SDGEE #025 MikroTik RB2011UiAS Internet Gateway + A tired cat

This is the first in a series of videos of upgrades to my home network. In this video I show the old Watchguard Firebox that has been used for a few years as my router and VPN solution and then unbox the MicroTik routerboard ready for power supply modifications.

We also have a look at a cat that is very tired from sleeping all day.

MikroTik Website:
Interactive Demo: – Click “Demo”
Zyxel NWA3000-N:


elboa8 says:

It all makes my Orange Live Box look a bit pathetic!

Kiel Mackinnon says:

Random Cat Section lol 🙂

Phen Marks says:

I thought you were emotionally dead inside until i heard you talking to that cat…

Michael Johnson says:

Good video with lots of good information. I’ve decided to pick up a desktop chassis model. It also does have 128meg memory. I found the RB2011iL model has 64meg, and the RB2011Ui models 128meg and are available in both desktop and rack mount. I would like to know more about the USB port though. It would be great to find the routerbox has a built in http/ftp file server for remote access of an attached drive. And if there are any other uses for it.

Tarmo Ilves says:

Good video!
I will do same mod when my unit arrives.

bgdwiepp says:

I’ve used those same buck converters before and it immediately raised a red flag for me – they are only rated for 23v continuous, 25v  absolute maximum, and the input on the back of the case states 10-28v!, and the silkscreen text states 10-30v! CRIPES!

Robert Calk Jr. says:

Thanks Steve.

squirrel8472 says:

Nice Video! i have a watchguard with PFsense, M0n0wall and Vyatta now VyOS…. just upgraded mine to a UBNT Edge Router Pro 8 with SFP ports etc…..

kibi15 says:

pfSense is an excellent choice. I chose it for the same reasons as you. I had it running on a Nokia IP330 until my internet bandwidth exceeded 35Mb/s whereupon the IP330 became saturated.
I now have it running on a standard Atom board, quite low power too.
I also found a Foundry 2402CF switch in a bin which needed some attention, but is now running lovely. It’s configuration commands are similar to Cisco, so it’s pretty easy to configure.

john smith says:

fantastic video, thankyou!

Welsh Kaibigan says:

I gave you a thumbs up this time but if you keep saying rowter instead of rooter then I won’t be so generous next time 🙂  Look forward to next in the series.

Adil Malik says:

Good video again! Do you have an EE degree?:)

Mark Beeunas says:

I love those tabbies.

Pat Lalande says:

just would like feedback on how your RB2011 is working. Are you getting the hang of it or did you replace it? THanks

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