Review: Chamberlain myQ Gateway to add WiFi Garage Door Opening Capability

Here is my review in utilizing the Chamberlain Internet Gateway (myQ) to add and enable WiFi Capabilities to my Craftsman garage door opener (purple ‘learn’ button version). Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and craftsman use similar technologies which enable me to use this unit on my opener.


Mauro Pietro says:

Thank you for this video. The unit which is connected to router must be close to the garage?

BrewCityRider says:

So the myQ device has to be hard wired to your router??? That makes no sense for a “wifi” device. Please tell me that isn’t true.

john lopez says:

I have a Chamberlain garage door opener it is NOT a myQ opener if i buy this system will it tell me if my door is open or closed through my smart phone and if it does tell you how does that work?

Simon99 says:

Did you have to press the learn button on the opener wall controller?

Ken says:

I have an old 1992 Sears Garage Door Opener. It uses dip switches for the transmitter and does not have a door sensor.
I want to control it over the internet and its not compatible with the myQ gateway. I believe this is because its not a programmable opener. If I added a Linear Universal MegaCode Receiver to the contacts of the door bell push button to open and close the garage door now making it a programmable opener, would it comunicate with the gateway allowing me to open and close the garge door over the internet? I understand the legal reasons (no door sensor) but this will be my call.

Duke says:

Question, What is the range of the WiFi myQ gateway?

Bete Noire says:

Ease up on the caffeine.

Rakesh Chintalacheruvu says:

can I setup multiple garage door openers with 1 device?

Jesse Hooton says:

I have a myQ compatible Liftmaster opener. The control panel that we have in our garage has a screen to display the time and temperature. Do I still need to get a new control panel with the gateway or can I just keep the one we have? Also does the app require you to sign in every time you open it or do you just have to sign in once?

Brian L says:

Hi – great video. Thanks. Im thinking of doing the same to but I have a Liftmaster… and will need both the MyIQ wall unit and gateway. Couple of questions….

1. Im looking for a feature that the app tells / alerts you if the garage is open for a specified amount of time (ex – 5 mins, 10 mins, or whatever you determine). This is different than the auto close (which I dont want to use bc I know for sure I will lock myself out of the house if enables). Ideally, I would like to just be reminded if i forgot to close the garage. Do you know if this is possible?

2. Do you think it mattered which version gateway you bought for your overhead motor (Chamberlain, Craftsman, or Liftmaster) or would any have worked since they are all manufactured by the same company? From my perspective, all 3 seem to be the same products just with the different names on the box. Did you research the differences, or do you suggest going for best price?

3. Do you know if the apps for Chamberlain, Craftsman and Liftmaster are all the same (similar to what I am assuming for the internet gateways), only rebranded with the appropriate logos, or is one brand app significantly better/more advanced than another. Also, do you happen to know if you need to use the app specific to your exact brand, or can a Liftmaster App work with the Chamberlain MyIQ gateway – in case one app is more developed than another?

Thanks so much… and again, great video.

Quntico Qamiroquai says:

Very helpful video, it was pretty easy, I had the Chamberlain “My Q” garage doors and panels so once I bridge the internet gateway I was off and running. I also bought the remote lighting for up and downstairs which was also very simple to set up. It’s a very inexpensive way to smart your house through your phone. It’s working great.

Eric Brandt says:

Stupid tablets! Let me finish my thoughts…….my station is not like ones I see on videos, it has a learn/lock button set only under the touch pad of the wall unit and a light button below the hinged touch panel… 3 buttons only. My operator works fine but I did get a warning at about failure to communicate for some reason. I really hope Chamberlain does some updates to its instructions as I had to wait over 10 minutes yo get someone on the help line yo pick up the phone.

Nrfa says:

What does the solid blue light represent on the internet gateway?? Thanks

Marco Coloma says:

Can I do this with a Genie garage door opener?

Bob Riley says:

I do not own (yet) but can the volume on door open/close notification be adjusted so you don’t wake the neighborhood?

