Motorola SURFBOARD SBG6782 AC Gateway by ARRIS – Review

Motorola SURFBOARD SBG6782 AC Gateway by ARRIS – Review









selisko says:

I just ordered the Arris sbg6900 and I hope I don’t have any issues. I have twc extreme pkg with ultimate 200

Zkerry99 says:

No does not work with u verse or Verizon fios

WeSee Wawy says:

i find funny that i click on the chinese guy 1st and then i click on the black guy second ^.^

Chris Dinkins says:

I have this router. everything works but it will not appear online – what is wrong? Please help.

Lord Delacroix says:

Does it support multiple static IPs?

Bob Conover says:

Actually, Arris OWNS Motorola, so the name is really “Arris”.  Not sure why they call it “Motorola” unless the brand name is more familiar, but that will probably change.

7SeriesFan says:

Is this compatible with Xfinity?

The Truth says:

This is a good router if you are browsing the internet on a computer or streaming netflix on a computer or xbox/xbox 1 ps3 or ps4.. this router is garbage if you are a gamer. I have this Router and hate it for gaming it constantly disconnects when you are trying to play multiplayer.. if you are not a multiplayer gamer and just play story mode you shouldn’t have a issue or very little issue.

ThongPaFu Money says:

I have a question for you. Right now I have a Motorola SBG 6580 my internet speed is 30 mbps and want to upgrade the new one. I see  your Motorola Surfboard SBG6782-AC Gateway so can you tell me which one is the best or better.

Auxo MT says:

If u plug this directly into your Xbox from the Ethernet cable does it work good?

Zayto TM says:

I have time warner cable internet. If i want to change this do you have to call them??

Dave Wiley says:

bits…you get 50 Megabit download speed. If you get 50MB download speeds you are essentially getting the same download speed as someone downloading at 400Mb/s. You sure as heck arent getting that on a surfboard.

Rahu Sh says:


Johnny162716 says:

This arris is shit
I have it I can’t even play

HPad says:

Verizon is NOT cable internet, Verizon is FIOS

Eddie Navarette says:

Just bought this on amazon. Once I get it do I call cableone to set it up?

Bought it so I can return the one cable one gave me so I won’t have to be charged monthly

Curtis Pazar Jr says:

good vid!!!!!!

Adam Gelman says:

has anyone had any issues with this modem having problems connecting with apps on android 4.4.4 not connecting to facebook, instagram other apps, emails not coming through …getting an orange wifi indicator. 

SuperJJanssen says:

If you game, don’t buy this piece of shit. Drops connection constantly. Garbage.

Armin J says:

Does this Motorola modem/router support Verizon FIOS?

TheOnlyTony91 says:

how does this perform for gaming?

Doyle Ray Taylor says:

I have the ARRIS Surfboard SBG6782-AC.  My concern is if I connect two Xbox (Reg Xbox One and New Xbox One S)to it will the service slow down and create connectivity issues?

Edward Rowland says:

I would never buy from Arris again. I’d also never buy an all in one. Firmware and software updates are NOT provided to the public. If there are security problems that need patching, too bad! Arris ONLY provides software and firmware to your ISP which decides if and when to push updates to your cable modem. In other words, NEVER.

cruisernet says:

i will never buy from this brand again

Bobby Hill says:

thank you for this video, I just bought this off of Amazon and the reviews are great

Rahu Sh says:

If your laptop supports 5.0 on 40 hertz frequency, it will give you a boost as long as you stay near the router. At this point of time, i have transmission rate of 172 on wireless N using 5.0 frequency. AC uses 5.0 frequency with multiple antennas. Remember, signal strength and rate of transmission are two independent things. First download a software and see RSSI and transmit rate. If they are good then you have to try hardware such as your cable modem or try cable signal booster.

Yui In Anime says:

Dose it work with charter?

Erika Nakagawa says:

Try monoprice rg6 cables, cobec 26awg cat7 cables and a stern 130db splitter from newegg. Worked wonders for me and gave me a 10 – 20 ms decrease in game ping. I do feel the difference since I’m really tech friendly with these things (cables from cable tap to wall plate to splitter to modem to router to computer/console all matters)

silver33 says:

How is the wifi performance?  A lot of people mentioned that it drops connection.  Thanks.

pec1739 says:

if only there is a ADSL2/2+ version of this thing

RebeccaRivera22 says:

So glad I saw these comments. Was ready to order this modem/router from Walmart. My sons have been complaining so much about always having to reset our modem SBG6580 for gaming. Both sons play on PS4’s. Thought I’d get this one (SBG6782 AC) thinking it would be an upgrade. Doesn’t seem like it would be. We have Time Warner Cable Ultimate. it cost a pretty penny. I’ve upgraded our internet 3 times trying to help my sons enjoy their game systems. Looks like nothing will improve it. ugh

Logan Braveheart says:


39utopiaman says:

I have so much trouble with this router on my Xbox 360 I have 2 routers running because of this garbage

xxviking1999xx says:

how do I get an open NAT on this modem?

cruisernet says:

i bought the sb6900 and it is a piece of shit. it keeps dropping the connection and i do not game

suspekt29 says:

I am very happy with this modem, my only complaint is it doesn’t have a phone jack. 

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