Wireless Rural Internet Options Review Update – AT&T ZTE Mobley 4GAS T-Mobile and Cricket Plans MOFI

In this update video I cover some of the new options available for us rural internet customers who dont have any wired internet options. Satellite sucks so in this video I update you on what Im doing now for home internet.


SaltyChip says:

I live in Erie pa so I’m def gonna head to that store in grove city for the mobley.. If needed of course. Thx

WaReAgLe ReBeL says:

I’m told satellite internet is my only option. My research has shown that sat internet is useless if you wanna game with a console. So my only option is mobile/cellular internet. I use my att cell phone for gaming. But 3gb updates take 24hr to download. But straight gaming isn’t that bad when I can get caught up on updates. Any info on changing this would be appreciated.

Lowell Yates says:

Thank you very much, I live in rural South East Ohio and I need Internet for my remote job with a large IT company. I had the grandfathered Verizon plan and I used PDANet for my hotspot. They blocked it where I could only use USB for windows and no option for my company Linux computer. I called 4GAS and I am getting fixed up. Satellite companies don’t support VPN traffic. You helped save my job!

Antonio APC79 says:

Have you heard about netbuddy.co ?

JachinADV says:

Goodbye HughesNet!!!! Thank you so much!!! These videos are so informational, God bless!

RedLight GreenArrow says:

I’m not rural, but I’m on the red headed suburb stepchild of Phoenix which has exactly one ISP, CenturyLink. It has speeds of 3mbps and I’m lucky to get 0.1! So this helped a lot! Thanks!!!

Eric Andersen says:

Thanks for all the info

joy kruse says:

Thank you for this video. I have Verizon’s Homefusion cantenna. Question… is your new router connected to the cantenna? I’m looking at buying the router you suggested and putting an unlimited Verizon sim chip in it. Will that router plug into the cantenna on my roof? Thanks again.

Junk Yard says:

It’s not that they might slow you down, it is that they WILL slow you down. When my 10G hotspot was used up it immediately went to to 3G speed, which is about point 4 to point 6 MPS. Real slow. And I live in a very rural area, too.

PressedEarth says:

Dang Dude, You pulled out the stops on this vid. Thanks for the info.

NewJerzyDevil says:

What would you recommend for gaming? Also take in consideration game updates. Please help if you could.

Nintron says:

50 GB deprioritize now… *cough cough*

Ryan No Thanks says:

Looking at buying my dream home in the country. Only can get Hughes or frontier. Do you think 5g will be an option soon?

Sam Robinson says:

Make a video on https://www.unlimitedtogo.com
It’s truly unlimited internet

Meuch Bueno says:

250 gigs is nothing…I use that just updating my video games

Kevin Burns says:

does the zte mobley have trouble over heating? I would look into getting something cool it.. I like your video’s though dude. I dont have these net problems but its cool to see the options.

Frazier Films says:

How fast would Verizon wireless be if I had like 1 to 2 bars of connection and what would the ping be for online games

Rory Sade says:

On T-Mobile, are you using a cell phone plan or a mobile internet plan?

Gary Watts says:

Excellent video

Christopher Hansen says:

http://www.unlimitedlteadvanced.com is AWESOME! Unlimited t-mobile 4G for $80/mo with no contract. You can buy a SIM only or SIM with Netgear modem, ZTE hotspot, etc. AT&T unlimited data plans are available too if you don’t have t-mobile coverage.

Highlander says:

i upgraded to viasat2, getting 74mb down and unlimited data

Degu1 says:

What did you do with your LTE antennas that are on the extension cables?

Katelyn Osborn says:

was gonna switch to unlimitedville seen they use the same mofi router for like $150 a mo with pure unlimited… now am not a real expert but is this a good deal? am kinda in the same issue nearest cable/internet for dsl or anythings well over a mile away an only get good cell towers but am typically gaming so it burns it kinda fast esp if we use the kodi off the firestick can kill 20gb in a day

FDS_BOLT says:

how is the latency on these?

D.j. B says:

wher I live, there is barely any mobil signal. if I get the moble, where do I get that cord to power it in my home? I want one in my car to.

James norcott says:

Unlimited hotspot data is mostly grandfathered Verizon and Att lines, T Mobile may be a higher usage cap

ChrisRants33 says:

Another alternative is a phone connected to an ASUS router through USB dongle mode. T-Mobile 1 International Promo. This promo gives you unlimited 4g LTE up to 50GB. Deprioritized down to 4G. No Less… other plans slow you down to 3g.

brake chamber says:

I thought Cricket is a part of AT&T ?

KidRage says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gisi3A4BvlQ if u watch this video it says something aobut video saver option which lets u slow down ur video bitrate so u dont use as much data watching hd videos over the device so it automatically dums it down to 480 p so u dont use as much data … in settings u can now change this option …

Robert Drake says:

When you’re talking GBs is that per month or day? 8gb per month is tiny, I do that in a day.

Francisco Espinoza says:

You actually needed to remove the cricket sim, and make a few calls and send text Atleast once a. Month

jp4revolt says:

Cricket lol .

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