Lonnie Whitlock says:

great video, thanks. i ordered just the gateway and after watching your video i see I’ll also have to order the wall switch. question, i have 3 doors .. do i need to order 3 wall switches?

Drew Vinyl says:

Hi, will this work with multiple smart phones so that more than one person in the household can use it?

Tim Anderson says:

This comes in so handy when you have a friend that wants to stop by and grab something from your garage. I opened my door from Mexico. Great opener…very quiet.

Frank Blacker says:

Appreciate the review, but like most YouTube videos, too much talking and ad libbing. I had to stop watching. Thanks anyway

Ret Moto says:

Can that annoying beeping alert that sounds off every time you open close the garage door be shut off??

boom says:

I have LIftMaster garage door opener with MYQ symbol on the opener. I just have the LIftMaster door panel opener without the MyQ symbol. All I did was buy the Chamberlin internet gateway model CIGBUC from Canadian Tire $59 and it worked. No need of any other device. This is also supposed to be compatible with NEST.

chessdude67 says:

Nice, Thank you. I would like to have a video setup to see who might be in the garage and have a text sent to me. I’m thinking if I had just a camera and an app I could do this for the whole house. I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for a security company! Just want to monitor my home with cameras and an app. Any advice anyone? Thank you!

Thumbs up on the video! 🙂

Eric Brandt says:

This was probably the best video on You Tube about this gateway but, I might have some information to add. The green LED is the network connection yo the Internet. Once you have established that connection and created your account at your opener companies web site (my in my case) using the 10 figure serial number located on the gateway device….you then press the learn button (on the operator itself is best) and when the gateway and operator mate via Blue Tooth communications your blue LED should then light and the downloaded App on your smartphone should then be able to give an open/close command to the operator. My operator is a Chamberlain 850 model (June 2016 build date) and the wall open/close station does not look similar yo the ones

tsr7198 says:

Thank you for a very good review and explanation for retrofitting an older garage door to a Wi-Fi enabled garage door. This video was exactly what I needed.

Randy King says:

What about more than one garage door? I have 3 with older units that are not MyQ compatible. I assume you just need one Internet Gateway but multiple MyQ compatible “contol panels.” I don’t see that particular control panel for sale separately, however – just a conversion kit with the gateway and one control panel. Anybody done this with multiple doors?

Julio F says:

I installed the MyQ Gateway and I am loving it. Great peace of mind.

Eric Brandt says:

In short….the green LED and blue LED should do a quick flash on power up of the unit…..the green LED is your network connection to the Internet… will initially flash while establishing a connection, then after possibly several minutes (10?) it should be a solid green light…..if you power down the gateway after a solid green light you should get a green/blue LED flash on power up then pretty quickly a solid green LED……when green is solid……press the learn button on the operator… LED should then illuminate indicating a pairing of the blue tooth connection between the operator and Internet gate unit… that point you should have a functioning system on your smart phone on the operator application.

Mauro Pietro says:


Kevin Killough says:

why does the blue light not stay on when I connect power? I have read the instructions, watched the video, and tried several times. It is blue, then it turns off. The green light lights as described and as shown in the video, but the blue light doesn’t. And I cannot connect to the device with the smart phone app.

binh nguyen says:

How to set up for chamberlain


When did you purchase your garage door opener, and what is the model number?
I ask because I have a Craftsman also, and my panel looks nothing like yours.

Greg M says:

I liked your video on the setup and I ran into no issues. In fact, from plugging it into my router to pressing the ‘learning’ button and setting up the account it only took 15 mins max.


Very helpfull video. My ethernet cable was pluged in 1st port on router. After watching this video i pluged in ethernet cable in 2 nd port and the green light appeared. Everything works now. Before cable was pluged in 2 port i had only blue light

Moe H says:

Would anyone happen to know what the output voltage and amperage of the PSU is?

doe3879 says:

can you open the garage door with the control panel itself? and which button does the job?

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