Verizon FiOS G1100 Quantum Gateway Teardown

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2inz says:

Hello . Can I fix this router to a wall or on stand only . Thanks!

brunogt1982 says:

I have the same router my wifi speed is terrible don’t know why i just upgrade to 1GB internet. Even hardwire can’t more than 400 mbps

douro20 says:

You can’t just have your own router after the gateway?

Steve Patak says:

Sorry, let me try this again. The router and the set-top box/DVR need to be connected to coax at all times. My understanding of why is that the router is issuing the set-top box an IP address on your network. It is then responsible for retrieving and supplying the Guide data and on-demand content. You can use a PFsense box for internet via ethernet to the modem but you need to supply the Fios router an IP address from PFsense AND keep the coax connected to it so that the guide and on-demand can function. The FiOS router must also be converted into a MoCA bridge by bridging the COAX and ethernet ports once its DHCP is disabled (or you can buy a MoCA bridge).

It’s obviously over complicated for what it achieves, but if you want a more powerful router or firewall then this is what you need to do.

Pablo Fabian Wagner Boian says:

Great videos indeed! But you should really really consider keeping/upgrading your custom router (if you can put this in bridge mode).

MikeT1831 says:

you don’t have to use the verizon modem, but most people should since it’s easier to troubleshoot. You may use any router you like, but if you also have fios TV boxes and use the guide+DVR+on-demand, those boxes also need internet access. You can either run ethernet cables to them all (not practical) or will need a MoCA 2.0 ethernet-coax bridge. You can configure the verizon router as a MoCA bridge, but any MoCA 2.0 bridge will work to give internet to the TV boxes over coax.

AdMan The Lab Rat says:

“That pretty much it for this thing….
Please Exit thru the Verizon Spyer-Guest G1100 Guantanamo Gateway Guided Gift Shop Tour…”

VoltLog says:

it’s funny how these router boxes are usually very capable in terms of hardware but limitted in terms of software from the operator and even crippled intentionally in some cases.

those ram chips if they get hot they will spread the heat into the PCB ground plane which the
heatsink is well connected to and will help dissipate that through the heatsink.

They might use one of the BCM6803 for the uplink and the other one for the downlink on the same media.

And one final thought on this type of hardware, introducing RF connectivity(zigbee and others) on these home gateways for home automation opens up a big security hole.

Peter Brockie says:

FYI: I have confirmed you CANNOT use the FiOS DVRs without the MoCA data connection. Although the DVRs have an Ethernet port, so you could in theory get TV (QAM) from the ONT -> Coax -> DVR and internet from ONT -> Ethernet -> DVR, it doesn’t actually work. Looks like it is just a firmware thing where they don’t enable the port for data (needed for the guide functions).

Manuauto says:

Great videos!


I think we should only remove the covers show both sides of the Printed Circuit Board then put it back together and that is as far as the teardown goes.

Una Salus Victis says:

YOU DONT HAVE TO USE THEIR ROUTER at least not as primary, disable dhcp on the fios router, give it a static ip, disable firewall, bridge the wan connector to the rest of the network, then use your own router for the internet side of things.

anything above like i think the guy said 50mbit now uses the cat5 direct from the router.

the coax is for MOCA.

i setup our network this way a while back and, even the wireless is working as a connected but seperate access point, (all systems can see printers and such now), having zero issues, there are some guides on how to do it, really wasnt that hard, and, honestly, my wrt1900av v1 with LEDE is better then verizons much more limited, but quite likely based on, OPENWRT based firmware .

the world led will be red, but thats fine, as everything works perfectly, and now, we have 2 5ghz networks, and 2 2.4ghz networks, that are connected, but, also, their own access points.(once setup the “seamless” crap thats sposta just be the same wifi network with multi stations….never again…what a pain…)

THEY ARE NOT HORRIBLE, much better then comcasts average all in one units… that are SHITE…. (being kind!!!)

still wish it had external antena ports…

Una Salus Victis says:

not a heat sink, a heat shield i would bet, to protect the plastic from melt levels of heat.

Mr Aotg says:

Have you tried connecting your pfsense box to the ethernet on the ONT? You don’t need the Verizon box connected for Internet.

metalhead2508 says:

Where do you live? Those back alleys and row houses look familiar. I live near Savannah, Ga. They have a lot of house of that style in Savannah.

Mark Bucher says:

Do these routers support any type of SNMP? I can’t believe they don’t as Verizon would have their need for that monitoring technology.

Frank C says:

Wondering if I come out of a MOCA adapter (ActionTec) with ethernet cable to Tivo, would I get the guide, VOD, etc? I would have the cable card from Verizon in the Tivo.

NightfrostUS says:

I’ve had Verizon FIOS for 11 years, and I can promise you that the included router is not needed.

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