ICO Review: RightMesh (RMESH) – Dynamic Mesh Networking

RightMesh is developing a decentralized mesh network to provide control and access of internet for people world-wide.

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What does the company/project do?

RightMesh is planning on developing a decentralized mesh network to provide control and access of internet for people world-wide. Their Mesh Network will consist of dynamic peer-to-peer nodes, and the network will be broken into two main components – the mobile adhoc network (MANETs), and the delay tolerant network (DTNs).

With MANETs, there are two possible ways for network connectivity. One is when there are enough devices using the RightMesh network within proximity, forming a series of nodes to hop from. This form has been proposed to work in campus-like environments.

Some nodes in the MANET can also serve as internet sharing nodes, where they act as a gateway to the internet, and thus greater data transmission that its users can buy with tokens.

DTNs are another form of Mesh Networks that can pass along data intermittently, if direct access to the end user is not possible at a given time. In this case, the data can be sent along to the furthest point possible in the network, and continue its transmission at the soonest time a further connection, or node is made available.

Furthermore, the nodes in these networks will be heterogeneous, meaning they will use any tools of connectivity at their disposal (i.e. wifi, bluetooth, etc).

What are the tokens used for and how can token holders make money?

RMESH tokens will be used for a number of purposes in the network, including rewards for node runners, payment by users for data transmission primarily but also storage, acquiring geo-location, or other goods and services developed on the RightMesh platform.

Furthermore, some internet connecting nodes will have to stake a certain amount of RMESH tokens in order to qualify their services, and get rewards.

RMESH tokens should appreciate in value if there is enough demand for the proposed network. The more that users want to piggyback on others’ data instead of buying their own data plan, the more the value of the token should be. In addition, if there are enough people wanting to be internet sharing nodes, demand will increase for the tokens so they can stake.


– The development of the project is fairly advanced with Superpeer, µRaiden Payment Channels, MeshIM, among others, developed.
– The idea is novel and if the project succeeds, the adoption could be wide and potential could be substantial.
– Yo!, a mobile app developed by Left that provides ‘Off-Grid’ messaging, sharing and content discovery, will be migrated for use with the next-generation RightMesh platform


– There are very little details about the project’s business plan and go-to-market strategy. For this project, establishing a strong network in local area quickly is crucial, as the network is not valuable if only few people in a local area use it.
– Most of the core team members are also working at Left. We are unsure how the team allocates their time between the two ventures.
– The target users of the project are those without reliable/affordable internet connection. As cryptocurrency users know, purchasing cryptocurrency is a cumbersome process. It could be difficult for the target users to purchase RMESH tokens which creates a barrier for adoption of the project.


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Jon Willmann says:

Hey great work I would love a review of howdoo. In my opinion I think it’s a great product w huge mainstream potential in light of FB displeasure. Really respect your opinion thank you CC.

Hussein Abdelqader says:


Tomas says:

Hi Victoria, what do you think about NIX Platform? btw. I like your videos, you keep it short and always go straight to the topic.

Nenad Samardžija says:

Great review… as always. Thanks!

Crush Crypto says:

Video Content:
00:21 What is RightMesh?
00:58 How it works
01:30 Development roadmap
01:51 RMESH token sale summary
02:35 Use of RMESH tokens
03:12 Team and advisors
03:37 The opportunities
04:26 Our concerns
05:17 Our views

Friso Wesseling says:

Hi, thanks for all the good reviews. Could you take a look at Bezant. This is an ICO from South Korea and the Bithumb CEO is part of the team. Pre-sale just finished and the ICO TBD/TBA. 🙂 would be awesome. BTW. there is not a lot of info by youtubers on this project, so you could pioneer this stuff and attract some new viewers looking for info :).

A P says:

I checked their video and I did not find it convincing. This will fail for sure.

Ron Buddy says:

thanks for the reviews. keep them coming. eventually youll catch the next icon, ethereum, eos or neo!

Michael C says:

Wasnt this ICO supposed to come out along time ago? I remember looking into this ICO end of last year/beginning of this year. Must of been cancelled/delayed? Agree $30mill is high. Gona pass.

Crypto Ninja says:

this one looks lame, will pass.

Luke Williams says:

Interesting , thanks .

Edwin Cardenas says:

Tradove BBC token!!! The team includes director of engineering of Alibaba, business developer of Nestle, Sr. architect of Amazon Alexa and many more impressive figures. The backers of this project are CEO’s of Bank of America, Siemens, VP of GM, Dean of Fudan University, CFO of Morgan Stanley. They also have a whole team in China! A group like this is not playing around. They understand what crypto can do for the B2B space, something most of us haven’t even heard of. Check them out. See you in Mars 🙂

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