UniFi Secure Gateway (USG) review and basic setup including Port Forwarding

UniFi Secure Gateway (USG) review and basic setup including Simple Port Forwarding.



christian gabriel says:

HI. Nice video. i want to ask you , could the por WAN USG allow VLAN Trunk ?

toysareforboys says:

I like the ER-X using an aftermarket 24v DC 48watt power supply for powering a UAP-AC-LR or UAP-AC-Lite with PoE out (without any PoE input) 🙂

SomebodyEpic says:

will i be able to use both a fritzbox and the usg at the same time?? so i will connect the fritzbox router to the dsl cable and from one of its lan ports to the usg. Will i have double NAT and or double Firewall and will there be any problems with that?

Willie Howe says:

There is a USG road map over on the UBNT community. I can’t wait until some of the more advanced features are exposed so we don’t have to mess with the json file.

z VenaTix says:

thank you

Qstick333 says:

Keep in mind I am a moron and don’t know much about wifi….is this essentially a router? Can i go from my modem to this for wifi or do I need more products?

MrFabio9909 says:

hi everyone, is it possible use the usg only for dpi? we already have a mikrotik router and a uni fi cloud key with 8 ap’s

Leo Rodriguez says:

I recently purchased a Ubiquiti Amplifi mesh system and liked that because of not having to run any cabling to an AP etc, I like the wireless functions and they satisfy my needs, however, I love the manageability that this offers and was wondering if this would work if I connected my amplify router to it? I want to be able to in detail see who’s using more bandwidth so that I can throttle it down, and to dispute with the ISP when overage charges are applied to me…I only get a measly/pathetic 150gb data cap by AT&T and always go over.

Jamie JaysCom says:

Thanks guv, i am about to dive into Ubiquiti stuff, this vid I found useful and helpful. Keep up the positive energy!

Wim Juste says:

Any thoughts about the USG versus EdgeRouter? Which do you prefer? Whats the difference in feature set?

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