Netgate SG-3100 Teardown / Speedtest / Review of this powerful pfsense packet pusher!

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ARM v7 Cortex-A9 @ 1.6 GHz with NEON SIMD and FPU
2GB DDR4L 8GB eMMC Flash on board
2x 1GbE, configured as dual WAN or one WAN one LAN
four-port 1 gbps Marvell 88E6141 switch, uplinked at 2.5 gbps to the third port on the SoC for LAN.

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email16v says:

Perfect for a plug it in and get back to work kind of guy like me! Works like a champ!

D Dld says:

Which is best the 3100 or Protectli Firewall Micro Appliance: 6x Gigabit LAN?

Shaiban Natha says:

Does this require annual subscription?
Can it work in place of smb firewalls like sonicwall, fortigate, cyberoam, etc

Todd Stewart says:

man o man I would love to hear your thoughts on some of the pepwave/peplink equipment.

lohphat says:

2GB Ram and 2 cores.

It also doesn’t support 9K jumbo frames on the LAN ports which makes my vmware testbench more complicated to config since I’ll have to get an intermediary switch to terminate the vlans.

Richard Campbell says:

$350 isn’t cheap

Andrew Williams says:

Hey, what is your take on Untangle Firewall, USG, or OpnSense firewall?

mdd1963 says:

00:48 ‘console’ does not sound similar to a defense ‘counsel’ 🙂

joe hill says:

Looking to replace my current router at home. Would you recommend a pfsense one or a ubuquiti edgerouter

Herik 4000 [R]. says:

High loaded processor!!! Bad router

wu ming says:

I’d rather just have 3 ports… Wan, Lan and OPT1… Then plug a 2 small managed VLAN capable switchs into LAN and OPT1.
I use a setup like this currently to give 2 separate and secure networks to tenants on a single internet connection.
I think I’m liking the new SG1100. So long as all I need is internet, basic firewall, and vpn and no memory intensive packages it should be fine with 1GB ram.

Fluo says:

well./.. just bought it..
to replace my netgear Nighthawk r8000 (shitty expensive peace of….)
well im going to use the r8000 as my wifi AP.

i wanted pfsense but not the hassle of building my own and all that kind of things..
im just a home user with 6 main (lan) devices and 4 IOT (vlan) devices

i think this is perfect…. now lets wait 4 weeks for it to come to the netherlands from TX Usa…..

thanx for the vid…. because of it i bought it (Y)

Seriphim85 says:

The question is will it route gigabit with rules applied?

Charlie Rasch says:

I wonder if lagg is available on the LAN ports.

Stefan Oprica says:

All good .. but 350 dollars … for 2GB RAM and a dual core .. I don`t think so ..

Fabio Eduardo says:

Really cool this routerboard, but still prefer computer.
Great specifications,…………..

Matt Johnson says:

Just throwing an idea out there, configure your VLANs then connect all 4 to your managed switch. Then configure each port on the managed to separate VLANs. This would sort of make it into a 5 port fw. Only issue is disabling or removing the default LAN interface assignment to stop bleedover, not sure if that’s possible on this unit.

fbifido fbifido says:

Can dual-wan be load balance?
does netgate do dual-psu units?
what about AES-NI?

Charlie webb says:

regarding the top-down camera: Kill the auto-focus with fire and/or glue/tape your mat down. With both moving around it’s like trying to read on an offroad safari

Chris Umali says:

Great review, thanks for the information. Do you recommend upgrading the storage to the 32GB M.2 SATA SSD for $43.00? i am just starting out with pfSense but want to ensure that I have capacity to grow or add additional services.

Dan Taylor says:

Chapter 2 of the SG-3100 Manual states: “This optional guide shows the steps required to configure the 4 switched Ethernet ports as discrete ports.”

Seth Garrepy says:

Nice review, Tom. I have an SG-3100 running in my home office for the business, and it’s a champ. I have multiple isolated network segments that I run internally and it handles all of them reliably. VPN functionality is super-stable, and the throughput is more than adequate for end-user client needs.

antsh says:

Any idea how fast it can QOS? Using an Edgerouter 6 and it will not QOS at faster than ~325mbps.

gonace says:

I was trying to figure out if I should buy this for my parents, so watched a few videos but……$350…you able to spend half of that on used parts and a mini ITX chassi (even though it might not be as good looking) with twice or even quadruple the performance.

If they cut the prize to around $250 it would be interesting.

User says:

can anyone recommend me a good router with VPN compatibility,Good firewall,Wifi for less than 150€?

Eduard Akulov says:

Hello Lawrence Systems! Do you guys know if something similar to SD-WAN is achievable on these or is pfsense planning to implement SD-WAN capability in the future?

Mads Borlund says:

Does this device support AES-NI?

It isn’t mentionend on Netgate’s product page, and according to the wiki page on AES-NI, only ARM A10 and up supports AES-NI, while this device is using an A9.

So, will this device be able to run pfSense 2.5 at all?

fbifido fbifido says:

netgate UTM vs fortigate UTM ???

Ron Laws says:

$349 isn’t very competitive 🙁

mdd1963 says:

1:34…..nice ‘man-bun’ view! 😉

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