MicroNugget: What is BGP and how does it work?

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CBT Nuggets trainer Jeremy Cioara discusses the Border Gateway Protocol and how it works.
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Carle Berecz says:

This is great. It’s nice to see it from other person’s view. Please I’d like to hear more from you about bgp

Julian Mojico says:

this guy just freaked me out. but good nugget tough

Jawad Abbas says:

i watched all video tutorial of jeremy and it’s really helpful for all those dreaming to be a network engineer

P4llos says:

Pretty hard to catch with you :-/

johan tijerino says:

nice explanation bro

Jorge Díaz Marchena says:

thx for give us an idea of how this masive protocol works

The Technology Firm says:

great intro video

Factor3x says:

Your handwriting is pretty amazing….

Waseem Khadam says:

Love the way you explain.. It’s like learning with fun..

Daniel Woods says:

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Mason Elliott says:

can you explain announcing a public ip space on BGP – how does that work

sai ram says:

I love his teaching speed. I have seen other videos they are making me sleep. Thank you CBT

Jon Vincent says:

“i don’t mean to insult you by not calling them real routers, but they’re not” lol perfect

Pawan Raju says:

this kinda gives and overall picture of BGP

Khalil Naseer says:

It was great video and you as the speaker , which motivates the listener and the guy who watches to see and follow it.

Santosh Sharma says:

in bgp. i have seen using route map.and prefix list.
please make one video.how.they are.related with each other

Manav Garg says:

great video.. did you take cocaine before this video ?

E to tha D says:

Did he say automagically?

moe kazemian says:

Thanks Jeremy.
As always very entertaining and informative!

Anindya Tonoy Mazumder says:

The video is good, but you were so fast that sometimes it was difficult to catch you.

Megan Cole says:

I love his handwriting.
Also, he explains things very well for me and his visuals really help (:

Cat says:

jezz i want that cocaine

James Stephen says:

Thank you.

xmac says:

Its funny becoz Im sitting inside CenturyLink and learning abt BGP. hehe

Eric Hernandez says:

This is obviously sped up a bit.

Tim Rogers says:

You are a fantastic presenter Jeremy! Kudos for making learning somewhat arcane information fun!

Alessandro Langone says:

very very nice video , ty so much

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