Should you still buy an Ubiquiti Edgerouter X in 2018? Is it still the best home router setup?

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Should you still buy an Ubiquiti Edgerouter X in 2018? Is it still the best home router setup? What do you lose by turning on Hardware Offloading?

My Speedtest review of the Edgeroute X after setting
set system offload hwnat enable

EdgeRouter – Hardware Offloading Explained

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jgould30 says:

I have to make a point about QoS that people constantly don’t understand.

QoS does NOT work over the public internet. The internet does not follow/provide any QoS standard and is “best effort”. Your ISP will strip any QoS tagging (DSCP markings). Think about it, if it did everybody could just “prioritize” their traffic over yours on the public internet. To ACTUALLY get QoS over a WAN link you need specific WAN service from your ISP. Something like an MPLS circuit (which contains a 3-bit Traffic Class field for QoS priority). Your ISP’s like Comcast and Verizon prioritize THEIR VOIP service traffic only, not third party VOIP provider traffic.

Setting QoS on your router does only 1 thing. It allows the prioritization of traffic leaving your router (ie. leaving your LAN network). Once it leaves the network its at the mercy of the internet.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about this at the router. In any network that needed QoS I would utilize a L3 switch (like a cheap Cisco SG500). The L3 switch handles all LAN and inter-VLAN routing on it’s ASIC so that it never even gets to the router. QoS is handled on this L3 switch as well. I’ve had no need for QoS on the router in this case.

Anyone that thinks QoS works over the public internet, I suggest you just search google for something simple like “how to get QoS over the internet” and you will find plenty of explanations on why this isn’t a thing.

Marcelo says:

Can you please let me know if the speed test done with Hardware Offload enabled was also with the Traffic Analysis enabled as well? DPI? Thanks.

utubear says:

Question for network experts: I get my internet from a AirMax LiteBeam AC antenna. The ethernet line from the antenna comes into the basement where the network panel is located. I don’t want to put my wifi router in the basement because of signal issues. Is the Edgerouter X a good option to put in the basement at the point of entry? From the Edgerouter X, I would send an ethernet cable out to a switch where it then will go to the Network Interface Module and out to the various ports in my house. I then would put the wifi router more centrally located off one of the ports in my house and just turn off DHCP. Will this be a secure set up?

GodAtum says:

why not get a Unifi gateway?

charlie brownau says:


Whats your view on getting an
TP-LINK WR703N (150Mbps travel router)
and firmware flashing it with OpenWRT – /

Robert Broussard says:

So what Ubiquity router would allow me to toggle all of the features like QOS…. and still have gigabit routing speed from wan/lan and lan/wan….?

Matt Theman says:

This is extremely helpful for basic homes

idxman01 says:

Agreed, the ERX is a fantastic device and likely underrated. I use the sfp version in many scenarios when the scope fits and it’s fine. It’s hard to beat a switch chip, poe and all the edgeos features for $50-$80…

Though do agree with the other comment about buffer bloat.

Kieran Williams says:

What’s your take on the USG-pro for home use ? My family game, stream loads of 4K videos, and me being a IT professional I have a huge server “playhouse” as well a test lab. I have a 400mb internet connection and having issues with the USG-3 being able to keep up with traffic with DPI on . I would love to turn on IPS but as you know that’s not possible with these devices and keeping the 400mb throughput. I’m also in the works of putting pfsense on my domain cluster server as I have loads of processing power that’s available on those units… thanks in advance!

Lars Nørgaard says:

Nice video.

I just got the ER-Lite and not too sure if I should send it back and get this device instead, since I kind of need QoS. My connection is 100/36 mb/s. and with QoS on my ER-Lite I’m only able to hit around 70-80 mb/s. download.

Michael Pennett says:

I’ve actually been debating on trying a ubnt router but don’t know if any can do what I’m doing with pfSense. Dual wan 1g + 100m in failover, plus multiple vpn’s in equal priority for load balance and different port forwards on both wans for different services. No QOS needed.

Patrick der Große says:

What would you say about the MikroTik routerboard hEX (RB750Gr3)?

