Unthrottled and Unlimited Data – Rural Internet Solution – Review

Evdo Depot USA:http://www.evdodepotusa.com/promo-2018/#promo

While searching coverage maps make sure you’ve selected data and 4G LTE

Network 1 (TMO)

Network 2 (Sprt)

Network 3 ( ATT)

Find antennas near you

If signal strength is on the lower end in your area you can pair the mofi with a MIMO booster antenna (seperate purchase) by removing the mofi wifi paddles connecting the antenna directly to the mofi. Antenna can also degrade your signal if you already have a strong signal to begin with.

Speed test

Wifi mesh I use at home:


buddy77587 says:

You are so damn handsome

JustinTrojan says:

OMG you are very handsome dude.

Scarlett Universe says:

Very simply too expensive!! Don’t get fooled.

Imagine Wagons says:

Download:0.38 Upload:13.6 How do I make my connection faster?

lordbobrules says:

horse poop…….he says he never makes videos, who produced this? definitely not an amateur….infomercial crap.

MoanikaLewinsky says:

This service is way too pricey, there’s no way I could ever afford it!

Madhatter19192 says:

“I normally don’t do review videos” looks like you don’t do any videos except for this “review video”. It’s a fuckin infomercial.

elf201 says:

How did you get your download so high

The Late Shift says:

150 a month for a 300 dollar device rental and “premium” of no data cap is crazy. Try looking for other companies that have competitive pricing. The video even says that they limit video bitrates.

Mark Klapheke says:

No cellular carrier has an “unlimited plan” for routers anymore.

Dick Avalanche says:

Who here thought that was connor mcmregor in the thumbnail for a sec ??

Jacob Rubio says:

I’m gonna suggest this to my company. Great way to provide internet in the semi trucks

Richard Kaz says:

I sounds like bullshit and after investigating further it looks like bullshit. It appears that yes you can get great up/down speeds, but you will that with a garden variety mobile broadband router that is as long as your ISP is not throttling your connection and white listing connections to internet speed test sites. It’s a common practice to make you thing you have a fantastic connection but mediocre when you want to actually use the bandwidth you’re paying for.

erNomic says:

Looks a bit too perfect to earn my trust. Seems a bit too American to me, sorry I meant to say fake not American. Then again, they are pretty synonymous

Inspector Steve says:

Oh the unit there why is there an input connection (its the blue connection on the back)? Of it’s getting internet through the receivers on the top you shouldn’t need an input. Also is this company sponsoring you? I’m sorry if you stated this in the video I must have missed it.

Veghead says:

You said 2 things. It does throttle over 30gbs but does not effect data uploads—- Usually the same ? No ?

RawInSeattle says:

You can do this for MUCH cheaper,,,, just use your own equipment, abut $100 bucks for a cell booster,,, get yourself a verizon pack. If you want 4g, few more bucks, but not much more. $5 bucks a month,, that’s it, do it yourself

taterman320241 says:

This supposed review sounded like an infomercial to me.

cemwalker says:

They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

james corvett says:

i remember when the fed gov paid att to have the entire USA wired for HSI. then in 2010 the gov fined/sued them for not completing what they were paid to do….our tax $ wasted. and that site, evodepot only listed 16mbps as top DL speed. maybe for $29 a month unlimited. a few more subs and this channel can monitze. lol

Skye Renard says:

This is better then my cable

TL Skyward says:

Thumbs down for wasting my time by not mentioning price.

BarnDoorJohn says:



Worst infomercial ever

Chris Spears says:

This video is literally word for word copy from a video from net buddy, therefore i trust neither

Oztin Cloud says:

My gut says scam. This is way over priced.

Sgt.Major Burton Truxal says:

Cost around $200 Monthly?

John Connors says:

I think this might be a great service but why try and disguise a commercial for a review? This really seems like you work for this company.

MDK says:

“I usually don’t do review videos.” You don’t do any videos you shithead. Companies doing this is just plain scummy and disingenuous.

Alucardx72 says:

100+! I pay 60 for 75/15

Barry Alan says:

Maybe you can explain, I want to know why the internet can’t be the same as TV ? I pay my satellite provider a monthly fee and in return I can watch as much TV as I choose, internet should be able to provide unlimited un throttled data for a monthly fee.. I don’t understand why it’s not set up this way? Basically if I choose to be online 24/7 365 it shouldn’t be an issue

Ted yellowstone says:

Fucking bullshit fake review of some unproven bullshit. This ass clown works for the company I’m sure.

Frederick Poole says:

Nice video Kevin! Anyone looking for a less expensive option can send me a message @NexCentrix on FB.

Black Toof says:

Same issues here too as well. Direct TV stopped internet service. Our city owns our internet company… I’m not paying 200$ down for an application, 200$ for setup. And 80$ a month for 60gigs a month. No thanks.

Everything Tech says:

120 a month for something that should exist everywhere? Seems more like an easy money scheme out of people in need. Capitalism at it’s worst.

Old Andy says:

Ups are way too low for what I need definitely.

Greg Weber says:

I’ve had this for a few months. The speed is awful, the booster took over 6 weeks to get delivered. The guy who answers the phone has promised me half off a month three separate times and it’s never happened. Paid the 4K to get cable internet installed in my house. Happening today. Can’t wait to make the call to cancel immediately after.

Paul and Alanah Wheeler says:

Hey Kevin, finally got good speeds switching to AT&T…my question is on the Linksys Velops. Did you Hardwire or run via wifi? If you ran wireless how did you go about it? They aren’t very clear on wireless setup.

whiterun city guard says:

If someone can get these guys over in Australia that’d be great

Shanda Harris says:

Since when is Washington DC a rural area?

Sean Oh says:

Where is the server located? can anyone ping the ddns

DarthSailorMoon says:

If the actual download speed was what the fake advertisement was showing then I would of totally get it.

Sam Pipitone says:

The download is insane upload is very slow.

terry waller says:

Fake infomercial.

Steve Donovan says:

Don’t try another sell with the background music you sound too much like an infomercial. I could only listen half a minute before concluding it’s manipulation.

I wood says:

So we can use this in places where we can’t even get cell service?

Tim Travasos says:

Incredible news if it works for me here! Thank you very much.

josh bishop says:

I was all for it until I saw the price of the service.

brianr101010 says:

Prices and fees are higher than my existing outrageously priced service. Sounded good til I saw the prices and need for booster antennaes and etc, etc, etc. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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