The Gateway (2018) Sci-Fi Film Review (AKA Alpha Gateway)

The Gateway (2018)

A particle physicist grieving over the loss of her husband in a car crash travels to a parallel world to find him again, with dire consequences for her family.

The Gateway film Review, My review for the clever but slow paced sci-fi movie The Gateway.

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Kevin Hoekman says:

This movie suffers greatly from “being dumb” syndrome. The plot doesn’t move along unless people do dumb things that would be out of their character or impossible to begin with.

Let’s start with the lab and work they are doing. A 2 person team and no security in all of the worlds (except the maze one which we will return to later). Apparently, so inexpensive and simple to make, you can make one on the side in your own storage container which somehow is able to put out 350 petawatts of power, yes 350 quadrillion watts. Impossible yes, but even if it wasn’t, why isn’t there any suspicion from the power company or the government on constant bursts of that wattage?

Secondly, after receiving an apple which has an usually shaped “bite” out of it with no teeth marks (it looks like a knife cut), it is immediately assumed the apple was eaten by an “obviously humanoid” creature. Why?

Thirdly, after getting the apple, the first thing a scientist would do is test the DNA. Nope, not even a thought.

Fourthly, all science and reasoning goes out the window because the woman scientist wants sex and to play house.

Fifthly, and back to the maze, how does she know about that world and the frequency. Did she just get lucky? If she visited there, the most engaging part of the movie was cut because finding a way home from there would have been more exciting than playing catch me if you can in 2 houses.

Lastly, saying you’re in the wrong world after clearly being in the right one (Matt has the device, the affair and death of his wife, the kids being fully aware of the situation), is pathetic. It is a childish hook put in (probably at the last moment) by some low IQ producer who heard the idea from a millennial girl at an initial screen test.

An insult to intelligence. 0/10.

John S says:

the wrong world ending was stupid. Unless they want us to believe the whole story was happening on another parallel universe at the same time with all the same interworld travel as well.

gothic_ego says:

I watched Anti matter after watching this and was Disappointed. .this is a much better Film

C Rock says:

just watched it last night. Did you notice any hints at the end there to let the viewer know that she was not in the right universe? I did not, was a nice twist though.

Ghost 363 says:

What does the ending of the scene means like he said “you’re in the wrong world” why?

litwriter100 says:

This is the sort of SF movie where the SF element is there simply to make the plot tenable. You know: “What if….” It also encompasses the old admonition of: “Be careful what you wish for….”

Vampire Goth says:

i loved the movie

Geek Legion of Doom says:

I saw the poster for this, i was tempted, but thought it sounded a little dull, but hearing your review i may check it out

John Calma says:

Please explain in the end how was she on the wrong world and what was wrong?

Claire Daley says:

Thanks for the review, just watched it. Low budget but surprisingly engaging

mayank sahu says:


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