Make your WiFi Faster (AT&T router can’t handle 1000 mbps)

I recently got AT&T’s internet 1000, aka their fiber internet package, and the wifi was just garbage! I determined a new router would fix my problems… I was right. The default AT&T router just can’t handle the speeds coming into the house. As an added bonus, the wifi no longer randomly drops or buffers, because a stand alone router usually is much more reliable.

Netgear Nighthawk X4S:

For the video test of the mist thing::


llXxVENOMxXll says:

No ISP can guarantee wifi speeds no matter how much you’re getting.

Marvin Jones says:

Shit you get more then me I get 400 and I’m paying 1 gb

BabySquirel Mc says:

Ik atnt is trash i have it do not recommend.

Dinh Anthony says:

do i need to buy a modem with it or only router ?

Jeremy Heifner says:

One fiber strand is split 32 times. So one customer is sharing their fiber strand with 31 other possible customers, depending how many other installs have been done on the particular 32 count strand. If your the first person installed on that strand then you will see near gig speeds. if most or all 32 are in use then you are not going to consistently see gig speeds, especially at peek hours of the day when everyone is home from school and work. I am a wire tech for said company in the video.

Carlos Saldana says:

Pshhh u think thats bad. I get 3mbps on a good day.

Matthew Gaming says:

WOW! I need your internet! For me It’s 7MBPS down and around 1MBPS up and i have AT&T “Fiber” that they don’t use a fiber cord.

Cjw615 says:

I’m out here on 3.10 mbps smh

J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟ says:

We get 100mbps down 10 up through lan
Then Wi-Fi is anywhere from 5-40mpbs down 5 up. It jumps around everywhere. It worked well until our internet speed got bumped up from 70 to 100. That’s when the WiFi went to crap. Went from streaming 4k to steaming 240p by increasing our WiFi speed
Wtf is wrong?

1st Acc says:

I barely have 100 mpbs 🙁

groupsaredumb says:

OK we got the 1k and a new modem from AT&T that they said could handle the gig speed. However it was only doing about 100mbps.
Tech shows up and says modem is fine that I will never see higher than 300 mbps because I don’t have $3k computers with gigacard wifi deals that allow the device to get the 1gig net speed. Is this true? Are we wasting our money or will a new router help? Router given says AT&T Uverse model 5268ACFXN. We have a smart TV, a chrome book, Kindle, 2 Android tablets, and 2 Android phones that we use the wifi on at any given time.

Ninja GameZ says:

your lucky you can have 700Plus Bandwith But i can only have 10…

Parker Hudson Perry says:

I have been dealing with this problem for the last month! Thank you for making this video, do you think you could make a video on router settings and how to properly make your router a bridge. Ive gone to the url for my router settings and I really dont know what all to modify. Im new to router settings/tech in general and a video explaining how to get the most ourt of at&t fiber would be great:) Thanks for the great content though

steve says:

Mbps download
Mbps upload
Latency: 51 ms
Server: haha no
Your Internet speed is slow

Your Internet connection should be able to handle one device at a time streaming a video. If multiple devices are using this connection at the same time, you may run into some slowdowns.

i don’t know what to think of this

John Adam Dauer says:

What settings do you have to change to use your own router?

Golfingferdie says:

AT&T Sucks !!1 Have and have to call all the time as it is not speed they are claiming, If I test through AT&T its fine but another test site its half what it should be.

Michael Nguyen says:

I just also got the AT&T Fiber 1000, will the Google Router the 3 pack works for 1000mbps and extend my wifi connection throughout the house?  Thanks

ThatDudeBray says:

I have AT&T also, I only get 13 mbps download and 1.4 mbps upload. Its HORRIBLE

Stream Box says:

How do you put your router in bridge mode? do you have the 5268AC router from AT&T?

Prettygoodvideosbutnotquite XDLOL!!! says:

0.4 mbps on download and 0.1 mbps for upload…

Tre Memes says:

On my internet i get a mid of 2mb/s

IamSully says:

Bro hide your IP adress

Brandon Moore says:

God I would love to pick your brain on my business problems , you ever do anything like that ? Computer to computer wireless wifi communications problems?

Mike Ortman says:

FYI: AT&T gigabit plans holds a 650mbps bidirectional guarantee. If you aren’t seeing those against AT&T servers over hard wire, give them a call and they will (reluctantly) figure it out. I have gigabit in Austin, TX through them and consistently see 900/850 mbps against their servers.

Bass Bosted says:

funny i get 200 kbs

Zoom Reaction says:

İs it working on Mobile devices or just on PC?

Yadira Ambert says:

How are you bridging the two routers?

James Fain says:

I tested it with my Huawei Honor 8 connected wirelessly to the gigapower that was just connected a few days ago and got roughly 200/200.

D3F4LT GAMER says:

Us Australians just got dial up the other day so yours is nothing bad at all, would kill to even have your wifi speed….

Doc Da Boss says:

I am so glad I saw this video. I had no idea why my streams were suffering an now I know. Thanks man, you are the best.

Jesus Ruy Sanchez says:

tommy, the saver please

Dylan Romo-Nixon says:

Does using an Ethernet cable increase upload/download speed?


God I wish I had the 800 lol

Snarky Goblin says:

I have 6 download, and 75 kbps! Its total crap! tried to get Att to upgrade my house to fiber, and they pretty much gave me the finger. No customer service what so ever.. smdh. Good vid though.

Jeff Capillanes says:

Bruh this guys thinks his wifi sucks mine has 8.12 download and 600 upload and im using a lan cable

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