Steve Spence says:

really if you can afford a 1 GB internet connection you can afford better equipment

Lagittaja says:

About ER-X’s gigabit performance, I would note that the ER-X cannot do gigabit _full duplex_ WAN. It can do gigabit up or down but not both at the same time. It will do 500/500 at the same time or 700/300 or whatever combination you can think of. (*I’ll explain below)
If you want your router to handle a 1000/1000 simultaneously on the WAN, then you need to get the Edgerouter Lite instead. Be warned though, ERL’s CPU is slower than ER-X’s, so if you want QoS or some other feature that disables hardware offload > ER-X is faster than ERL in those scenarios.

As far as QoS goes, don’t forget about bufferbloat.
I’m using Smart Queue (fq_codel) for my 100/20 connection on my ER-X. I’m using it because I want to keep my connection as consistent as possible.
I can hog basically all of my connection (fq_codel takes it’s share of course) if I want (or need) to but the latency won’t shoot up, it doesn’t really budge much if at all.
And if the missus happens to jump on on her system or some other device decides it needs to do it’s update or whatever sync at that exact moment, then fq_codel will keep things fair.
When talking of QoS, there’s more to it than just basic QoS for reserving bandwidth for VoIP and stuff.
And if you’re into aqm algorithms and such, there’s a compiled version of cake (yes, successor to CoDel/fq_codel is named cake) out there on the Ubnt community forums for Edgerouter devices. I haven’t tried it on mine yet as fq_codel is working just fine for me.

*The reason for this is the existence of the SFP version of the ER-X. The ER-X platform uses the Mediatek MT7621A SoC. Between the CPU and the switch block is a proprietary Ralink high speed bus which comprises of two 1Gbit/s links. Which means that this bus can handle 2Gbit/s aggregate.
The switch block has 5x GbE ports as well as an optional RGMII interface. The ER-X-SFP uses this RGMII interface for it’s SFP port.
In the ER-X-SFP, one 1Gbit/s link goes to the 5x GbE ports while the other 1Gbit/s link fans out from the switch block and goes to the RGMII interface (SFP)
On the ER-X however, one 1Gbit/s link goes to the 5x GbE ports just like on the -SFP but the other 1Gbit/s link isn’t “connected” to anything.
I can only guess that in the name of fairness and keeping things consistent, Ubnt decided to make the firmware as such that the ER-X and ER-X-SFP would perform the same in same situations/configurations. Hence the speed limitation.

charlie brownau says:

Whats your view on this AP :-
Comfast wireless Ap CF-E320N-V2 – AUD$43.88 –

Tony weavers says:

These are just geeky toys with non standard PoE. Don’t waste your money, buy a proper Draytek. There is a reason these are cheap. You get what you pay for!

forid200 says:

People use QoS to try battle BufferBloat.

God Modeus says:

Long history short yes you need it

Joel Rivera says:

Which Switch do you recommend? I would like a managed switch that has access to at least 10 ports * (1gigabit speeds)? To connect to this Edge Router.

Rory Russell says:

Wave close promise roughly grant grief terrible willing.

VampireOnline says:

Just got one of these and a wireless AP for my house. Love it.

dartrunner says:

What is the ipsec command for? I noticed it under all the hwnat commands.

Kevin Burns says:

but those update though

Ryen Burns says:

Can you still use the remaining ports as a switch if hardware offloading is enabled?

accesser says:

Good info as always man

Mike Sanchez says:

Your statement about QoS being disabled with hwnat enabled is incorrect. The table on the doc depicts it’s not eligible for ASIC offload, not disabled completely when hwnat is enabled. QoS will still run on the CPU. Basic SQM functions fine for my bandwidth with hwnat enabled on my 100/10 connection.

Stephen Hunter says:

Quality of service (QoS) is the description or measurement of the overall performance of a service. What it isn’t is a feature as such.

Kevin Burns says:

look….. i love unifi.. but no..

Mohamed Abdinur says:

What I love is that software support … it’s 2018 and the product is still getting software fixes, updates, and patches. I can count the many Linksys products that you eventually have to find third party software because the product is no longer supported. That I give them credit on and the software fixes actually give new functionality that makes web-GUI navigation easier.

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