Sprint Spark* 4G NETGEAR® LTE Gateway 6100D Review and external antenna test – 4gantennashop.com

Sprint Spark* 4G LTE on Band 41 using TD-LTE Advanced 2 technology, test shown with a NETGEAR® LTE Gateway 6100D using and external antenna ARC Wireless 16.3db and 50′ of RG/Series 6 75ohm Dual shield coaxial cable.

NETGEAR® LTE Gateway 6100D modem speed test, antenna test and explanation, The modem features 2 SMA External antenna ports, SMA adapter is available at 4gantennashop.com or email us at help@4gantennashop.com

Antenna used ARC Wireless 16.3db 2.5Ghz Antenna used outside of the test location, 1 mile distance from the Sprint SPARK* tower location.

Antenna link below:

Modem Adapter below:


Bob S says:

will any tv antenna work?

dietermoreno says:

The downlink is only slightly faster than what I’m currently getting on Clear.  The upload though, at 9 Mbps, is about 9 times faster than what I’m getting from Clear at best, and that’s even better than Comcast that only has 3 Mbps uplink.

Currently on Clear at best off peak times I’m getting:
80 ms
14.5 Mbps downlink
1.3 Mbps uplink

Clear’s network management practices greatly reduce the speeds in peak times, typically:
500 ms
5 Mbps downlink
0.8 Mbps uplink

At times, Clear at peak times gets throttled down to a certain level when you hit the throttle:
1000 ms
250 kbps downlink
100 kbps uplink.

I’ve heard that some people get throttled down to even lower speeds.

For what ever reason, Clear seems to usually have more latency than DSL, although more throurough put.  Its like web pages will start loading faster on DSL, but will take longer to load than on Clear, and video streaming quality is no comparrision DSL versus Clear.

The fastest speed I could achieve on AT&T DSL on a Friday night watching a Blockbuster rental on Roku was Blockbuster’s “450 kbps” line rate shown in the quality on screen, that plays a stuttering 480p. Quickly the line rate lowers to “350 kbps” at best that lowers the resolution to a stable 240p.  Most of the time the line quality shown was “256 kbps” and causing stuttering in 240p. Often the line quality dropped down to “128 kbps” and the movie would buffer for 10 minutes before playing for 3 minutes.

With Clear on a Friday night, Blockbuster shows line quality “4 Mbps” and streams in 720p with no stuttering and without ever falling back to a lower resolution.

Matthew Wolf says:

Sprint really needs to fix their penetration into buildings

Bryce C says:

That’s decent but on Band 41 in NYC, with a signal like that, I pull upwards of 60Mbps. Perhaps the site you are connected to hasn’t had its backhaul upgraded yet. However, Sprint is certainly actively upgrading all of its Band 41 sites that don’t have direct fiber, to having direct fiber.

Bridget Anderson says:

Is there a 3rd party device that would allow desk tops to connect, wireless, to this device? Versus having to supply each desk top with its own USB single user device?

jesus gomez says:

hey man i have a quick question im looking for an antenna booster for sprint anything cheap and good that you can would advice me to get, and does this Cain of router boost ur cellphone signal at home with the antennas you put out side with out having a sim card in the router

4G Antenna Shop Inc. says:

Agreed, but hopefully that’s what band 26 (800Mhz) will accomplish, I road tested with Band 26 in MO on Interstate 44 and it was strong but not super speedy, 10Mbps DL/6Mbps UP

Lilsyn89 says:

Hey bro! I seen when you swapped from the sprint page to the router management page that you have the 3g/4g Custom Unlimited plan. Im jealous! I cant get it anymore.

RejectedSpiritX says:

That’s why I use a real carrier for my data and intrnet. Sprint sucks.

Graham Owen says:

I currently have a clear unlimited data plan with an old Clear Modem with Wi-Fi.  Can I upgrade to the Netgear LTE Gateway 6100D without changing my plan?

