Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter X Setup and Performance review

Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter X Setup and Performance review. I also opened up to take a peek inside, it’s a very impressive $49 router with 4 logical networks, failover, VLAN, QOS and more!

UPDATE: The Edge Router X does not support hardware offload which would increase the transfer speed.



alexhernandez49 says:

So what is the difference and which is better Edgerouter X or the EdgeRouter Lite 3?

Melvyn Lee says:

Hi, thanks for making the video I found it very informative. I currently have a Cisco RV042 Firewall Router. How does the EdgeRouter X compare in terms of Firewall capability ?

dizy82 says:

so does the command set system offload hwnat enable work or not?

Renato Pereira says:

Can we compare it (or even EdgeRouter Pro) with Mikrotik CCR??

Vrashkov says:

These results are not okay, but I am not sure why. I get consistently between 700 and 850mbps on my ER-X. Is hwnat enabled?

Shiraz Hazrat says:

Great review video! I just set up my EdgeRouter X at home and love it. Great interface and set of features.

Nicholas Heath says:

dumb question, but this doesn’t do Wi-Fi right??

frank1144 says:

How is the bufferbloat on this router?

Willie Howe says:

You can’t beat the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter series. Nice video!

Matt Yakel says:

I love these things, I sell them to as many clients as I can.

chessusthemyth says:

can I have a load balance in this router?

Andy Carvalho says:

Great review

Oscar Andersson says:

Got a 500/500 Mbit/s fiber internet Connection to the edgerouter x, and i get 500/500 Mbit/s to my desktop. Through a 48 ports Netgear switch. and my WiFi is about 480Mbit/s to my phone. so the passthrough is way higher than 170mbit/s.

C Perry says:

Thanks for another good video! Keep up the good work!

pablo GARCIA says:

ubnt router vs mikrotik router what is the best

w.Quincy Bevans says:

How is The VLan on this box

Bryan Gatewood says:

I’ve had my EdgeRouter for a week now and I can’t get it to communicate with the ISP. I used the Wizard exactly how you shown and even shows packets being forwarding in the LAN according to the dashboard interface, but for some reason, still no internet connection. Do you know why this would be the case?

bleeieve says:

Great video. I’m sure there are other videos on YT, but I wish you would do an iperf how-to sometime.

gynnox says:

Will this handle 1Gbps connection to my isp ?

ghk84 says:

can i set 100kbps download limit per ip(user) connected to it?

h0bbsie says:

Thanks for providing a great intro into the EdgeRouter X. I have owned one now for a few months and its a great little device. My entire home network has been replaced by Ubiquiti equipment and I have never looked back.

Six Actual says:

I just got one of these from Amazon.. I could not access it to set it up, Or reset it.. NO MATTER what I did! over 3 hours wasted I followed the instructions AND everyone’s advice on the internet. Nothing worked,, Ubiquiti had no phone number to call for help.. I threw it back in the box for return to Amazon! What a piece of shit!

Lars Kniep says:

It has a dual core 880mhz processor, which should be plenty to handle gigabit ethernet. The router is also advertised as a gigabit router. How come you don’t reach 1 gbit 😉

David Beem says:

I’ve just recently picked one up myself – and have a couple blog (wnmctech.blogspot.com) entries covering it. Expect more content soon as I work on more configuration details. That’s my media (videos are more challenging for me), but you have a great primer (thanks for cracking it open).

Aaron Crawford says:

Thanks for taking it apart. First video I’ve seen with someone showing the inside.

Shomel Khan says:

I thought this had a DSL Port

Andrius Ordojan says:

Great review, thanks.

Moshenokoji says:

You can’t beat it for $49, and for around $90 you really can’t beat the Lite.

16 again says:

Switching between ports is already 1Gbit.   If you enable offload called hwnat, routing throughput is also close to 1Gb/s !  So you might as well re-do the video.
btw: Also offloading IPsec gives VPN site2site throughput at over 100Mb/s speed

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