USG vs. EdgeRouter

Comparing the USG and the EdgeRouter Lite.

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Spencer Coffee says:

Why does your UniFi look different from ours?

Sammy Singh says:

difference between edge router lite and edge router X?

MeTube says:

Great videos, straight to the point talks. Keep it up! Thanks

UnX Format says:

Thanks Buddy!

Panama Fam says:

We have a site with 4 different VPNs to connect VOIP phones over WAN to ISP, back to a central PBX located at main location. Can you setup multiple VPN in USG? Current setup with RV130 is there are 3 different VPNs with tunnels between each other. So all remote networks are pingable as local from one location. We will be using the big USG router (rack mount) and 3 USG small ones for remote locations.

Power One - POS Systems says:

How do you setup the USG wan2/lan2 port at lan2 only.

Dominique Richardson says:

i would love to see a “usg vs a usg pro” video please

Robert Hyppolite says:

Hi, your video are beatifull. Wich software do you use to make it?

Adam Hoskins says:

As others have said things are being added to the USG every update, and they update regularly. Firewall groups have been added recently. I think there will come a time when you can do most things on the USG.

Gary Johnson says:

does your recommendation of real need for USG still stand today?

Chris Buechler says:

Good comparison, though things are changing. Some of that only relevant to UniFi 4.x controller versions, things have been added in UniFi 5.x to address some of the concerns. There are still a number of things to improve in USG though. I was brought on to Ubiquiti recently to lead USG (among other things), having had great success as founder and project leader of pfSense from 2004-July 2016. We have some work to do, but things are moving in the right direction.

To address your primary specific concerns:
Re: confusing “VOIP” port – yeah that’s a holdover from the original direction for the product, which has since changed. It’s now usable as a WAN2 port and will be accessible as LAN2 in the near future. In future hardware revisions, the ports will be labeled differently.

Additional DHCP options – one of many things I have on the feature road map. We’ll see this sooner than later.

RADIUS auth only – this will likely stay as-is, but FreeRADIUS is included on USG now and can be manually configured. Full UniFi controller integration is in the works.

Reboot loop – Indeed this is an awful failure mode for invalid manual config.gateway.json data. It’s only relevant where you manually define the configuration, but with so little of EdgeOS’s total functionality exposed in the controller UI today, that’s needed more often than it should be. Fixing this to fail gracefully is on the list. My highest priority overall is nearly eliminating the situations where you need to use manual configuration.

Other stability issues – largely addressed in releases since the time of this video. There is one spontaneous reboot problem I’m aware of with large-scale sites, which should be fixed in a USG release version within days.

MotorsportsX says:

so i have a main swithc, and then 2 sub switches several hundred yards away with fiberlinks. there is multiple vlans. should i go with running the fiber channels from the router, or the switch?

Chase Westlye says:

Awesome video! This helped me understand USG vs Edge for putting together my own Ubiquiti home network! Out of curiosity, what are you using your Raspberry Pi for? (It’s in the background)

ChrisBarrow1990 says:

Any chance you can do another review on both usg & edgerouter with updated firmwares? As alot has changed since this video was released

Celsius Emilio Aray Delpino says:

I have one question… In USG can balance wan?

Evan Barash says:

Chris, great video… so my takeaway from this is that you’re not too enthused with Ubiquiti, although based on what you said re: having many USG’s get stuck in the infinite reboot, you have many units out there under management. For the price, does anything else you’ve come across compare to Ubiquti and if so, how does it measure up? Just installed my first USG last week and though it was a bit of slow start, it’s been great thus far .

Tomas Alires says:

Signed in for the first time in years just to thank you for this video. Spent hours attempting to compare the USG and Edgerouter. Really glad I found this video. Buying right now! Cheers!

Phil Hasseljian says:

Have an EdgeLite running my network, 30 UAP-AC-PROs, about 150 clients (approximately 300 devices on at one time). I have a USG-PRO and am about to get a second internet connection. In terms of load balancing and overall performance, worth going to the USG PRO?

nanfad says:

Any chance we can get a video showing true wan failover with an LTE Ethernet modem as the secondary isp. Showing the setup on both the edge router and USG would be awesome.

Marco Iannacone says:

Hello Chris, first of all thanks for this comparison!

I’m also considering the adoption of USG vs EdgeRouter for home usage combined with unifi switch, cloud key and unifi APs (that I already have). I have two questions and maybe you can help me in finding the answer:

A – I plan to create 2 separate VLANs and planned to separate them also with different IP networks on different LAN port on USG / Edge router. Is it feasible to do so with USG using VOIP and LAN port? Would it be easier to do it on USG thanks to the fact that configuration of unify switch will be also done on the controller?
B – I’d like to have deep packet inspection. I saw that EdgeRouter has it… DPI available for USG has same funcionalities ad in EdgeRouter? Somewhere I read that on USG you could have a longer data retention for DPI (as data are saved in cloud) then in EdgeRouter (where you have only last 24 hours or so)…. is that true?

thanks in advance!

matrixfire says:

Great Video. I was wondering if I could get some advice for a Home setup. I have the a voip phone, 3 pcs, xbox, qnap nas, xbox, 3 raspberry pis and number of mobile devices. I have spot in my house which aren’t service well by my current wifi and i have to reset my asus router every couple of weeks to get internet perfoamnce backup.
I was thinking about replacing the asus router with an edge router lite, 2 AC lites and switch (need 8 port min) do you think this is a good setup for my home use?
Do you think the ubiquiti switches are worth the money or do you reccomend something else?

Shomel Khan says:

OMG! I can buy this Product for DSL Phone Service(VoiP)

Andrew Joy says:

I would love to use the USG , but its just a bit shit . I will stick with pfSence thank you.

If it had all the options of the edge then i would go for it ( the pro ) but alas not , pfsence box i think.

River House says:

Is the Edge OS cloud based like the Unifi?

Eric Goodrich says:

Hey Chris! Thanks for all the great videos! It’s been awhile since you’ve done this video. How about a quick follow up as to where the USG stands in comparison to the EdgeRouter in both of their current software levels. Thanks again Chris!

Bojan Diy Pc says:

Where ubiquiti router can be set more than 2 wan ports? (Multi Wan Load Balancing Router)

Riviera Suites Napoli says:

hello criss, see yr video….and i want lissen yr opinion:
i want make this: line fiber->ubi usg ->(ubi network + ubi cluod key) and 3 ac ubiunifi uap ac lite. what y thin about this scheme? ubi usg is good or is perfect edge router? i want 2 line one only for staff 2° guest line. i want setting spalsh home for guest, make a registration or like on fb page or landpage. but in my country isn’t a guide for understanding all product of ubiquinti.
my 2° project is install 2 repeter airfiber for 2° hotel….the distance is 8 km……but i must study a lot for understanding a mode. what y tell about?

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