Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway PRO (USG-PRO-4)

An unboxing and setup video of the new Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway PRO!


OneSunnyDay says:

Nice vid. do you have a separate physical firewall or is there no need?

Ik Anumba says:

nice video James. can you tell me what the make of your monitor 🙂

Shitbird55 says:

Does this offer any type of VPN access for Remote access to local resources?

ComputerGuy133 says:

Hello James, what do you like more about the Unifi gateway over the Edge router? Which device has more features and power?

Zachary Claret-Scott says:

Hey James,
Is it possible to have two WAN’s plugged into this and enable failover?


OriginalNoseBleed says:

Are these compatible with virgin media cable connections?

Daniel Méndez Vilariño says:

Dear James as far as I understood, you are replacing your edge router pro to this one. What is the main reason?. How can you setup multicast,imp snooping,etc features on this unifi system. Thanks

Gio Giovanni says:

I am confused does this give you wifi

siasegos says:

Hi James,

Do u know if it is possible to create multiple point to point VPN betwen various USG-PRO-4???

I need to replace my old 100baseT Fortigates and I’ve liked this one, in fact it seems to have an easy configuration.

Thanks for sharing!

Furze2 says:

Its been almost a year now since you posted this video. How has it been living with this USG, Pros and Cons from your experience?
Much appreciated.

Brandon Thompson says:

So this offers the features of their EdgeRouter series but also has an intergraded UniFi controller?

haydenbn says:

hey buddy great video
have you tried load balancing_

Tomasz vanDal says:

Hi James,
Whats the noise level of the USG-PRO?
I plan to have it running next to my desk..

Rico Trevisan says:

You mentioned that you don’t have any UBNT switches and don’t plan on getting any soon. I’m curious: why is that?

David Moore says:

can this replace my ADSL router?

Chwarg says:

Hi James, thanks for your video.
Is it possible to do static DHCP with the USG?

ITServerTech says:

Hi james, im based in UK too! Was wondering if your selling the edgerouter? Id be intrested through ebay maybe at the right price

Bleddyn Davies says:


Do you know if the fans always spin up? Or is it only when it overheats?

Spooky Lurker says:

A video I watched recently said, or at least made it seem like, the USG Pro 4 and EdgeRouter Pro were going to have many of the same features. What do prefer over the USG Pro vs. the EdgeRouter Pro, and why? If the EdgeRouter Pro is more advanced, why switch.. aside from the cloud monitoring?

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