlos Riley says:

Can I borrow someones xfinity wifi login. It would really make my day

Orestes Albany Valdes Castellanos says:

HI, How I can change the last IP number of the Router?

Carmella Anderson says:

Thank you so much. Concise, blunt direct info. Just what I needed. Worked.

mike johnson says:

I just found out that this bitch doesn’t have 5g

V Grazz says:

how do you turn the stupid thing off and back on

Xeladigitalphotography says:

Good video

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