How to Put ARRIS Gateway Cable Modem into Bridged Mode

How to Put ARRIS Gateway Cable Modem in Bridged Mode ARRIS DG860P2 Was used in this. Its very short and Simple

Enjoy 🙂


X-Graphix says:

anyone have any ideas on the 7580 router/modem combo? I want to create a wireless bridge. Default is … my main router is 1.1 … Cannot figure out how to use the 7580 as an extender. I want to connect the 7580 to my router wirelessly, then have devices connect to the 7580. Basically, I want to use it as an extender … I have tried for the last 2 days and cannot get it. Any ideas?

Cabe Franklin says:

This was excellent. Just pullling together key points here. 1) Unless you have an Ethernet connection to your Arris, don’t turn off wireless until you have gone through all the other steps. (obvious but if you just follow the video instructions the first time you watch it, you could end up in trouble). 2) If you do end up in trouble, the hard reset to factory settings on the Arris requires pushing the button on the back for 30-45s. 3) Don’t try to do the instructions piecemeal; I turned off NAT and that disabled my ability to access the Arris. 4) The important fact that the gateway address is can help you stay on track even after you have tinkered with the router (address 5) I got a popup saying ‘dont turn off DHCP until you have set your Static IP settings’ – I ignored it and it was fine.

Marimar Zhou says:

do you know how to change the mac address? i cant find the buttom.

Yukl says:

Do you know how to change his mac adress on the
Someone? Tips?

Minion Thug says:

this fucked my shit up i had to restart my modem and it still didnt work i dont recommend

Poonpunch says:

Thanks for this, worked like a charm!

Brainbuster says:

Since I did this, I cannot take it back out from bridged mode.
It works in bridged mode, through my additional router,
but I cannot make it function as a modem/router again; because
the connection is Limited, and when I try to go to the router setup page
through the other router, the page will not load.

azim Kallan says:

hi i am deaf, it is log in not open passwrod wrong. you will help me please.

HPad says:

@Mason Chang I suggest you don’t comment unless you accept Google+ as NO one can reply to you. Also you don’t change MTU on Cable.

mr473424 says:

i have a modem/router from my ISP, but i also purchased my own router (asus ac3100) that i would like to use instead of my comcast built in router, would doing this make the asus router that i purchased run better?

Hack Berry says:

My dropdown to change NAT settings to bridge is greyed out, is this because my ISP has crippled the access to it?

John Davidson says:

Does not seem to work with Arris TM602G modems as used by Time Warner/Spectrum Cable. Thanks anyway.

Chris J says:

When disabling dhcp, it still says “Please set static settings first if you want to disable dhcp”. Ignore that warning but make sure you reset the power to the modem, worked for me. Thanks Hunter, you’re a life saver.

Luis Portillo says:

So just to be clear but the point of this is to disable modem wifi so that router wifi is only thing left and makes it less likely to overlap with modem?

Bertrand AUGUSTIN says:

Hi i want to connect my ps4 in nat 1 and my arris BOX Arris G2492S/CE. Very hard to mode bridge

Chris Ybarra says:

how do u change your ip

DTBass123 says:

Quick question. How do u take it out of Bridge more because I tried to put everything back but when I type in the ip address in search. It won’t go to it.

stavros houiris says:

Does anyone know how I can enable Moca on the tg1672, the option is there but for some reason it just won’t let me.

Alesixxx Big Boss says:

doesnt let me. when i type the is says the page cannot be loaded because the server timed out. please help.

jasius _ says:

This is correct!
When I changed to BRIDGED mode though my ARRIS threw itself into an “Updating” loop, and it wasn’t great but google told me that the ARRIS changes its IP to after that, so use THAT and click “WIRELESS” at the top and you’ll go back to these pages.

Proof of this working(and making Xbox One have an OPEN NAT) is that you’ll see your correct IP address which can be checked at an “whats my IP” type site under your ROUTER’S WAN IP address.


Probably a god idea to static your IP on the connected PC prior to changing settings. Good instruction, I have to do this to a Time Warner Arris in the next few weeks remotel in a different country so hope it goes well.

Luis Portillo says:

also why do you turn off the firewall? do you have to turn it back on after?

Jason Bartling says:

I followed these instructions exactly, but after I connected my PC to my router connected to the modem that is now in bridge mode my download and upload speeds took a huge hit. Any suggestions on something that I may have missed? I have 200 Mbps down, but was only testing at 40-50 Mbps down after the configuration changes.

Charlie Bonar says:

I read somewhere the ip address for the Arris modem is bridge mode. I haven’t confirmed this.

Torque Effect says:

Doesn’t work with Arris SB6183, there is almost NO settings on this modem to tweak, just some power-saving ethernet bullshit.

Billy Hucks says:

Will this video apply to my ARRIS Model TG1672G through Time-Warner Cable??

David Mummah says:

Hunter – This is excellent. Thank you very much
I have an Asus router. I think the current IP address is Do i need to change this since the Arris gateway router IP address is the same?

Joe Mezzanini says:

no sound?

RealRuler2112 says:

I have a tm504g and there is nothing in the pages when I connect to it except current status information. (Can’t change a thing.) Any ideas of how I could get in to configure it?

Terry C. says:

What the hell is wrong with you people that don’t TALK in videos?!?!?!

DTBass123 says:

Can you tell me the difference between Wan and Lan Static ip setups?

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