UniFi Enterprise Networking

In this video I do a walk-through of a higher level UniFi network and discuss some of the challenges that I encountered.

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thefatveganchef says:

I have kind of a dumb question. Can you switch the LAN/WAN ports on the USG-PRO-4? I want to run fiber from the router to a US-48/24 . Are these just labels or does the router have them bridged off like a residential router?

Isidro Lim says:

Awesome video mate! very informative…

Cesar M says:

What if they have chromecast? Or soud bar, will they be able to send video?

MrDoccodyblue says:

Impressing! Really clear concept! But what if a US-48 breaks down. Can you send one to the site and they can swap it, maintaining the wiring? Will it be adopted and gets the same configuration from the management server? That would be cool!
In any case, I love the Unifi setup. Thanks for the video!!

Ben Cooke says:

I did a setup at a small company that I worked for. I used the unifi gateway pro, xg16, two 48 port unifi switches, and the ac pro access point. We also went ahead and replaced our analog camera system with the ubiquiti camera system. Never in my life have I ever setup a network so quickly and easily. I setup four vlans, had a 10G connection to the server, and a VPN to another office one state over that had nearly the same setup. The VPN was a little tricky, but after I figured it out it was simple as well. This system really is excellent! So much so, that it now runs my home network.

A Kh says:

last week i was told by ubnt support that cloud key is no go for more than 25 devices. it was running out of memory for my 56 devices

Jose Olivas says:

Chris, I know you did a did a USG vs ER lite video, have you done a comparison to of the USG Pro and the ER Pro?

FairPlay says:

Which is better stand alone Tough switch POE pro or Ubiquiti Networks UniFi US-24-250W POE? Actually I want build a network of 14 UBIQUITI-AC-PRO WLAN access point. Please help to choose the right Switch?

Ailuropoda melanoleuca Nineoneone says:

if all the issue is needing teamviewer or something like that why not just leave a vpn for yourself to get in with or a low power server/computer with teamviewer access already configured? is the only advantage of unifi is that you don’t have to deploy a vpn or a small box with teamviewer or is it more then that????

manopepper says:


Today, the Ubiquiti Security Gateway XG comes with 8 10Gb+ SPF+ ports to LAN, and other 4 10GbE+.

Shitbird55 says:

Any idea if the firewall you are using supports ssl vpn for remote connectivity. I would even be ok with IPSec

Rajesh Kumar says:

Hi Chris, what is the Wiley House channel you mentioned at 11:16?

Ressy6 says:

Hey Chris, curious, why do you have AL and SW talk directly to each other as well as the primary EW (7.19s), EW should pass traffic between everything anyway, regardless of what switch they are on/pass through, no?

Anson says:

Your wearing a sl1pgator shirt… YEAHHHH

Serguei Anthony Hulse Guerrero says:

Excelent video, I learned a lot about how to deploy a network using Unifi products

Gold Brick says:

awesome video, I am looking into this myself

Ahmad Maan says:

Is there any option in USG 4 to authenticate users through active directory server. ?

Matthias Schulz says:

I didnt understand using edgeswitch and unifiswitch together. cant i connect the usg directly to unifiswitch with lan instead of sfp as uplink ?

Alexandre Châteauneuf says:

What about UNMS for remote management?

Mitchell Earl says:

You give your customers a lot more credit than I would. “What’s an ISP? All I know is when I plug my telephone into the ISP port, I don’t get a dial tone.” That’s not where your VOIP phone goes. “VOIP? it says Uniden wireless on it.”
So I have to ask, how many days before you ended up having to fly out there anyway?

Ray IT says:

Chris I really enjoy your channel. I do IT as a hobby and rally want to get into it professionally. What networking equipment do you use at home? What do you use for network protection? Gateway or endpoint protection or both??

Tommy bee says:

Hi Kris

Just curious. Why is AL-XG1 connected with SW-XG1? When they are both connected to EW-XG1? Did u enable STP on those three units to prevent broadcast loop? Is this just to have fail over link in case cable gets cut etc.? Just curious, They still would work if they are both AL and SW just connected to EW.


highflow highflow says:

great video! nice to see to design a network. maybe some can help; i still looking for the difference between the Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 16 XG and the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 16 XG , price nearly the same , just the edgeswitch is black.. any more differences ? its very hard to find out to make my choice for me they look the same technically. thanks in advance!

travis meeks says:

subscribed!.. i am going thru our hospital installing all Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch gear, pulling new 10Gb fiber, building VLANs, and hosting production and free wifi on UAP-Pro’s. we used to have 1Gb fiber, HP switches, and a flat /22 subnet.. tons of work, but i LOVE it!

Jason Edstrom says:

You talk about just needing to worry about type and connector in terms of cable. Does UPC vs APC matter? Context: I have a USG-4-Pro and just had century link install fiber in my house. They use Single Mode, Simplex SC/APC into their ONT and I would like to see if I can just plug into the USG.

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