Unifi USG-XG-8 at Home! Too FAST… 80Gbps!!

The fastest router I’ve ever seen. But is it any good?



George Lockwood says:

That isn’t carrier grade. UniFi is Ubiquiti’s enterprise line. EdgeMAX is the carrier (operator) grade line. The carrier grade version of this is the ER-8-XG.

Andrew Gurinovich says:

alway upvote for ubiquiti, but $2500 router/firewall to handle single 1g uplink? $350 security gateway pro would perfrorm as good, alas without the lcd.

Willis Cooper says:

1.5Gb/s over VPN with IPS enabled, I want to see that test. I call BS on a 1Gb/s connection.

Calvin Schubert says:

*has thousands of dollars of networking equipment* *uses $10 dish rack*. get one of these: http://www.samsontech.com/samson/products/accessories/racks/srk8/

Chandler M says:

Every single UniFi router is powerful enough to handle full gig fiber. I run 3 enterprise networks all using the UniFi hardware. The SG Pro is the best option and is on Amazon around 300 bucks, and is more than capable of anything you can throw at it.

Willis Cooper says:

This was a bad review, you stumbled through it. You don’t understand the concept of enterprise level routing and how GBICs work and you ignore idiot proof set up instructions. The entire time just boosting how cool the LCD is and how fast it is. You gave no real testing review AT ALL….just a fan boy review. I doubt this was given to you by Ubiquiti for such a lack luster review

Robert Czymoch says:

Eeesh people, this is an unboxing video not a product testing video. Over kill yes, but its only $1500 retail(Note that Unifi pulled this product from sale for a revision). The netgate product with 10G and similar specs is around $1300.00. If you want a core router with a Firewall pfsense is still better and so is the Netgate product. If you use unifi gear then end to end in the controller is nice. What Unifi really needs to do is update the USG Pro with a bit more horsepower so they can handle the new 1Gbps reality. But compare products like this and the Netgate to what was available years ago at 10G you will see that the pricing is light years better. For smaller enterprises they are a deal even if you don’t fully utilize them.

Direktörn says:

80Gbps and not a single speedtest on this one, shame on you!

Lets Play Deutsch says:

why 3x1gbits cant handle 1x1gbits? 😀 Or do you mean ur internet is 10gbits?

Spencer Coffee says:

This router is meant for a TEN gigabit connection. That’s why its the XG (x is ten in roman numerals)

Eric Diepeveen says:

My free isp router does 1gb data with no problem. Any $50 router will.

Reenactor Guy says:

Seriously, you can’t even stretch this devices legs at all. What a waste of hardware. Unifi should send me stuff like this, I can at least give them a little workout at work.

czpanama says:

Do not listen to the shills of this man! This thing is a massive ripoff, and I don’t say that lightly because I love UniFi products. First off this is massive overkill for what he said he does, and I don’t think it support 10g ports. That said he could easily build a kickass router for a fraction of what he spent on this, and go back to using pfsense, which is 1000% versatile than UniFi.

Roger Kent says:

Is that a raspberry pi plugged in behind that router?

Hamish says:

hahaha i have the USG with gigabit fibre at home and you could have saved some money and got that boi 😛

Ryan Kearney says:

Ubiquiti isn’t used in Enterprise or by Carriers (as you’ve stated). You’ll find this in small businesses at best. Enterprise and Carriers are using Cisco, Juniper, Arista, or white box appliances.

Yao Hu says:

The reason to replace pfsense is …… i would say capricious, being rich must feel awsome

Cody F says:

Everyone in the comments is a network expert.

der bender says:

this thing may have more processing power than my desktop for just doing something as little like routing packets to a huge number of clients… strange world. you say it can handle basically anything you can throw on it? well then can it run crysis? (not ment to be any serious…)

Reuben Horner says:

Your camera is freaking amazing btw

Da Wei says:

Basically ditched pfsense and spent 2500 USD for worse performance and better looking. The motivation is kind of weak.

Jeff Bourke says:

Omg. You upgraded to unifi router because the web interface shows you are missing a router? That’s kinda sad bro.

Sean Murphy says:

UniFi’s dashboard blanking out the WAN section when you don’t have a USG connected is by far the best advertising move they could have made.

Eric Zauche says:

okey question time, why a 10gb switch with a router which does 10gb switching too?
next why no rack?
next why that router? pfsense is way more versatile and since you had a balling router which can satisfy your internet connection and a 10gb switch which can handle 120gb switching where is the freaking point in all this….

Simple Binary says:

Are you having some kind of a mini data center at that place ?

MrRedTux says:

Too bad you didn’t have the USG pro running before. You would have experienced the EASIEST router upgrade EVER! I have 9 VLANS and internal firewall rules on my network. From the time I disabled the USG to fully adopting the USG Pro was about 10 minutes. The process is super simple, first be sure your controller is on your base home VLAN and the system you are connecting to the controller is on the same VLAN. The “forget” the existing router, unplug it and plug in the new one and connect it to the network and adopt it in the controller. About 5 minutes later the router will be fully configured, however you may need to contact your ISP to get the MAC address reset for DHCP, but internally everything should be working.

Michael Rueckert says:

Anyone ever try the UniFi-Video products? If you try to use more than 15 cameras they suck.

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