Jazneo Gaming says:

I bet it has data cap 

thelasthallow says:

the 3 GB Plan from sprint seems pretty reasonable plus this device its only $43 a month. i think its actually cheaper than freedompops plans.

aXBlackDeathXa says:

The biggest disappointment with this router is that it does NOT have any type of configuration for QOS which blows my mind.

Hail Storm says:

I’m curious as to why you didnt put the supplied antenna back on when you did the speed test? Wouldn’t that be a better comparison? Also, i thought the internal antennas are for wifi 2.4ghz and 5ghz?

Kevin Winkle says:

Hi, I have the note 5 and I am on the Sprint network. I was just wondering what options I have for boosting my phones Sprint Spark signal both at home and on the go.

Branson Gilmet says:

I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge on here. I have the same equipment. now I know how to test the speeds on my own among other things! Thanks 4GAntenna Shop!

thelasthallow says:

Robert switch it to band 25 and try again please. band 41 is running on the old WiMax backhaul and in most places it has not been updated yet. so it would be preferrable to run on band 25 1900MHz because you will get better in building penitration and possible better speeds because all the Tri Band devices would park on band 41 2500MHz if its up.

bader abduallah says:

Saudi arabia = net speed is 200 mp

Erik Dwyer says:

Is this device locked to Spring as the carrier?

sunpower101 says:

Wonder how much power you lost with the mismatch between 70 Ohm and a 50 Ohm. Seems like a poor choice in cable for the type of equipment you are hooking up… Why not just use 50 Ohm cable?

Kevin Rick says:

Actually looking at your screen you are connected to Band 41, but its not Sprint.  Its Clear B41…  

Alan Houser says:

4G Antenna Shop is THE BEST DANCE INSTRUCTOR! Robert was so helpful. I have this same set-up at home; only ONE MILE from the tower, I was only getting ONE BAR inside the house. After reaching-out to Robert, he quickly noticed my LG6100’s LTE Band setting was locked at channel 41. He advised that 41 won’t go through my walls at home, and I should instead set the channel to 25 or 26. I contacted Sprint for my MSL number (which they gave to me without question) and switched to 25. Now I’m pulling-down 17MBPS (3x faster than my AT&T landline) and uploading at 8MBPS (11x faster) WITHOUT an external antenna ***YET*** (bwahaha) … OH, THE DANCE INSTRUCTOR PART? ⇒⇒⇒ I haven’t moon-walked like this since 1984! 

Bridget Anderson says:

Does anyone know the range (square footage) you can expect from using one of these Gateways? Multi-stories?

Vinser Gutierrez says:

Someone please help how do I get it with 4 bars there’s only bar showing

Teresa Aigner says:

Hmm, I thought these external antenna ports are for Wifi only. Looks like they work for LTE, though 😉

GintokiKreuz1 says:

did u have to open a contract with sprint to get this activated?

Anthony Delia says:

Could I buy a sprint hotspot and then take the unlimited sim card out of my android and put it in the hotspot to have unlimited hotspot?

petra diaz says:

what website did you use to check the ping, download speed, and upload speed? I’m having trouble getting mine to full bars and i don’t know what it is?

f23948 says:

can you upload another video for Verizon 4G please?

Kandi Klover says:

RSRP lol decibels or GTFO

Jimmy Beltran says:

How much per month do you pay for this?

IDGT_ Gaming says:

thats not spark speeds it would be in the 40 to 50 mbps bro

James Sheridan says:

Lol my 3G is faster in Ireland ! my 4G goes over 60 Mb/s 

陳文浩 says:

I currently move to a new apartment. the only provider is sprint. I was wonder they ask SSN or not? I used to have Clear before and they didn’t ask personal info. how many G they offer? Is it prepaid or postpaid? sorry about these questions. thanks in advance.

Mariano Molina says:

Very nice! Do you need to sign a contract for this, or what’s the deal here? Is clear hub still in business… I thought that only ran off the wimax bands, which Sprint has decided to do away with by end of this year?…. Thanks

gaijinblow says:

Wow I had no idea band 41 was that poor at building propagation. Night and day difference with the antenna…

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