UniFi Secure Gateway (USG) review and basic setup including Port Forwarding

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UniFi Secure Gateway (USG) review and basic setup including Simple Port Forwarding.

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toysareforboys says:

I like the ER-X using an aftermarket 24v DC 48watt power supply for powering a UAP-AC-LR or UAP-AC-Lite with PoE out (without any PoE input) 🙂

Unkaputtbar says:

Hi, i’m upgrading my Home Network in the next few month and i think i’m going for a UniFi Environment. I also wanna put a little more Security to it, so i have to decide wether i’m buying an USG, or a PfSense Box. I’m not so deep into full Netzwork Configuration, but scratching the Surface and want more ^^ Do u have an Advice for mid 2018 ? Is it still PfSence > USG ?

Keith X says:

Is the interface on this this USG pretty much the same as the EdgeRouter X?

thanx for the video!

Master Chief 00117 says:

You can use the 2nd WAN port for any extra IP you have. I set these up for load balancing, connected to an 8 port PoE managed Switch. And the Cloud key. It cost about $250.00 and it blows away any consumer item you can buy off the shelf. At the same cost. Not to mention you get real time 3GB packet handling. Which dropped my ping to 9 on a hardwired connection and 14 on a wireless connection.

Well worth the money…

Aaron Fraser says:

Really Really good! I really want to have a similar setup and been pricing up different Ubiquiti stuff. I have been looking at the DrayTek 2862 whats yours like? Also what benefits do I get having the USG because I would have the DrayTek router. Have you got a cloud key controller?

christian gabriel says:

HI. Nice video. i want to ask you , could the por WAN USG allow VLAN Trunk ?

Billy Ferguson says:

Good afternoon. I Recently vol one but I did not get the instructions about it used in so I was wondering if you could help me out with some information on how I should set this up in what other unify quipment ashud purchase to be able to install it on a domain network ?? Thank you

Jonathan Yeoh says:

How should I connect Ubiquiti Amplifi unit to a firewall router as Amplifi doesn’t have Firewall/Anti Virus? Or is it not important at all?

Jamez ramsbottom says:

Might help if you tell us what it is and what it does, as i came here thinking it might have vpn stuff

Pablo Orezzoli says:

Thanks for doing this video! I am having trouble with the USG getting internet access through my ISP Modem (in bridge mode). To what exactly did you connect your USG (WAN port)?

The Simpsons says:

interesting mmmm

Ryan Wall says:


Peter Fisher says:

Great review. Thanks

Luis Yax says:

Your technical review is weak, it seems your expertise in these kind of devices is limited.

Francis Isabel says:

how about VPN, can you setup a VPN there?

SomebodyEpic says:

will i be able to use both a fritzbox and the usg at the same time?? so i will connect the fritzbox router to the dsl cable and from one of its lan ports to the usg. Will i have double NAT and or double Firewall and will there be any problems with that?

Tim Lawrence says:

Have you looked at the USG Pro? I’d be interested to know whether the pro is any more user friendly….

Ryan McCarthy says:

Hi, what OS are you using?

Marc R says:

How does this compare with pfSense? You should do a review comparing the two

Qstick333 says:

Keep in mind I am a moron and don’t know much about wifi….is this essentially a router? Can i go from my modem to this for wifi or do I need more products?

Willie Howe says:

There is a USG road map over on the UBNT community. I can’t wait until some of the more advanced features are exposed so we don’t have to mess with the json file.

Jamie JaysCom says:

Thanks guv, i am about to dive into Ubiquiti stuff, this vid I found useful and helpful. Keep up the positive energy!

John Gooch says:

can you manage the edgex router.with the Unifi controller?

Wim Juste says:

Any thoughts about the USG versus EdgeRouter? Which do you prefer? Whats the difference in feature set?

TrendSpin Sports says:

What would be the max devices you could connect to this router

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