Status, your gateway to Ethereum (The Status Network launches June 20th)

Join us on June 20th for our Contribution Period, and launch of the Status Network Token. Learn more at

This video aims to provide an explanation and brief preview of the utility that will be supported by the Status App – providing the community with an intuitive way to interact with the new world of decentralized applications built on the Ethereum Network.



Dario Dobler says:

when will i be able to buy your coin?

Shaun Nicholls says:

Great video!

aisis zane says:

Woot! Decentralization.

PC Turnaround says:

status > wechat

China is gonna eat this up
The world will follow.

blitzio says:

A fantastic vision of our decentralised future.Thank you guys for capturing and sharing it so well in this video.

Flint Westwood says:


001010011010 says:


McLovie says:

this shit will be HUGE!!!!

Mrskoulos007 says:

I can’t wait for this big ico 😉

Gouranga says:

I can’t wait!!

The Shadow Broker says:

Why are USA residents not allowed to participate in the ICO?

Simon Baxter says:

Looking good! Cant wait

Boss Hog says:

How does Status make money?

Vicente Bolt says:

in a nutshell?

Ken Hilbert says:

Very promising concepts. Glad to be part of moving our social and economic interactions to a decentralized platform.

Kevin Hill says:

I’m gonna be honest. I need this

Matthias Reitner says:

well, as super as this sounds, isn’t the case of justin buying a coffee with ether a taxable event? i’m pretty sure it is.

Bitcoin Vegan says:

How can we a create #Dapps

yasaswy nagavolu says:

Dreaming unrealistically aren’t we for the ICO? I love the vision but can we please concentrate on simple working chat and building a network of friends that can use this? I have the status mobile app and can’t get my phone registered and confirmation message.. Also push notifications are big. They rule the chatting world like iMessage and Watsapp.. andd having transaction cost for that I don’t know how to convince my friends into it especially why would they come out of existing watsapp and use this they are not even using google’s products as the network is tightly walled in the existing ones.

Camillo Visini says:

Awesome video, congrats!

Francisco d'Anconia says:

Video was a success. I finally feel like I understand what value Status will actually provide. Nice work, can’t wait.

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