UniFi USG Adoption – UniFi Security Gateway

In this video we’ll adopt our UniFi Security Gateway (USG) into our UniFi Cloud Key UniFi Controller!

You’ll get a sneak peek of the new UniFi 8 port switches as well as the firewall rules and the Topology View!

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vespinonl says:

Does the USG allow for 2 WAN connection like the EdgeRouter does?

Stevenson McElheilmer says:

Hi willie, so the inform port is different than the web service port?

tmyd dgnd says:

Hi Willie please how to make USG Guest Portal for Wired clients or with voucher without using uap/wifi

Michael Corbett says:

Can you tell me if it’s possible to set mac address reservations(leases) like in the Edge Lite. I’d love to start using the USG but see some things that the Edge Lite has that the USG doesn’t (or I can’t see it). I hope that the USG gets some updates.

Shitbird55 says:

I was considering the USG-Pro however it doesn’t support IPSec or SSL vpn for remote access. Hoping one day they add that support.

Björn Müller says:

Willie, I totaly agree with your oppinion of the progress, Ubiquiti made this year. Furthermore their support is outstanding with respect to the fact that they react even on comments within the forum.

qwickening says:

Thanks for this video! Just curious … Do you have another video where you set up additional firewall rules? I’m having trouble getting mine to seem to take effect, and I’m sure the problem is user error, but it would be useful to see more there.

Jeffrey Kernan says:

I am trying to adopt a CloudKey into an existing network replacing the Win Controller. I have tried a number of things, the Switch downstream to the USG remains in DISCONNECTED status. When I revert to WIN Controlled everything is fine. No luck whit UBNT Support yet. Thoughts?

Stephen Roberts says:

I am waiting for content filtering – as soon as I can block all http and just white list a few sites for my customers; I’ll be able to put these in all our stores.
Until then, the only option is DNS filtering and it doesn’t fit into our business model.

Stephen Roberts says:

You should pick up a AC-Pro HD for testing 😉

Stevenson McElheilmer says:

wondering for the last few years why Cisco is not doing a hostile take over of RiverBed & UBNT (which would be bad for fans like us)

Tito Pz says:

Hi Willie, I am looking at lots of these routers for my office/home. I need your help on deciding and whatever you can advise me on . I am tired and confused on what to buy, also it has to rack mounted, I have no more space on my desk. Please help. Thank you in advance.

Rod Pumas says:

If you haven’t done so already. How about making a tutorial on simple steps to use putty to SHH into various Ubiquity components for us laymen?

Xavier Darville says:

Hi Willie, it’s awesome to receive your experience about Ubiquiti product for each video’s you made.

Here is a case, i’ve installed many new Unifi switch, they’ve been adopted by the host controller but can’t use them to manage access point from Cloud Access.

Did you already encoutered that ?

I’ve seen there is Elite Licencing product, i don’t know why Ubiquiti purpose this :

Can we talk about ?

Thank for your time dude !

Arjan van Kesteren says:

UniFi gear has been nothing but great for me. In the past year or so I’ve gradually moved over most of my network to it. Started out with a couple of AP’s and a controller on a raspberry Pi, then added a couple of switches to make use of the POE features of those AP’s, and just yesterday I moved the controller over to a CloudKey. Mostly it’s been smooth sailing, but on those few occasions that I needed the help, customer support was quick and courteous – so nothing but praise for them.
At the moment, I’m waiting on delivery of my own shiny USG (they’re on backorder over here…). Do you have any advice on how to integrate that into existing networks – that is, it has to live between my existing router and the home network. I’ve been reading up, and I *think* I know how to do it, but any advice is appreciated (if not for me, then others who are in the same situation, and I’ve read a lot of forum posts where adoption of a USG in particular has been causing issues).

Brian Keating says:

So If i’m not mistaking, a unifi switch is not needed to give me 3 green lights in unifi? i can achieve this with a usg and an access point yes?

Thomas Tomchak says:

Thanks for this video Willie. I would have never figured out that terminal trick on my own, but it ended up being the solution to my whole problem. I just love these videos that you do. Keep up the awesome work!

HyperXism says:

LOL.. why didn’t you refresh it the first time?

poland153 says:

Awesome video WIllie! Btw, this might be a silly question but will you be making a USG vs Edgerouter Lite video? I saw Chris’s video about it and seems like ERL is the winner, but I am curious to see how the newer UniFi software has helped the USG in that comparison. So on that note, would you recommend the USG over the ERL to someone who is going to be throwing out their Best Buy cisco router and might be doing some port forwarding here and there? Thanks and happy new year! #homelab

Victor Demko says:

Can USG be put in pass through mode? (cable modem, Edgerouter-X, USG->LAN)?
And OpenVPN support: create or use already from providers, like NordVPN, PIA, etc…?

Technical Administrator says:

Is it possible to install the security gateway downstream from my existing cisco router. What I am looking to do is configure the unifi security gateway in bridge mode for the corporate network wireless ssid (using UAP-AC-LR’s), and configure a vlan to be used with a secondary wireless network ssid in dhcp mode.

The cisco router would serve ip’s for the ssid belong to the corporate network, and the UNIFI security gateway would serve ip’s for the wifi ssid associated with the vlan.


Erik McLaughlin says:

I have both a pfSense box and a UniFi AP in my environment. I’ve been watching your videos for both products to better understand how they work (great videos). I was wondering if it is possible to introduce a USG into the environment to be able to benefit from DPI and more while continuing to leverage the benefit of the pfSense box. Perhaps configure the USG in bridge mode and place it after the pfSense box?

christian gabriel says:

hi. Nice video. i want to ask you , could the por WAN USG allow VLAN Trunk ?

Jerry Scott says:

Willie, Great video! I’ve looked but couldn’t find where you might have have addressed how to setup up a second site using one cloud key and two USGs. I’m having trouble understanding how to set-inform the remote or second USG to find the controller on another network. I’m trying to set up a VPN with 3 USGs. Keep up the good work.

Eric Goodrich says:

Hi Willie! I was wondering if you have tried running a speed test on a device that is connected to the USG? I tried running a test and the best speed I was able to achieve was around 170Mbps (300d/20u Service). I used the speedtest.net for the basis of the test. When I plug my laptop directly into my original router (Linksys e4200) I get 300+ speeds and when I swing the cable to the LAN side of the USG it drops to around 170Mbps. The USG is in default configuration (White Light). My Topology is for the quick test is {Cable Modem}—{USG}—{Laptop}. Is 170Mbps the best throughput the USG can achieve? Thanks again Willie for all you do.

StuSpaz says:

I love Ubiquiti! I get mine in Canada from http://www.DeployDepot.ca or Ziestech Distributors, they are very reliable, with great service and prices! Go Ubiquiti!

dyshuk says:

Where did you get the 8 port switch? Been waiting for this!!!

@rgod360 says:

USG block by SPI?

Rays RCs says:

Just got a UAP-AP-PRO and started to re do my network, now i want a USG and one of the switches to tie it all together.
I now this is just router but did you see any speed improvement over maybe your older router ? I’m guess probably not but I do wonder. Right now I’m running Apple Airport for my router and turned off the wifi in it so the Unify handles my wifi.

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