Shadespire New Gateway Game – First Look

Games Workshop sent Uncle Atom an early copy of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire (coming out later in October) and he’s painted the models and talks about the potential for this game to be the great new gateway game to introduce new players to the wargaming hobby.

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TheDesknight says:

Band Warscrols for AoS was a really smart move it connect the game to that extra level (the level or you feel less like you wasted money).

GamingBrains says:

I would say it’s a gateway game, it’s meant to be their answer to FFG who took alot of their player base away…like me.

Rage Against The Dice says:

Brilliant video as always man, I’ve got my copy!

Attila Dukai says:

This looks like Battlelore 2ed for me.
So, I’m interested.

enold4ever says:

I would rather they didn’t use the shotgun approach to games that they seem to be going for with their boardgames the moment. They’ve released a slew of boardgames over the last couple of years, hoping that something sticks to new potential players.

The quality is nice (although storage in the box doesn’t seem to be something they like) rules wise it’s been a hit or miss for me, Execution force was ok, silver Tower is a bit too random for my taste.

I would rather they released fewer boardgames and spent more time in playtesting and then supporting the games with rules updates and expansions. That way people would still be interested in playing the games 3 months later.

Silver Tower was supposedly the next big “gateway game” 5 months later the silver Tower community is all but dead. And there is no new stuff to draw players back.

Shadespire looks nice, but I’ll wait 6 months before I invest time or money in it to see if there is still an active community and game support by then.

William Johnstone says:

Hey buddy, you ever played DnD? I’ve found that I’m enjoying both rpg and tabletop war at the moment.

Steve Ptacek says:

Thank you for the video. Bought this for my sons for Xmas, can’t wait until we all get to play!

Be Bar says:

Omg these looks soo great,my husband has this and is getting ready to paint his, the models are too small, but im pretty sure he’s going to finish it looking amazing!

Ian Ronneil Navarro says:

Looking forward to that battle report!

Tauce88 says:

This look cool but, why are there 2 khorne and 2 stormcast factions? Should be a box of dark elves (corsairs) and lizardmen (3 saurus and 3 skinks) or beastmen (1 Bestigor, 2 gors and 3 ungors) for example.

Arkzhuul says:

lol DOW was my gateway to 40k, no regrets, as for shadespire, I think it looks very fun

Mike Nicholson says:

Yay, batrep!

Joe Moe says:

That’s a darn nice paintjob for doing it quickly for the tabletop!

Paul Viall says:

Now your are making me want to buy it..

Joshua Hatch says:

Lol… I mean Orcs… Orks? …

Matt Ziesmann says:

In my opinion, the problem with gateway games are that they are sort of a “jack of all trades, master of none”. They are typically simple enough for new players to understand, but they lack depth, and therefore longevity. I typically grow bored of gateway games very quickly, but that’s just my preference.

Christopher Ball says:

I wasn’t sure about Shadespire until I saw people playing in GW today. It looks great. Please do a battle report, it’s the only thing your channel is missing.

Valior86 says:

I’m honestly not sure about this game. I like the idea GW wants to get more people into AoS, because I have noticed many game stores around me started dropping AoS nights as there were not many people interested anymore. But seeing their biggest focus is set on Stormcasts I can see where the problem is. Really difficult to be interested in a game where only one faction gets all the cool stuff.

sam hinchee says:

What is the 40k equivalent of shadespire?

Tom D says:

This looks great, exactly what I can afford AND have time for, being an older guy with family. Love this channel…. Painting/Gaming and great informative topics!

Erebus says:

It’s a bit ironic that Total War Warhammer came out -after- the End Times transitioned into Age of Sigmar. I know a bunch of folks who wanted to pick up the tabletop because of that game, buuuuut now it doesn’t quite exist in that way. A lot of armies have to still make the proper transition, leaving those people who want to join in with their favourite faction in limbo with a fading interest. Fairly sad, really.

Ciaran McCann says:

Fek me!!! Ramble ramble ramble….

Necronoid 24 says:

When are live streams?

Daniel Davis says:

This is way more than a gateway game. Been into hobby games since the late ’80s, and Shadespire is without a doubt one of the best skirmish games ever made. The inclusion of the deck building for both objectives and powers adds a multitude of layers. This is what the new Blood Bowl should have been. Love the new GW, and their ability to streamline while still maintaining the depth of tactics and strategy. Shadespire is great looking, the price is right, already well supported, the games are short, and there is a ton of customization.

cheebamech says:

Hey, gimme that shirt.

Steven Cordeiro says:

What is your favourite colour scheme(s) for tyrainds? got a knew army/new to 40k

Redneck Rebellion says:

Anybody have any guesses on price?

Eric Finley says:

I think this looks very interesting. This will be the first product from GW that I have bought in over 10 years.

Russell Higgins says:

I am always scared of GW specialist games. But give me a Gotrek and Felix models.. and I am all up in this…

Guillermo Reig says:

Hi Adam,

IS Deathwatch Overkill for you an gateway game? I remember hearing you saying, in one of your Sunday shows, that you were not particularly interested in it. Is there any particular reason for that? I painted the whole game and I really enjoyed it and played a few games and I have just bought The Horus Heresy : Burning of Prospero. Do you think I am on the way of starting playing hardcore Warhammer 40k?

Thanks for all your work, I have been following you for a while and you have reallly boosted my hobby interest.

Thomas M says:

I was kinda meh on the game at first, even after watching some videos and batreps. But then I re-looked at the game, but not from a wargamer’s eyes but as a old TCG semi competitive player and it ticked off all the right boxes. Quick, and simple rules that still has tactics to it, customization and deck building in the form of the faction decks, fast game play that is ripe for a tournament setting. Affordable, both the core and the expansions (if the rumors for expansion prices are true) and is going to be supported by the company with organized play.

I don’t think the game was made with wargamers in mind, but to target the board game, and TCG/LCG tournament crowds. So yeah, if what I mentioned above isn’t something that resonates with you then Shadespire will probably be a pass and you will be better off sticking with your Wargame of choice. But if you know people, or are one, who enjoys such I think it might be worth looking into if only to get a friend into the hobby at the very least. For me, it will depend on how GW does organized play, but if they do it right I may just play it competitively.

Kris Jeneson says:

It’s a great idea – I got into gw via hero quest back in the day – I loved the array of miniatures , cardboard furniture, magic and of course wondering monsters !

Luke Barron says:

Shadespire as a gateway game is working very well for GW. I have never played a tabletop wargame before, period. The simple rule set, the hex moving instead of measuring, and the fact that I’ll be able to use my Ironskulls Boyz in my AOS army, should I decide to go that route, all sold me on this. I am dipping my toes into the playing aspect instead of just collecting and painting and it is because of this game right here. I’ll also be using it to intro 2 buddies into wargaming. Hopefully this will create 3 new wargamers who will be investing in the hobby from all aspects going forward. I think it is absolutely great what GW has been up to lately! I used to collect these mini’s as a kid and it feels so great to be back. The fact that GW is making it so easy for me to learn how to play the actual games has been a huge deciding factor in coming back to this. I’m so excited to see how AOS develops 🙂 hats off to GW!

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